Roland TD-25KV Review – Practice without making your neighbors angry

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Read our detailed hands-on review of Roland TD-25KV to know who this kit is best for and who shouldn’t buy it. The TD-25KV is a mid-level V-Tour drum kit. Roland has been providing amazing electronic drum kits for a long time and the TD-25KV is no exception. The kit consists of three tom pads, a Hi-hat, three cymbals, and a kick pad. Many aspects of the kit have been derived from Roland’s TD-30 kit and this gives you the expressiveness that Roland is famous for.

The kit has an amazing user interface that lets you create custom drum kits, you will also be able to record your performances for self-evaluations and sharing. The kit is packed with premium features and is a great kit from Roland.

Roland TD-25KV Review at One Glance

td 25kv review

The Roland TD-25KV is an excellent drum kit from Roland. Roland has been a pioneer for electronic drums from the start and has been innovating at every stage. The TD-25KV is thus able to benefit from Roland’s heritage. The drum kit is incredibly customizable, you will be able to alter every tiny aspect of the sound as you play. This would be a great boon for anyone who records at their home. 

The kit has an incredible array of high-quality sound samples, so you can be assured that the kit will sound superb. While most kits in this price range come with two cymbals, the TD-25KV comes packed with three. The cymbals and pads in the kit are also 2-3” larger than what you might get with other kits. The drums have Roland’s signature mesh heads, these heads have a realistic feel and are much more silent when compared to rubber pads.

Thus, you’ll be able to play without having to worry about disturbing your family and neighbors. The kit is also extremely light and you will have no problems moving it around. The kit doesn’t actually have a lot of drawbacks. You’ll need to purchase a kick pedal and hi-hat stand separately as they are not included with the kit. The only other drawback might be its price, but the quality of the kit is quite worth the price.

  • easy to assemble
  • great for beginners
  • sound quality is as good as a nice acoustic set
  • Has large variety of sounds available to play along
  • don’t come with the bass pedal or hi hat stand

Key Features

Drum Module

td25kv drum module

The TD-25KV’s drum module has an easy to use interface which features a large central dial that allows you to choose the kit you want depending on your music style. The module can also be easily reached while holding sticks, so you can easily change kits in while playing.

It also enables you to edit your drum sounds extensive, you can alter the sound assigned to each pad and even tweak the tuning and muffling quite easily. It has many shortcuts that make it a breeze to use.

The sound engine of this module has been derived from Roland’s flagship TD-30 drum set, thus the kit will be perfect for any serious drummers who need a mid-level kit for recording. The module features Roland’s signature SuperNatural technology along with behavior modeling.

The drum kit will thus be able to respond to each of your strokes organically and provide the interactive feel that’s needed for expressing your musical talents to the fullest. Everything from dramatic crash hits to rolls and ghost hits are nuanced and detailed.

Hardware (includes mesh heads/pads, cymbals, toms, stands)

The kit features three tom pads with mesh heads. The mesh-heads ensure that each stroke feels realistic while still being quiet. The hi-hat that comes with the kit will mount on an acoustic hi-hat stand and has natural feel and motion as in the case of the Roland TD-11KV.

The two crash cymbals are chokable and have a natural swinging motion. The KD-9 kick pad has cloth head, this will ensure great feel and amazing playability

All the drum heads and cymbals in the kit are dual-zone, thus you will be able to express yourself better. The ride cymbal is actually a triple-zone cymbal, something that’s not common in the kit’s price range. The stand is made of aluminum and will thus be sturdy no matter how hard you play. You will however need to buy a separate stand for the hi-hat.

Recording(at home & studio) & Connectivity

While the TD-25KV V-drums can be used to record in studios, it’s best to use it for home recording. It can be directly connected to your computer as a MIDI trigger using a USB port, so each time you hit a pad, the recording software in your computer will register and record it.

This can be overlaid with any sound of your choice. This makes it a great option for those who want a home recording box and can use recording software. Even if you don’t know how to use the software, it’s still a great option. You can record yourself using the sound module and later export it to your phone or computer. 

While all drum kits can do that, by using a TD-25KV you will be able to modify every aspect of playing and thus produce a good quality recording right away. The kit also lets you upload your favorite song to the module and play along with it.

