Roland TD-11KV Review – My Personal Opinion after Years of use

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The TD-11KV is part of Roland’s V-line drum series. This line is famous through the drumming scene for its incredible sound engine and expansive library of sound samples. While the TD-11KV is cheaper than most V-drums, it is still packed with features. It has mesh-head pads that make the drums feel realistic while sounding quieter than rubber ads. 

The cymbals are no letdown either, they too are as responsive as the drums. The TD-11KV is primarily meant for beginners and advanced drummers. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to improve their drumming as it is super quiet, thus allowing you to practice day and night, and has coaching features to help you improve.

Roland TD-11KV Review – A Pro level Edrums for Smaller Spaces

Roland TD-11KV

The TD-11KV is a drum kit that has many great features. It has all the basic features that you will require from an electronic drum kit and is a quality product. It sounds much better and feels more realistic than similarly priced electronic drum kits. The pads feature Roland’s signature mesh heads and thus feel realistic and are silent.

The sound engine and drum module produce high quality sounds and the module also has coaching functions to help beginners. The kit is compact and very comfortable to use. However it does have a few issues. It’s quite expensive and you will also need to buy a few extra components before being able to play. These drawbacks are however minor and the kit is a solid option.

  • The cymbals and drum pads have a realistic feel and response similar to an acoustic kit.
  • All the drum pads and cymbals are multi-zone.
  • The sound engine and drum module in this kit are great.
  • Has coach functions to help beginners
  • The bass drum is big enough to accommodate double pedals
  • The drum module is ergonomically positioned and the user interface is very easy to use
  • It is compatible with most music software.
  • You need to purchase Drum sticks, bass drum pedal, and drum throne separately.
  • There is no separate hi-hat stand, so you will need to use a free-floating hi-hat pedal.
  • Rim-shots aren’t as good as you might want them to be.
  • The drum doesn’t look particularly appealing.
  • The kit is quite expensive, but it is a long term investment that will be quite worth it.

Key Features and their Performance

Drum Module

The TD-11KV’s sound module is powered by Roland’s signature SuperNatural sound engine. This gives you better performance and playability while producing sounds that are natural and expressive. 

It’s packed with a huge library of sounds, so you’ll have no issue finding a kit that’s perfect for your genre. The module is ideal for beginners. It has a few songs loaded into it, perfect for anyone who wants play-along practice. 

It also has a coaching function that will help improve your drumming skills. It also has a quick record and plays option so that you can instantly listen to what you just played.


The snare drum and toms included in the are all mesh-headed pads. The front tom pads are Roland’s PDX-6 model while the snare and floor tom pads are PDX-8. 

All the drums have dual-zone triggering, thus allowing greater expression. You will also be able to alter the feel of each head by tightening and loosening the lugs, thus bringing the playing experience closer to that of an acoustic kit. 

The mesh-pads have also a bonus perk of being much quieter than rubbers pads. The kit comes with Roland’s KD-9 bass drum. The pad has a cloth-like feel and is freestanding. 

While the KD-9 is not the best, it is still a decent sounding bass drum. It can also be finetuned to your playing style and can be used with double pedals.

The ride, hi-hat, and crash cymbals that come with the kit are chokable. The crash cymbal is a Roland CY-12 model, it is dynamic and quite responsive while playing, it is also dual-zoned. 

td11kv setup

The ride cymbal is the CY-13R which is bigger than the crash and has a triple-zone trigger response. The hi-hat is a CY-5 model that comes with a freestanding pedal. The cymbal is dual-zone and can be adjusted to be comfortable for you.

The TD-11KV comes with an MDS-4V drum rack. This is a compact rack that is quite sturdy. The rack also allows you to position your drums in nearly any way you want.

Recording & Connectivity

The TD-11KV is a good option for home recording. It comes preloaded with 25 drum sets and a sound library with over 190 different sounds, so you’ll be able to get the kit you desire for the recording. 

If the inbuilt sounds do not suffice, you can connect the kit to your computer and the pads to any sound in your library. If you are recording with your band, the compact design of the drum will ensure that your bandmates can perform comfortably in a small recording room. 

Being an electronic drum kit, it will not be affected if you have a room with bad acoustics.

On the connectivity part, you can simply hook up the TD-11KV to your computer by using a MIDI cable, you could also use a USB cable if you want to transfer songs. It’s compatible with most music software so you will have no issue during editing.

Sound Performance & Playability

The multi-zone drums and cymbals mean enhanced playability for the user. They allow much higher expensiveness and nuance than a single-zone pad. You’ll be able to play rim clicks and other techniques without breaking a sweat. 


The chokable cymbals are also an added bonus. The ability to position the drums as you desire will ensure that your setup is comfortable for you. The TD-11KV thus has excellent playability.

The sound performance of the kit is pretty good thanks to its drum module and sound library. The library comes packed with 190 high-quality sound samples and plenty of inbuilt drum-kits. 

You will also be able to add your own sounds if you desire. Thus with these many high-quality sound samples and the high expressiveness of the kit, the sound performance will be as good as you want.

Who is this Kit for?

This kit is most suitable for beginners and advanced drummers. It has features for anyone who wants to learn, such as play-along practices and a coaching mode. The kit contains everything an electronic drum needs to have at an affordable price. 

The kit, however, does have an excellent sound engine and drum module, so it might be a suitable practice drum kit for advanced players.

Alternative to TD 11KV

The TD-17KV is a viable alternative to the TD-11KV. While it is more expensive than the TD-11KV, it is packed with many upgraded features when compared to the TD-11KV. The kit comes with bigger pads and cymbals than the TD-11, it also has the KD-10 kid pad. 

It also has a sound engine that was inherited from Roland’s flagship TD-50 drum kit. While the TD-11KV is a great option at its price point, the TD-17KV is a better drum kit and worth the few extra hundred dollars if you can afford it.

My Final Opinion

The TD-11KV is an excellent drum set from Roland. It has everything you will want from an electronic drum while still being affordable. The drums and cymbals produce quality sounds while the hardware ensures that they are positioned comfortably for you and are sturdy. 

The SuperNatural sound engine and TD-11 drum module ensure that the kit always sounds great. The kit also offers greeting coaching tools which will be helpful for anyone who’s just in the beginning stages of drumming. 

If you think this is you don’t want to spend that much money, you can check Our review of more cheap electronic drum sets.

On a final note, the TD-11KV is a compact, responsive, and an expressive drum set that feels natural has been designed ergonomically and has great tools for beginners.

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