9 Best Electronic Drum Amps 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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An electronic drum amp showcases your technique and versatility as a drummer. It enhances your sound and brings out the strong points of your play. Any performance without a drum amp feels incomplete.

If you are looking for the best amp for electronic drums but don’t know where to start, we have you covered. Here is a list of the best amplifiers/speakers or monitors you can buy for your electronic drum.

Top amp for an electronic drums comparison chart

Roland PM-200
Roland PM-200
  • 180 watts of power
  • Good lows ,crisp highs and tons of volume
  • Best for Professionals
KAT Percussion KA1
KAT Percussion KA1
  • Portable drum amp with 50-watt of power
  • Large carry handle
  • Ideal for electronic drums/percussion
Peavey KB 1 20-Watt 1x8 Keyboard Amp
Value for Money
Peavey KB 1 20-Watt 1×8 Keyboard Amp
  • Good Amp for the Price
  • Captures the high and low end pretty well
  • At 20 Watts perfectly for any small apartment
Roland PM-100
Best for Beginners
Roland PM-100
  • 80 watts of power
  • Smaller version of PM-200
  • Compact size is ideal for playing at home
Coolmusic 100W
Coolmusic 100W
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • 100 Watt OutPut
  • Sound is okay
Alesis Elevate 5 MKII
Alesis Elevate 5 MKII
  • Perfect for home studios
  • Build quality is great
  • Lose a bit of clarity at high volumes
Powerwerks PA System (PW50)
Most Versatile
Powerwerks PA System (PW50)
  • Portable PA system for 25 to 300 people audiences
  • Solid built speaker with a very nice sound quality
  • Versatile drum amplifier to power other musical instruments
Behringer Ultratone KT108
Behringer Ultratone KT108
  • 2 instrument inputs with separate volume control for each
  • Separate headphone output for quiet practicing
  • 3-band EQ (Low, Mid, High) 
ddrum DDA50
ddrum DDA50
  • A 10″ woofer & 2.5″ tweeter handle the high and mid frequencies
  • 1 headphone input and 1 Aux out
  • no XLR line out

What kind of amp do I need for electronic drums?

Amps are one of the best ways to make your sounds louder, but there are many types of amps and it is important that you pick the right one. The things that you have to consider include how big your audience will be and how good you need the audio quality to be. You should also consider the frequency range of the amp.

It is best that you buy specialized drum amps that have been specifically designed for electronic drums. While many people buy guitar amps to try and save a few bucks, they are really not great for drums. They do not have that many features and their frequency range does not work that great with drums.

Reviews of the Best Electronic Drum Amps / Monitors for 2021

1. CoolMusic Dm100 – Value for Money

Affordable electronic drum monitor with Bluetooth
  • Coaxial speaker adds depth and dynamics to sound
  • DI Output allows a direct connection with mixing consoles
  • Bluetooth and MP3 feature provides advanced connectivity
  • Good for practice but not for professional use

The CoolMusic Dm100 is undoubtedly the best amp for electronic drums with a 100-watt power output under its price range. It has two line-inputs that you can use to connect your electronic drum set, guitar, keyboard, or other instruments.

With its Bluetooth and Mp3 input feature, you can play any song from your device without worrying about incompatibility issues. This connectivity feature won the hearts of several customers who reviewed this product online.

In terms of sound, the CoolMusic Dm-100 stands out with its custom coaxial speaker. The 10-inch woofer adds depth to different sounds with low frequencies, while the 1-inch tweeter makes high-frequency sounds such as the snare cracking richer and more realistic.

Furthermore, you can use the DM100’s DI output jack to connect it with other speakers or mixing consoles. It also comes with a built-in 3 band frequency EQ to adjust the tone according to your preference.

There’s no reason why not to buy it! The CoolMusic Dm-100 is one of the best practice amps you’ll ever get for such an affordable price. It works great with different electronic drum sets such as Roland TD and Alesis Nitro Mesh.

