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10 Best Drum Machines for Live Performance & Guitarists


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One of the most in-demand instruments in music-making is a drum machine.

Whether you are a professional, beginner, or a music enthusiast, a drum machine is an excellent tool to recreate drum or percussion sounds that you can store, modify, and replay for future use.

You can create rhythms, beats, and even whole soundtracks just by tapping the drum machine’s pads or twisting its knobs.

More advanced drum machines support modification, sampling, and editing audio samples directly in your computer’s Digital Audio Workstation.

Today, drum machines are commonly used in genres such as electronic dance music, hip hop, and house music, which are known for having a fast-paced four-on-the-floor beat.

Contrary to what other people think, drum machines are not made to replace a live drummer’s role.

Rather, it is made to progress music, especially in our digital age, while giving musicians all over the globe the chance to generate original beats and rhythms that would fit perfectly to their recordings/samples.

With all the available devices in the market, it is overwhelming to find and choose the best drum machine for you.

While no drum machines are perfect, there are great products in the market that offer the best set of features and qualities at an affordable price.

The 10 Best Drum Machines on the Market Today

Here are our ten most recommended drum machines.

1. AKAI MPC Live IIDrum Machine and Sampler with Built-in Speaker, Beat Pads

АKAI Professional MPC Live II

The AKAI MPC Live II is a standalone drum machine built to make music production more convenient, with high-end features that you can use for in-depth editing of sound samples, even without the use of computer software.         

It has a 7-inch Multi-touch display, 16 velocity-sensitive pads, 4 functional 360 Q-link knobs, and several buttons for sequencing and time correcting options, giving you access to a wide range of possibilities perfect for your professional music production. 


  • The AKAI MPC Live II is a drum machine that features a lithium-ion battery, allowing you to work for prolonged hours, anytime and anywhere.
  • Like its predecessors, it features functions such as note repeat, 16 step sequencing, and undo function useful for delivering consistent bass notes, hi-hat and ride cymbal hits.
  • With its Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity and powerful built-in workflow software, there’s almost no limitation with what you can do, integrate, and perform in this drum machine.
  • Touching the Q-link will show its current function on the touch screen, allowing you to work efficiently on your sound samples.
  • It comes with 16 GB sampling memory, Splice integration, and Ableton Link allowing you to easily access a wide library of high-quality sounds, samples, and presets perfect for cross-platform collaboration.  
  • The MPC Live has 1/4″ audio outputs which can be used to connect to any speakers that you’d like.


  • There are only two inputs that you can work with inside the drum machine’s workflow software, limiting the number of instruments that you can monitor and add effects on.
  • Streaming large sound samples from a hard drive or external hardware is also one of the drum machine’s known limitation.

2. Dave Smith Instruments TempestAnalog Drum Machine

Dave Smith Instruments Tempest

The Tempest is an excellent choice with unmatched features such as roll and reverses function, song mode, 6 voice polyphony, and stereo analog compression/distortion.

With its powerful sound engine, you can access exclusive samples such as Linn Drum sounds, or replicate sounds from other drum machines such as Roland’s TR-08, Maschine, etc.

It has 16 back-lit touch-sensitive pads, an OLED display, 90-panel controls, 2 digital and 2 analog oscillators, that are all designed in one drum machine capable of acting as an analog synthesizer as well.

With these features, it is no surprise why the Dave Smith Tempest has been one of the top choices of famous artists like James Bernard. 


  • It functions as a hybrid drum machine, providing the realistic randomness and inconsistencies of an analog kit while delivering accurate processing through its built-in digital workflow system.
  • Like the MPC’s Note repeat, this drum machine features a Roll and Reverse function, which you can use to easily make awesome fills for one whole beat or specific measure within a beat.
  • The onboard mixer allows you to further customize solos, delays, and mutes, which could be reprogrammed even while a sequence is playing.
  • It provides extensive synthesizing functions that allow for easier music production and beat making either by manually programming per sequence step or by modifying sounds of a playing sequence.


  • With its extensive features, the machine has a steep learning curve, making it quite challenging to master and operate.
  • There are minor issues with the machine’s workflow operating system.

3. Roland TR-08 Rhythm Composer – Best for Hip-hop

Roland has a rich history of making several instruments and gears for music-making and production.

