Can I Use a Guitar Amp for Electronic Drums?

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You can use your guitar amplifier to amplify the sound of your electronic drum kit and produce a powerful, full-bodied sound that will be sure to turn heads when you play. Let’s take a closer look at why using a guitar amp for electronic drum set is such a great idea.

Can you play electronic drums through a guitar amp?

Guitar amps are designed to amplify electric instruments so that they can work with electronic drums too. However, there are a few things to consider before doing this.

The output from an electronic drum kit is usually mono rather than stereo, so any guitar amp used for amplification should be able to handle mono signals as well. Also, since most guitar amps don’t have built-in EQs or effects specifically designed for drums, it may take some experimenting to get the sound you want out of your rig.

It’s also important to note that most guitar amps aren’t designed to deal with bass frequencies as efficiently as those from a dedicated drum amp. If you’re looking for particularly deep, booming lows from your electronic drums, then a guitar amp may not be the best choice.

Guitar amps tend to be fairly loud when turned up all the way. This won’t be an issue in small rooms or jam spaces but could become an issue if you use it in a larger setting, such as a live performance or recording studio.

Alternative ways to amplify electronic drums?

Guitar amps can be used to amplify electronic drums, but other options are available.

Bass amp:

An alternative to a guitar amp for amplifying electronic drums is a bass amp. Whereas guitar amps are designed with treble frequencies in mind, bass amps deliver superior bass response and therefore bring out the lower sounds of eDrums more effectively. Of course, if using any kind of amp with electronic drums it’s important to keep the volume relatively low.

Keyboard or digital piano amp

Using a keyboard or digital piano amplifier is another option for amplifying electronic drums. As pianos have a wide frequency range of seven octaves, good keyboard amps will be designed to accurately reproduce this full spectrum of sound – just as with conventional drum amplifiers. Therefore, using a keyboard amp can offer excellent results when playing an electronic drum set.

Electronic drum amp

Manufacturers like Roland have produced amplifiers specifically for electronic drums, making them the go-to choice for amplification. These provide an ideal solution for anyone wanting to amplify their eDrums. However, these aren’t the only products available as there are several alternative ways to amplify electronic drums out there. It’s worth noting that some may require a bit more creative problem-solving than others.

PA system

For those looking to amplify their electronic drums, a PA system is an ideal option. These systems are designed specifically for music and can produce great sound from almost all instruments – making them great for live performances. However, they can be quite large and so not the best choice if you’re just looking for practice.

Furthermore, these systems require higher volume levels in order to produce the best sound quality, meaning they may be too loud for home use. For quieter practice environments and smaller venues, it would be better to look into other options such as speaker systems or even amplifiers specifically designed for electronic drums.

PC speaker system

PC speaker systems are an easy-to-use solution for those looking to amplify their eDrums on a one-off basis. Many come as 2.1 sets, with a subwoofer included to provide a wide frequency band and realistic sounding drums. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the volume of these speakers may not be as good as some of the other ‘professional’ solutions.

Stereo or mono?

When considering whether to use a guitar amp for electronic drums, it is important to consider the type of amplification desired. Guitar amps typically come in either mono or stereo configurations.

Mono amplifiers are designed to maximize signal output at one frequency, while stereo amps spread the sound across both speakers and provide a fuller range of frequencies. Electronic drums need more than just one sound, so if you’re looking for a full range of amplification, you’ll want to opt for stereo guitar amps.

However, there are some caveats when using a guitar amp with an electronic drum set. Guitar amplifiers generally lack the low-end punch needed to provide optimal performance on a drum kit.

If you need more bass response from your electronic drums, you may need to invest in a dedicated drum amplifier. Guitar amplifiers also tend to be limited regarding features such as EQ and reverb.

While these features can benefit certain types of music, they won’t do much if you’re playing more traditional genres like rock or funk.

Ultimately, whether or not you should use a guitar amp with an electronic drum set depends on what type of sound you’re looking for and how much control over the sound you want.

A guitar amp may suffice if you are after a simple setup with minimal fuss. On the other hand, if you want maximum control over your output and access to all the latest features and signal processing capabilities, then using a dedicated drum amplifier may be the better option.

Regardless of your choice, it is important to compare and contrast all available options before making a final decision. With careful consideration, you can find an amplifier that provides the perfect amount of power and features for your needs.


Do you need a special amp for electronic drums?

You do not need a special amp for electronic drums. A regular guitar amp can amplify if it has the right inputs and output connections. However, some guitar amps may not have enough power or headroom to amplify your electronic drum sounds adequately. Also, certain types of amplifiers with more modern features, such as onboard effects, may not be able to handle the signal from your electronic drums.

Can a guitar amp damage my electronic drums?

Using a guitar amp will not damage your electronic drums. Guitar amps are designed to work with electric instruments and signals, so they should be compatible with your electronic drum set without any issues. However, if you use a guitar amp with insufficient power or headroom, you may not get the desired volume or sound quality from your electronic drums.

Can you plug a drum machine into a guitar amp?

Yes, it’s possible to use a guitar amp to amplify an electronic drum set. Guitar amps are designed to be used with electric guitars and basses, but they can also work well with electronic drums due to their power and range of tones.

Can you use a bass amp for electronic drums?

You can use a bass amp for electronic drums. However, this largely depends on the type of sound you are trying to achieve. Bass amps have different tonal qualities than guitar amps and may not be suitable for all types of drum sounds. Additionally, if you plan on amplifying your electronic drums live, make sure the amp has enough power to amplify your sound properly.

Can a keyboard amp be used for electronic drums?

You can use a keyboard amp for electronic drums. Generally speaking, a keyboard amp is better suited than a guitar amp for electronic drums due to its higher fidelity and lack of distortion when amplifying the low frequencies that are often produced by electronic drum kits. Keyboard amps also typically have an XLR input which is ideal for connecting most drum sound modules.

Summary: Is a guitar amp good for electronic drums?

While it is possible to use a guitar amp to amplify electronic drums, certain considerations should be taken into account before doing so. It’s always wise to experiment with different combinations and settings until you find the perfect sound for your rig.

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