With its powerful speaker and advanced connectivity feature, you can almost feel like you’re a part of your favorite band. Reach your potential and rock your heart out with CoolMusic’s Dm100.

There are some more similar and affordable alternatives to CoolMusic Dm100:

2. KAT Percussion KA1 – Runner-up

KAT Percussion KA1 electronic drum amp
  • More affordable than KAT percussion KA2, and other famous products
  • Floor wedge type monitors provide a more solid sound than cube monitors
  • 3 band Eq allows fine-tuning
  • Massive connectivity
  • Sound/power output is lesser than most amps

If you are looking for an all-around performer wedge monitor for your electronic drum set, the KAT Percussion KA1 is an excellent option. It is equipped with a superior band equalizer and is ideal for home practice. It also allows multiple inputs for different sound sources to use any of your music players and practice with different backing tracks inside your studio or rehearsal room. Although this equipment is mainly designed for small to medium venues, you can achieve a quality sound that is loud enough even for small gigs and performances.

One of this amplifier’s best features is its 3 band eq that gives you maximum sound control to fine-tune your electric drum and achieves the best audio quality. Its 10-inch woofer is perfect for giving your e drums a significant sound boost. Like most electronic drum monitors, it provides more comprehensive sound coverage and volume control than generic PA systems/speakers.

With this drum amp, you’ll never run out of things that you can do. Its massive connection and wide range of aux inputs can bring your rehearsals to the next level. It has a 1/8 inch input, which allows connection to external devices such as an mp3 player or other cd input. If you ever want to test your kick pad, percussion pads, or cymbal pads quietly, you can always use the headphone output and monitor your playing without disturbing anyone in the same room.

Unlike other equipment in the market, which usually uses 100 watts or 180 watts of power, KAT Percussion KA1 gives 50 watts audio output. With its natural acoustic response and low power consumption, it is no doubt that Amazon associates this kit with other high-end power drum amplifiers. Its large carry handle makes it easy to transport and setup. It is versatile and compatible with different e-drums such as Alesis Strike, Strike Pro, and Alesis Crimson.

For its price point and features, you can never go wrong with this amp. Take your drumming to the next level and impress your band members with KAT Percussion KA1.

3. Roland PM 200

Roland PM 200 electronic drum amp
Best amp for Roland V-Drums
  • Good for small/medium venues
  • Smooth interface with Roland V-Drums
  • Two XLR outputs provide more features
  • More expensive than most amps and stereo monitors

If you are amazed at the features, power rating, build quality, and wide frequency range of Roland’s PM 100, you’ll surely be impressed with its big brother, the Roland PM 200 drum monitor. The PM-200 is Roland’s monitor amplifier that features a full-range sound system with a horn tweeter, a standard 12 woofer (inches), and a power output of 180 watts.

There are two 0.25 inch inputs dedicated to the line-inputs. It also offers two inputs for your device so that you can jam along with your favorite song from your phone, tablet, or mp3-players.

Its angled design provides maximum coverage for a seated player. It also provides a convenient full-width handle that you can use to carry around the monitor or make some floor adjustments to suit your needs. Roland has made quite a leap by providing dedicated control knobs for separate functions that allow adjustment of the V-Drum volume, line-inputs, bass, and treble.

It is designed for maximum compatibility with Roland’s drum modules and other Roland V drums percussions. Although this is a stage monitor, it also supports stereo sound or dual-mono. Its two XLR outputs provide an onboard audio mixer, recorder, and processor. With this feature, you’ll save expenses from buying more devices to complete your setup.

If you are looking for a great sounding drum amp for your Roland v-drums, the PM-200 is more than just a starter amp. It is versatile, and it provides an integrated mixer with full volume control and global EQ that you can use for almost any setup, starting from small venues up to large venues.

4. Peavey KB 1 20-Watt

Peavey KB 1 20-Watt
  • Personalized volume and tone adjustment
  • Five independent channels for performance versatility
  • Arguably the best sound quality
  • A trusted name among drummers
  • Leather skin is vulnerable to denting

Clean, consistent sound: that is what musicians can expect from the Peavey KB 1. The compact keyboard amp comes with an eight-inch extended range speaker, 2 band EQ per channel, and 20 watts of power.