The module will capture both the song and you play along. In most other kits, this process is a painstaking one while the TD-25KV does it with no effort. So, if you are looking for a kit for home recording, the TD-25KV will be the best option due to its incredible features and brilliant sound.

Sound Performance & Playability

The playability, expressiveness, and performance of this kit is very good because of its mesh heads and multi-zone pads. The heads are super responsive and feel realistic. The kit actually plays quite a lot like an acoustic set.

The preset sound settings might not sound great for everyone, however, if you take the time to customize every aspect, you will be able to get a drum kit with solid performance. This kit also features a much bigger sound library.  The huge library along with the customization option helps the kit deliver the sound performance that you need.

Is this a good Home Practice Kit?

td25kv drums

The TD-25KV V-drums would be a great kit to practice on, but it wouldn’t be a great use of the kit’s capability if that is all you do. A practice electronic drum kit will only need a pretty basic setup that includes two toms, a bass drum, a hi-hat, two cymbals, and headphones, in ear monitors, or an amplifier for listening to yourself. 

A mesh head would also be recommended if you are living in an urban setting as they tend to make a lower sound than rubber heads. While the kit does meet all these requirements, there are other drum kits that are much cheaper. When it comes to just practicing, it’s hard to logically justify using the TD-25KV.

The kit however does have an inbuilt metronome, so it’ll be easy to improve your timings. It also has options to record your playing, so you’ll be able to listen to yourself and see where you can improve. The kit also features a coaching function that will help train you and judge you. While these are all great features for practicing, they are also found in cheaper kits.

The only way the TD-25KV makes sense as solely a practice kit is emotionally. If you want to feel like a professional drummer as you practice, this might be the perfect kit for you. The high-quality material and beautiful design will surely make you feel good.

An Affordable Drum Kit for Live Performance on Stage

Live Performance on Stage

Playing live on stage is truly what the TD-25KV is destined for. A live performance is also a visual show, so as a drummer you will be bobbing your head, moving your arms, and even performing amazing stick tricks. Thus it’s quite possible that your strokes might not hit where you want them to in the heat of the moment. 

The TD-25KV would be an asset in such situations as the snare drum, the floor tom, and the cymbals are larger than what you get with other kits. 

The kit is also secured on an aluminum rack. So no matter how hard you play, the kit will remain in place. As told earlier, a live performance is also a visual show, so how your drum looks is also a factor. The larger pads of the TD-25KV along with its professional looking sound module make it look good. 

The hi-hat also has a separate stand for roland v drum rather than being attached directly to the rack. While this does mean you have to buy a stand separately, the kit will however look more like an acoustic set and thus improve visual appeal. There is a study that also says appearance of musicians matters more than their sound.

Now coming to the most important aspect of the kit, its sound. All the drums and cymbals iin the kit are dual-zone, thus they will enable much higher expressiveness. A dual-zone pad will emit two different sounds based on which part of the pad you hit on. 

A drum will have different sounds for the head and rim while a cymbal will have different sounds for the bow and edge. The ride cymbal that comes with the kit is triple zoned. Thus you’ll have no issues expressing yourself to the fullest with this kit. 

On a final note, the features and quality of the TD-25KV make it one of the best options for anyone who’s able to afford it.

Alternatives to Roland TD-25KV

The electronic drum market is quite vast now and does feature many possible alternatives. If you want something from Roland to practice, the TD-17KV-S is a good alternative. It’s cheaper and has all the features you’ll want from a beginner’s edrum. 

If you want a kit to play live, the Alesis strike pro is a good alternative. The kit sounds incredible, feels good, and also looks amazing. A practice option from Alesis would be the Alesis Mesh kit, it’s cheaper and perfect for practicing.

My Final Opinion

So this is our detailed Roland TD 25KV review. The amazing quality of sound and slew of features make it quite an incredible drum set. While the TD-25KV is good for performing live and could be used for practice, it is best suited for home recording. The high-quality sound samples will help you produce professional sounding recordings without a hassle.

The kit is expensive, it will cost you much lower than commissioning a professional to record for you. Thus, if a home recording is why you are buying a drum, the TD-25KV will be perfect for you. The TD-25KV checks all the boxes for playing live or practicing but I think there are more kits for practicing or with this for playing on stage if you want to have a look.

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