The Roland TR-08 is a replica of the famous TR-808, the quintessential drum machine during the early 80s, and the most iconic invention that has influenced the development of EDM, and Hip hop.

The TR-08 makes use of the classic design, interface, and sound of the famed 808 while integrating advanced technologies, microcontrollers

It is a digital drum machine with a circuit designed to generate the same inconsistencies that musicians seek in an Analog drum sound.


  • Individual tone control for each instrument allows you to easily adjust the sound, power, and attack of the drum sounds you wish to use.
  • The machine has an intuitive interface, allowing you to easily navigate and make adjustments
  • Powerful snare sound, built-in speaker
  • Advanced Hi-hat controls allowing you to make creative rhythmic patterns with shuffle grooves and accented notes.
  • Supports real-time sound adding on the sequence through its tap feature, allowing an easier groove making.
  • Its Basic-Variation switch allows transitioning between two sound sequences to play them individually, or in an alternating manner.
  • Connecting it to other MIDI devices automatically makes sound sequences in sync.


  • Setting up this drum machine with the intention to use it with your DAW might require you additional cables for outputs, which do not come in a package with the drum machine.
  • Knobs have little gaps between them, so it might be difficult to adjust the knobs without hitting the adjacent knob.

4. Elektron Digitakt

The Elektron Digitakt is Elektron’s first digital drum machine, designed to endure and make a difference in the beat production industry. 

With its compact size, extremely durable buttons, hi-res encoders, and professionally designed sequencer, you can bring your sound sampling and rhythm sequencing to the next level. 

It contains eight channels for sampling and another eight for MIDI and Audio sequencing. 

It features a powerful sound engine that allows you to play melodic sounds or create your original sounds from an existing sample guaranteed to stand out.

It offers a variety of high-quality sounds that will surely give you the best beat making and music production experience.


  • Digitakt is a powerful electronic device combining the functions of a drum machine, sequencer, and a sampling instrument, which enables you to send samples from your computer to other external gear. 
  • It provides over 400 factory sound samples, containing readily made electronic/acoustic drum kits, synth pads/tabs, one-shots, and various noise loops that you can use anytime. 
  • It has backlit buttons and deep functional keys that produce less noticeable clicks.
  • The OLED display is very useful for showing relevant information which aids several users to access and use numerous features.
  • Digitakt has made an excellent step up by providing the users amazing control over reverb and delay effects through its Trig, Filter, and Amp features. 


  • For someone who has little experience with Elektron’s technologies, it takes time to get comfortable with the product.
  • Some first-time buyers also complained about the product’s steep learning curve.

5. Korg Electribe Drum machine

Last but not the least, we have Korg’s Electribe drum machine.

This drum machine is one of the most advanced music production tools currently available today.

With features combining the function of a sampler, a 16-step sequencer, a drum machine, and a synthesizer, this is one of the most recommended pieces of gear that brings music production at your fingertips.

With its 200 presets, MIDI, USB, and Analog In/Out connections, it is not surprising that the Electribe is part of every music producer’s arsenals.


  • One of the major edges of the Electribe among its competitors is the pattern chaining feature which allows you to string your created patterns together to produce a dynamic sequence.
  • It has several knobs designed to give you maximum control over different parameters in your workflow all at once.
  • Upon purchase, you are entitled to over 400 additional downloadable patterns without spending a single dollar.
  • The one-level undo feature proves to be useful especially when you made mistakes, saving your time and effort from starting over.
  • It also allows expansion of storage space through an additional SD Card and easy conversion of your rhythmic patterns as Ableton export files.


  • Some buyers reported that upon playing some effects, the tempo of the sequence and the drum voices become inconsistent.
  • Users have a difficult time comprehending the product’s manual, providing little to no explanation of its essential features
  • Compatibility with other MIDI devices might have varying responses, leading to a slight delay between sound sequencing.

6. Arturia DrumBrute Analog Drum Machine – Best for Live performance

The Arturia DrumBrute contains 17 different drum and percussion analog sounds, perfect for several music genres such as EDM, house, and hip hop.

It has 64 patterns and 64 steps which offers a massive workflow that you can use to experiment beats, rhythms, and sounds. This product is ideal to create more dynamic loops, sequences, and recordings.

