9 Best Hi Hat Stands in 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

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The hi-hat is a crucial part of any drum kit and choosing a quality hi-hat stand is essential to get the most from your drum kit. Aside from providing you stability, the stand is also crucial in extracting the best tone from your hi-hat. You should be able to have a great playing experience without worrying about stability. The 9 best hi hat stands listed below are top rated in the market and give you the modern drumming hardware you need.

9 Best Hi hat Stands – Reviews

1. DW 5000 Series Hi-Hat Stand

DW produces some of the best quality hardware in the industry and its DW 5000 series hi hat stand perfectly balances performance, portability, weight, and durability. This makes it an excellent all-rounder and the best 2 leg hi hat stand in the market.

DW is known for high quality and this hi-hat delivers that through an immense array of innovative features. It has a unibody folding footboard that greatly saves space when packed and a unique bearing link connector that ensures you get a precise response from the pedal. The pedal will be able to transfer all the nuances of your playing to the hi-hat.

This hi-hat is great to play with and feels extremely sturdy. The stand doesn’t wobble due to its substantial floorboard and baseplate. You need not worry about it toppling or tipping over. To get the best out of it, you must use it with a drum rug. You might wanna avoid using it on a hardwood floor as the stand could damage it. 

You will find the drums easy folding up procedure to be quite beneficial if you gig a lot. However, if you do not gig you will be able to screw the foot pedal down to fix it more permanently.

While the procedure is not long, you might have a tough time figuring out how to set it up if you have never set up a hi hat stand before. The stand does not come with clear instructions, so you are better off watching YouTube videos than trying to make sense out of the included instructions.

With the solid closing mechanism, it produces a great ‘chick’ sound. While the hi hat stand is quite weighty, you will be able to stomp your foot down with ease. The high quality makes it an excellent pairing for high end drums, including electronic drums. The 5000 series will be great to use for Alesis Strike Pro SE.

To conclude, the DW 5000 is the best hi hat stand with a sturdy and well-constructed body that delivers phenomenal performance. It even comes with an SM379 locking hi-hat clutch.

  • Extremity durable
  • Great value for money
  • Smooth and responsive pedal action
  • Large and stable footboard
  • Setup will be difficult for beginners

2. DW 9500 Heavy-Duty Hi-Hat Stand

The DW 9500 is the best professional Heavy Duty Hi hat stand in the market. It has an outstanding response and an exquisite feel that is simply unmatched by any other. 

It has a patented Double Eccentric Cam that allows it to deliver the most responsive and fastest feel of any hi-hat stand. The footboard sensitivity is improved in relation to the movement of the cymbal, giving you a unique playing sensation.

The steel baseplate is fixed and sturdy. The well constructed footboard is solid and hefty. Being a three-legged stand, it offers improved reliability and stability that you will not find in a two-legged stand. Being a DW Heavy-Duty hardware, you can expect it to withstand quite a pummelling.

Even the chains in the hi-hat mechanism are heavy duty, so it doesn’t matter how many years you perform, it will remain as snappy as the day you got it. The hi-hat feels extremely easy to use. While it is substantial, it still somehow ends up feeling light. The closing and opening mechanisms are also very responsive to even a slight movement of your foot. You even get a sort and a long rod for mounting and adjusting your cymbal.

The DW 9500 is the perfect companion for professional drummers who want the perfect hi hat stand for gigs and studio work. The heavy gauge tubing, un-body folding footboard, and the lateral cymbal seats all make it perfect for top drummers, no matter what genre of music.

  • Robust and durable
  • Latest technologies used
  • Incredible playing response
  • Double Eccentric Cam provides great playing feel
  • Expensive

3. Tama Speed Cobra 315 Hi-Hat Stand

The Tama Speed Cobra 315 hi hat stand has been designed based on Cobra’s flagship range of hardware. It is built sturdily and is quite responsive.

The 315 is a double leg construction that is easy to set up and doesn’t take a lot of space. This allows you to place your high hat stands with a cymbal and double bass pedal. Even if you do not use a double bass pedal, the stand will reduce the overall footprint of your drum kit.

The foot pedal lacks a baseplate, this reduces the overall stability and angle adjustment stability. To partly compensate for this it has a small stabilizer placed under the footboard that shifts the weight and balance of the stand towards the player, allowing for good stability. The rubber feet also help enhance stability. While the lack of baseplate has reduced stability, it has led to improved portability of the stand.

The smooth and accurate response is commendable. You will also be able to adjust the hi-hat among six different tensions, allowing you to get your desired pedal action.

You might wanna avoid getting the Tama Cobra 315 dual-leg hi-hat stand if you have a V-drum Hi-hat as a few users have complained that the pedal is not able to reliably trigger the cymbal of a few V-drum Hi-hat models. 

Overall, the good construction and operation of the Tama Speed Cobra 315 make this the best hi hat stand for the money.