Plus, it comes with one of the most trusted names in the music equipment industry. The personalized volume and tone options stand out as the amp’s selling point.

Each input is on the drum set amp, so users do not have to adjust them with pedals or a mixer. The outputs cover low and high frequencies to round out the excellent sound, whether it is for practice or performance.

The amplifier also comes with five independent channels. That way, players can run their keyboard through the system, in addition to electronic drums, vocals, guitars, basses, and more. The rare combination of versatility and power makes the KB1 drum Amp worthy of acquisition for any musician.

5. Roland PM-100 Drum Monitor

Roland PM-100 Drum Monitor
  • Versatile mixing features
  • Professional-grade sound quality
  • Intuitive design
  • Prestigious name value
  • No headphone jack or throughputs

Roland is one of the most prestigious names in the music industry. The company is known for making professional-grade equipment, and the Roland Drum Monitor (PM-100) is no exception.

Users get an all-in-one drum monitor with a long-lasting performance they can trust. The full range audio system is ideal for Roland V electronic drums percussion kits, though they are compatible with other makes and models.

It includes a V-Drums input plus a ¼-inch and 1/8 inch line input. That way, drummers can stay connected to their electronic drum kit or smartphone.

What sets the Roland PM 100 drum set monitor apart is its sound quality. The 80-watt system boasts crisp acoustics that project from the 10-inch speaker. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, this electronic amp is worth your consideration.

6. Alesis Elevate 5 MKII

Best stereo monitors for electronic drums
  • Can be a substitute for drum/guitar amps
  • Good sound quality for a small studio speaker
  • Bass-boost switch brings a beefy, punchy sound
  • Might not be an appropriate gear for large gigs/venues

The Alesis Elevate 5 MK-II is a powered studio speaker that is compatible with various uses. You can use it for your electronic drum kit, home studio, gaming setup, or video editing.

It is designed with a custom wood cabinet that produces a full robust sound, with crisp natural highs and deep bass tones. Unlike other monitor amplifiers, you can use Alesis Elevate 5 MK-II to amplify your stereo drum inputs, aux-inputs, and mp3 inputs with clarity and realistic dynamics. It has an intuitive interface, allowing easy adjustment of the inputs, outputs, and volume levels.

With its five-inch woofers and custom wood cabinet, this drum monitor can deliver a high-quality sound that stays realistic regardless of volume or frequency. It has two speakers, with a sound output of 40 watts each, giving 80-watts of power output.

It also features a pair of rugged RCA jacks and a pair of 0.25-inch TRS jacks to fully support sound mixing and interfacing with other audio devices such as your electronic drum set.

It is designed to generate a natural frequency response, but in case you want a more low-end bass punch, you can always use its convenient bass-boost switch. This is ideal if you want the kick drum to have a more beefy and punchy sound.

All in all, if you’re looking for sound quality and a low price, the Alesis Elevate 5 MKII is a perfect choice for providing an effective speaker system for your electronic drum sets, audio gears, mobile/computer devices, or studio/home use.

There is a similar alternative to Alesis Elevate 5 MKII:

7. Powerwerks PA System (PW50)

Powerwerks PA System (PW50)
Good cheap drum amp for beginners
  • High and low EQ per channel
  • Amplifiers more than just drums
  • Durable, heavy-duty steel grille
  • Lacks bass and low-frequency power

Compact. Versatile. Easy to use. The Powerwerks PA-System (PW50) provides all of the essentials for an up-and-coming musician. The amplifier comes with two 4.5-inch drivers and a high-frequency horn.

The Powerwerks PA-System (PW50) features a three-channel mixer and a master level control. During an acoustic performance, users can easily adjust the frequencies to their desired mix. That way, there is a harmonious blend of mid-range and high-range sounds with vocals that cut clean through the noise. 