It allows polyrhythmic step sequencing and chaining patterns which is a must for creating unique soundtracks to whole structured songs.

With its versatility, it has become a popular choice for several DJs and producers such as Luciano, Keith Harris, Kink, Carl Craig, and Martyn Ware. It is a compact all-analogue beat making machine.


  • It has a very user-friendly sequencer, featuring analog synthesized drum sounds at an affordable price.
  • It even goes beyond the expectations of music artists and producers by adding randomness, accents, and swings, giving you several options to create more dynamic grooves.
  • By connecting it within your Digital Audio Workstation, functions such as effects and side chaining are all possible.
  • With its sturdy build, aesthetic interface, and intuitive architecture, programming beats, sequences, and polyrhythms have never been more fun, entertaining, and easier.


  • Unlike the Korg Volca Beats, the Arturia Drumbute does not allow you to perform motion sequencing by twisting its knobs while a song or a soundtrack is playing.
  • This drum machine does not support sampling or the recording of created sequences and samples.
  • Although this drum machine allows tweaking of the drum sound, some buyers were not satisfied with how the kick and the snare drum sound even after tweaking.

7. Alesis SR-18

The Alesis SR-18 is one of the most notable drum machines made by Alesis since 2008.

It inherits several traits from the Alesis SR-16, combining the highly appraised features of the SR-16 with the cutting-edge technology and architecture of the present age.

It is designed to provide musicians and instrumentalists to play in tempo and develop their musical feel even without the presence of a session drummer.

It has functions and features going beyond the traditional drum machine with easily programmable patterns.


  • The Alesis SR-18 contains 32 voice polyphony, a tempo range of 30-300 Bpm, 200 drum kits, and 500 different realistic sound samples, perfect for your music production needs.
  • This drum machine is ideal for solo performers, giving you a variety of access to different sounds, presets, inputs, outputs, and lots of programmable samples at an affordable price.
  • The SR-18 remains one of the top choices for drum machines because of its flexibility, portability, and user-friendly interface, enabling you to make songs from your patterns with ease.
  • It provides massive connectivity, allowing you to directly plug in your instrument, and play along with the rhythm presets.
  • Depending on the mode, the 12 pads can be used to play drum sounds, percussion sounds, or bass notes following a chromatic scale.


  • While the sounds and presets of the machine are good, some users reported the inability of some pads to properly respond to taps, making it almost unplayable.
  • Some customers were unsatisfied with the product’s manual and poor customer services and support.

8. Korg Volca Beats Analog Drum Machine – Best for Beginners

One of the most famous and affordable drum machines today is the Korg Volca Beats.

It has a default 16-step sequencer, which allows you to assign a particular drum voice for sixteenth different subdivisions.

Its MIDI input allows you to connect the machine with other devices to modify its tempo or add samples to your drum sequence.

Whether you are a beginner looking for a good investment, the Korg Volca Beats is sure to help you attain your beat production goals.

It is easy to use and explore, which allows even the most professional producers to enjoy using it for their practice sessions, or leisure time.    


  • For such a small kit with tons of impressive features, the Korg Volca Beats is way ahead of its price.
  • With its built-in speaker and portable battery power, you can use it anywhere and anytime.
  • Most reviews praised the product’s powerful kick drum and PCM section which allows you to recreate and modify unique sounds such as claves, claps, crashes, etc.
  • It supports motion sequencing, ideal for on-stage performances, and creative improvisations.
  • The stutter effect is useful to replicate small sections of an audio sample to improve the sound, power, or melody of a rhythmic sequence.


  • Snare sound is a little weak but could be enhanced with the machine’s stutter effect.
  • Some buyers find that it was too small than they expected it to be.

9. Alesis SR-16Studio-Grade Standalone Drum Machine With On-Board Sound Library

For almost 30 years, the Alesis SR-16 has consistently been in the top choices of sound engineers, music producers, and live performers. 

It remains one of the most wanted drum machines because of its realistic sound quality, the excellent 24-bit sound engine, and high-end drum samples that are all guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

It has a Dynamic Articulation feature that responds precisely to the intensity of your stroke, giving a more realistic feel in generating sounds worthy for your studio and live performances.