  • Extremely stable for a dual-legged stand
  • All round performer
  • Multiple tension settings
  • Great functionality
  • Lacks premium features

4. DW 3000 Series Hi-Hat Stand

The DW 3000 series hi-hat stand is the smaller brother of the DW 5000 series. It offers a great deal of hi-end features and is quite an affordable hi-hat stand at under $200.

This is a dual-legged stand, which means an easier setup and that you could easily accommodate bass drum pedals without any interference. Similar to its big brother, the 3000 series hi-hat stand is stable and is quite responsive. While it is a medium weight stand, it is able to fold away quite quickly. This means you can easily use it for electronic drums. The DW 3000 series will be a great hi-hat for Roland V drums and for td17kx. You could also upgrade to the DW 5000 series or higher with these drums if you desire.

The quality of the product along with its low price makes it the best mid-range hi-hat stand there is, making it an ideal choice for any drummer who has started to get serious about playing.

  • Great value for money
  • Smooth and accurate pedal mechanism
  • Unibody folding footboard, making it more portable
  • Quick setup and breakdown
  • Stable due to robust footboard and baseplate
  • Isn’t as stable as the DW5000

5. PDP HH820 Hi-Hat Stand

The PDP HH820 is a two-legged hi-hat stand that features double-braced legs and many great features. This includes memory locks, a sturdy base plate, and even oversized rubber feet.

The rubber feet, baseplate, and double-braced legs ensure that the HH820 remains stable. Being a double legged hi-hat stand, you will have an easier time positioning. Especially when you have multiple cymbals and a large double bass pedal.

You will be able to tighten the pedal spring to your liking. The moving mechanism is quite solid and feels good to use. While the pedal response is not too good and can miss a few subtle playing techniques, it is great for its price.

This PDP HH820 is the best hi hat stand under $100, you will not find better quality and sturdier budget hi-hat stand than this.

  • Great value for money
  • Smooth pedal action
  • Lightweight
  • Stable
  • Fixed pedal tension
  • Not very responsive

6. Gibraltar 5707 Hi-Hat Stand

Gibraltar is quite well known for its drumming hardware. This 5707 is one of their more popular models and is well constructed. It is also priced affordably, making it ideal for anyone who doesn’t have the expertise to justify getting an expensive hi-hat stand.

While the cost is low, you get a quality performance. The tripod design ensures it remains stable in even the most intense playing sessions. The legs are double braced, so you can be assured that they will last a very long time. The Gibraltar 5707 weighs less than 6 pounds, making it one of the best lightweight stand in the market. You can carry it around without any effort.

The height is fully adjustable, all you need to do is loosen the wingnut on the vertical stand then loosen the locking ring with a tuning kit. The stand is also very easy to assemble. The swivel legs are also a great bonus feature. The stand is quite robust and has a smooth and predicate action. There is even a bulge on the footboard to help you locate the pedal in dark venues. 

Some users have complained that the hi-hat clutch keeps colliding with the middle post when you play. While you will not have a reduced sound quality because of this, the stand will get scratched. For people living in California, this stand violates the state’s Proposition 65. The stand also lacks a cymbal guard, so your top hat could get scratched over time.

While the Gibraltar 5707 does have a few issues due to its low price, it is still an excellent value for money and delivers a solid performance.

  • Cheap
  • Well constructed
  • Good pedal mechanism
  • Not dual-legged
  • Transportation is not comfortable

7. Pearl H930 Hi-Hat Stand

The H390 is a robust and easy to use hi-hat stand from Pearl. While the design of this hi-hat stand is quite simple, it is able to extract effectiveness from its simplicity. There are no fancy components or patented technologies used, but it is a reliable hi-hat stand that you can trust each time you set your foot down.

The Pearl H390 hi-hat stand has a chain drive mechanism that is solid, allowing it to deliver fast and smooth response. Pearl hardware is known for its durability, so you can be assured that it will stand by you for years. Pearl even provides you with its incredible lifetime warranty with this stand, so you can be assured that you will never have an issue.

This stand is quite stable by itself and should be suitable for practicing and performance. However, the stand lacks a plate but it has screw holes that allow you to add a plate yourself if you need the extra stability.

The pedal tension can also be adjusted using the spring tension dial on the stand, giving you a more comfortable playing experience. The foot pedal is also quite responsive to even small forces, allowing you to precisely control how open or closed the hi-hat is.

The legs have a swivel function that allows you to rotate it as you desire, making it easier to accommodate other pedals and stands. This will greatly reduce the amount of time and effort you need to set your kit up. Overall, the Pearl H390 is a killer deal at its price point.

  • Has swiveling legs
  • Durable and robust construction
  • Good pedal action
  • Pearl’s lifetime guarantee
  • Doesn’t have a baseplate
  • Not a dual-legged stand

8. Griffin Remote Hi Hat Stand with Foot Pedal

Nearly all the hi hat stands mentioned in this list have multiple legs, which is great for stability. However, these legs can take up a lot of space and make playing on a small stage very difficult. If you want a hi hat stands that don’t take a lot of space but yet remains stable, you should be looking at this option for Griffin.