Each PW50 comes with a 1/8-inch auxiliary input and a ¼ inch subwoofer output. There is also a Powerlink circuit that lets musicians connect the drum kit amp to other monitors. Even when the system is part of a chain, users can still independently control the mix and volume. 

8. Behringer Ultratone KT108 Ultra-Compact 15-Watt Drum Amplifier

Behringer Ultratone KT108 Compact Drum amp
  • Versatile mixing features
  • VTC accurately replicates preamp and power amp
  • Robust metallic case
  • Not as powerful as other amps on this list

Are you seeking an ultra-compact two-channel amplifier? Look no further than the Behringer Ultratone KT108. The highly portable 15-watt system delivers crisp, clear sound thanks to dual-cone Bugera speakers.

The calling card of the KT108 is its innovative Virtual Tube Circuitry (VTC.) The system replicates a preamp and power amp so that musicians can perform with larger-than-life sound capacity.

A 3-band frequency EQ of low, medium and high frequency enables precision sound-shaping for optimal acoustics.

The Behringer Ultratone KT108 offers reliable performance gig after gig. It also comes with a CD player input as musicians play along to their favorite music through their headphones.

Plus, the entire drum kit amp has a rugged metal frame and high-grade wood covering to ensure long-term durability.

9. Ddrum DDA50 Electronic Percussion Amplifier, 50 Watts

Ddrum DDA50 Electronic Percussion Amplifier
  • Robust woofer
  • Ideal for noise-free practice
  • Clear percussion sounds
  • Sound quality is average compared to other models
  • Volume controls are overly sensitive

Ddrum is one of the early producers of e-drum amps. Founded in 1983, the company manufactures cutting edge equipment, culminating in the Ddrum DDA50 Electronic Percussion Amplifier.

The compact yet powerful system is ideal, whether musicians are practicing or playing a gig. The drumkit amp has a 10-inch woofer with enough capacity for people to feel the bass notes.

It also comes with a 2.5-inch tweeter for sharp percussion sounds. Meanwhile, drummers can plug their headphones into the jack for noise-free practice anytime.

The heavy-duty amp comes with a 3-band frequency equalizer that allows users to shape the sound with precision. These controls are essential when creating harmony between instruments.

The Ddrum DDA50 also has a metal grille, making it one of the most durable and substantial amps on the market. 

Electronic Drum Amplifier Buying Guide

Look at the things you need to consider before purchasing the best amp for electronic drums.

Price Range

Drum amps come in a huge range of prices. You can get basic entry-level amps without spending a whole lot. These will typically cost under $300 and might seem like a bargain. However, we would recommend that you do not get these and spend a little more. While these cheap ones might sound loud, they will not sound good. You do not want your $1000+ drum kit sounding bad because you did not spend an extra hundred dollars on your amp.

A good budget for a drum amp would be anywhere between $300 and $500. While they might not be the best out there, they will sound pretty good and will fit in most people’s budget. These intermediate drum amps provide the best bang for your buck.

If you have a nice big budget, you can get yourself an extensive PA system with all the capabilities in the world. Look into what features you want and buy accordingly. It is easy to overspend when you have a large budget, so always look at what you want and what the amp offers. You do not want to spend money on some fancy feature you are never going to use.

Size, Weight & Portability

The size of an electronic drum amplifier is a balancing act. On the one hand, larger amps typically have more capabilities because there is more room for parts. On the other hand, smaller amps are ideal for portability and space management.

If you are someone who gigs a lot, the portability of your amp is a very important factor. You should look for an amp that is lightweight and maybe has a handle to carry it around with. While these might not seem important in the short run, a heavy amp that’s hard to carry will get annoying in the long run.

However, if your amp is going to be more of a permanent fixture that isn’t going to be moved a lot, the weight is not very important. For studios and practice rooms, you can get an amp without factoring portability.

All of the electronic amps on this list strike a balance between the two. Drummers can still get professional-grade sound without sacrificing their personal space. As a point of reference, the Ddrum DDA50 is one of the heaviest drum amps, weighing in at 33 pounds.