  • The 50 drum presets and 233 drum sounds are recorded from the performances of professional studio drummers, ideal for creating solid beats and grooves. 
  • The machine offers 50 customizable kits and can be programmed to provide solid drum accompaniment for almost any type of music genre. 
  • With its four-line Audio Outputs, MIDI In/Out, and two footswitches, the Alesis SR-16 offers massive connectivity and compatibility to a wide range of devices, essential for music production, and live rehearsals. 
  • The hundreds of reviews and positive feedbacks all over the globe affirm the machine’s durability and high sound quality even after 30 years of production. 


  • Some buyers are frustrated with the manufacturer’s poor customer service, ignoring requests and issue reports about the product.
  • The machine has no backlight, which makes it difficult to see the menu at dim-lighted places. 
  • Some customers are disappointed with the product’s manual which offers vague instructions and little help in troubleshooting.

10. Teenage Engineering PO-33 Pocket Operator KO Sampler/Sequencer

The Teenage Engineering PO-33 KO offers 8 melodic instruments that you can sample, together with 8 drum sounds that you can later customize by adding your samples.

With 40 seconds of sampling memory, 16 onboard effects, and a default 16 step sequencer, this pocket-sized technology is able to bring music production and beat making to a whole new level.

You can sample sounds with ease by using its built-in microphone or by connecting a line input cable on the top left corner of the device.

For a price under $100, it contains features and effects unimaginable for its size.


  • Samples with high pitched sounds are easier to improve with the machine’s filter and resonance control.
  • It allows quick melody creation by generating harmonic notes on the buttons based on the sample you recorded.
  • The two knobs together with the FX button, allow adjustment of certain parameters such as volume, pitch, filter, resonance, and sound sample size.
  • Upon recording a created beat using the available drum sounds on buttons 9-16, the machine automatically chops the sounds and assigns the smaller samples to the available slots.


  • The product’s manual does not include all features and information, so you have to discover some of its features yourself by practicing or watching available videos on YouTube.
  • The device requires a minimum sound level before it starts recording, and it has to be done with two fingers pressed on separate buttons, which could be difficult if you will use your hands to generate sounds.

Frequently Asked Questions About Drum Machine

Which is the easiest drum machine to use?

In terms of interface, connectivity, and features, the Korg Volca Beats is the easiest drum machine to use. It has a simple workflow with self-explanatory labels, keys, and functions, but still, encourage creativity. With its affordable price and features, it is the most recommended drum machine for beginners who are still in the process of learning, and professionals looking for a simple yet powerful tool for music production.

Why Do you need a drum machine?

Whether you are a producer or a music enthusiast, drum machines make music production easier and more entertaining. While virtual software can do some of its functionalities, you can save time by investing in a drum machine.

With a drum machine, you can edit and sample sequences, and enjoy finger drumming, anytime and anywhere. If you think that’s cool, you’ll not regret buying one.


If you are serious about beat and rhythm production, there’s no better device than a drum machine to get you started.

Choosing the right drum machine requires patience and critical decision making.

Your goals, preferences, and budget are some of the most important considerations that will guide you in purchasing the right model.

From the mentioned devices above, we can see that the sound quality, features, interface, connectivity, and programmability of a drum machine are some of the things that you must evaluate before investing in the right machine.

If you are planning to use your samples or record your created rhythms and patterns, you might want to consider buying drum machines offering sampling and sequencing features such as the AKAI MPC LIVE II, or Digitakt.

Some drum machines like the Maschine Mikro MK3 come with powerful software, compatible with song editing and sound sampling on your computer. If you prefer working with your computer to accompany you in your music production, such drum machines might be a good pick for you.

The dimensions and weight of a drum machine vary from model to model. If you are interested in a portable jamming device that you can use anywhere, opting for a smaller drum machine such as the Teenage PO-33 KO might serve your needs well.

Whether you are a musician, or a producer looking for a machine that will bring your practice and recordings to the next level, Alesis, Roland, Arturia, and Korg provide some of the best drum machines that would get the job done.

Whatever your goals are, investing in the right drum machine will not only make your music production more convenient but also more engaging and fun.

Rather than sitting for hours in front of your computer mixing and trimming sounds in your software, try and see for yourself how music and beat making become more enjoyable with a quality drum machine.

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