The Griffin Remote Hi Hat stand is the best remote hi hat stand in the market. A remote hi hat stand is a stand that has a pedal that doesn’t have to be positioned right under the stand itself. You can place it where you are the most comfortable at, no more awkward positioning and angles. 

The cable is six feet long giving you more leeway in positioning. Make sure that the cable is laying freely as any sharp bends could result in your hi-hat not responding. You also get five different tension settings, allowing you to choose something that complements you. 

Even though it is a remote stand, it is still a heavy duty-stand. It will remain sturdy and take poundings for hours on end. If you are still worried about the quality, you get a year long full factory warranty. This hi-hat stand comes without legs, you will have to clamp the stand onto a cymbal or drum stand.

A drawback of this stand is its reduced sensitivity. If you are playing rock or heavy metal genres, you will not notice this issue as you tend to play quite hard. However, this makes this hi-hat quite unstable for jazz and similar genres. Some users have also complained that the pedal action is quite stiff in this stand, you will have to take it apart and lubricate everything to make the action smooth. Avoid water-based lubricants as they can rust your stand in the long run.

  • One-year full factory warranty
  • Six foot long wire
  • Low response time
  • Pedal isn’t sensitive
  • Wire must be kept unbent
  • Assembly can be time consuming

9. Yamaha HS-740A

The Yamaha HS-740A is a medium-went hi-hat stand that is able to take a beating while still remaining portable. This makes it great for touring rock drummers as they will be able to pound it during gigs while still being able to easily carry it from one event to the other.

While this is a sturdy three-legged hi hat stand, it is still equipped with rotating legs. This allows for more versatility when it comes to positioning along with an easier assembly. The rubber foot under each leg also prevents sliding when you play, while also ensuring that the legs do not rotate by mistake. All this allows the Yamaha HS-740A to be more flexible than any other three-legged stand while still remaining stable. While the legs are all only single braced, they still hold up well.

However, the tripod design has its drawbacks. The three legs can be quite difficult to navigate through on stage, especially while performing. If you are not careful about the three legs, there is a great chance that you might topple the stand or get tripped. The cymbal mounting rod is also not very long, so you might not find it comfortable if you like to mount your cymbals very high.

The spring tension can also be adjusted to your liking. Typically, the faster you play, more the tension you will be needing. While most drummers tend to keep medium-weight hi-hat stands at the mid level tensions, the HS-740A has a broad range that allows you to experiment with tension levels.

Yamaha has designed the HS-740A to be a stable hi-hat stand that is made as compact as possible. While it is pricey, it is a high-quality product that is very reliable.

  • Medium weight, so can be easily transported while still being stable
  • Rubber feet ensure there is no slipping
  • You get a drum key and cleaning cloth with the kit
  • Adjustable tension
  • Smooth playing mechanism
  • Not a dual-legged stand
  • Expensive

What makes a good hi hat stand?

While many people do not care much about the hi-hat stand, it is imperative that you get one that is robust and can perform reliably.

The first thing that you should look for in a hi-hat stand is its stability. It has to be rock solid and must be able to take a thrashing on the stage and should also be strong enough to not get deformed while being transported inside a case.

The components used must be of high quality and the internal mechanisms must be solid. You cannot have a hi-hat stand that crumbles in the middle of a performance because of low quality construction.

A good hi-hat stand typically has a heavy-duty tubing that includes integrated memory looks to ensure that the hi-hat height remains the same in each practice and performance. The hi hat rods must be tightly attached to the stand’s internal mechanism by secure threads.

Two-legged hi-hat stands are also typically preferred as they are lighter and much easier to the position. You will be able to comfortably fit a double bass drum pedal with a two-legged stand, something that is quite a headache when using a three legged stand. You can also alter the angle of the hi-hat cymbal using the two legged design.

Along with reliability and sturdiness, performance is also extremely important. The hi-hat stand must transfer every nuance of your foot to the cymbals in a responsive and accurate manner. Maintaining a hi-hat at a fully closed or fully open position is quite easy but a good hi-hat stand will let you position it in every level in-between. A good hi-hat stand must be able to offer a smooth responsive action that feels comfortable to play on.

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So this is our list of top 9 best hi hat stands as of now available in the market. A hi-hat stand is quite easily overshadowed by the drums, the cymbals, and even other hardware. Most drummers do not pay much attention to it whatsoever. However, a faulty hi-hat stand will be nothing short of a nightmare for any drummer. You won’t be able to play your hi-hat properly thereby making maintaining a steady rhythm impossible. Once you lose your rhythm, the entire band that depends on your rhythm will go off the beat.

If you want the best hi hat stand possible, get the DW 9500 Heavy-Duty. It is widely used by professionals and won’t move even when you hammer on it like a beast. If you are short on budget and need something that has positioning flexibility, the Griffin Remote Hi Hat Stand with Foot Pedal will be perfect for you. It’s affordable and you can set it up wherever you want. We hope that this article has helped you pick the best hi-hat stand for you.

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