How Much Power Do You Need – Wattage?

Wattage is a measurement of an electronic amp’s power. For instance, a 20-watt amplifier will be louder than a 10-watt model. It will not be twice as loud, but musicians will get more amplification.

Doubling the power of a 10-watt drum translates to a three-decibel increase. To double the sound capacity, it would need to be ten decibels louder. The same correlation to loudness applies to drum amps at higher wattages, too. 

The amount of power you need boils down to your use case. 

If you are just going to be using the amp for personal practice sessions, any drum amp will do. Even if they are low wattage they will be more than enough for you to hear the sound clearly.

Surprisingly, playing in large venues does not require the largest of amps. These venues typically have their own PA system and you will be using the amp only to hear yourself. Anything between 50 and 100 watts will be suitable.

Playing in small or medium-sized venues requires the biggest amps. These places might like a PA system and therefore your drum amp will be used to amplify sound for your audience. A wattage of 200 or more might be suitable. These powerful amps can also be used when you are practicing with a loud band.

Input/Output Channels, EQ, and other features

There are a host of other features you will want to consider before purchasing an electronic drums amp. For instance, check the number of IN/OUT channels, as well as their type. Most amps come with a ¼ inch stereo drum input and an XLR line/output.

The interface is another critical component. Ideally, it should be intuitive to the point where first-timers can quickly make sound adjustments. Furthermore, the control panel should offer precise handling for perfect harmony across all instruments.

EQ is another feature you will find in a few amps. You will be able to adjust the tuning of your sound through it. Some models have CD or MP3 inputs that allow you to quickly load backing tracks or songs. Some amps have a headphone jack too.

A few models have features that make them more suitable for live settings. This includes features like being battery-operated and slanted cabinets. Even simple features like having a handle make a few amps better for live work.


Electronic drum amps are typically wedge shaped. They must be properly positioned on the floor if you are to hear them correctly. The main issue with these wedge shaped amps is that they cannot be used as main amps, this is because the speakers are tilted upwards.

Pole mount ready amps are better for this purpose. They are more versatile when it comes to positioning. For anyone who wants an elevated amp or needs to perform in a venue with no PA system, these pole mounted amps are best.

Any Extras?

The best electronic drum set amplifiers do more than just amplifying sound. Some adds onboard sound effects, anti-feedback measures, and multi-band frequency EQ. Another useful extra is CD or MP3 playbacks that let drummers practice or play along to their favorite songs.


Can you use a Guitar Amp for Drums?

Running an electronic drumset through a spare guitar or bass amp is a bad idea at best. At worst, you will end up frying the amp beyond the point of usability. A proper drumset amp will always deliver superior tone and safety. That said, there are electronic amps that can connect to e-drumkits; make sure to connect your kit with the appropriate cables/jacks.

Monitor or Drum amp?

A drumset monitor is typically a combination of an amplifier and a speaker. It is ideal for musicians that want to hear what they are saying or playing during a performance. Meanwhile, drum amplifiers focus primarily on amplifying the sound of an instrument. For e-drum kits, people often use drum monitors and amp interchangeably.

Does an E-Drum need an Amp?

A drum gear amplifier brings an electronic drumset to life. The amp creates the essential tones for each part of the kit. Typically, a drummer will place the electronic drum monitor on the floor, facing themselves to hear the audio during practice or live sessions.

The Bottom Line

The competition for the best electronic drum amps is fierce. Based on our reviews, most customers will be satisfied purchasing the Roland Drum Monitor (PM-200). For our money, the best value amplifier for e-kits goes Peavey’s KB 1. The system delivers everything a musician could want in a drumkit amp. It comes with top-tier power and versatility, not to mention quickly adjustable volumes and tones. Most importantly, Peavey’s KB 1 has arguably the best audio quality of any model on this list.

Need a drumkit to go with your new amp? Take a look at the top 12 electronic drumsets of 2020.