For more than a decade, we have played as a band focusing on Ethiopian Music, incorporated with traditional scales and vocals alongside American soul and funk rhythms. Our rich experiences as a band have made each of us more driven in bringing the love for music to many people.

Throughout the years of our journey, we’ve earned respectable awards and grants from different foundations such as the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, Global Fest Touring fund, and New England Foundation for the Arts.

However, these grants are only half as satisfying compared to the sight of the thousands of passionate people we’ve met along the way, willing to share and learn music. From then on, we realized that we need to do more for this community, and that is why we decided to start this website.


Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire and to equip musicians and drummers like you with the right knowledge about the best and trending products you can get from the market.

Whether you are looking for the cheapest deals or instruments of the highest quality, we aim to give you transparent product reviews, so you’ll be able to weigh your options well and regret nothing in the end.

We believe that finding the right instrument must not be a frustrating process, but rather, a unique and a fulfilling step for your drumming and musical journey.

Whatever your visions are, we aim to lead you closer to your goal, one product at a time. 

drum kits

For music enthusiasts and aspiring drummers:

We know how difficult it is to pick the right gear. With tons of options available online, it is very easy to be misled by advertisements, marketing strategies, and promotions, especially if you are buying an instrument for the first time.

We believe that we can all achieve our musical goals given the right motivation and gear. Whether you are looking for electronic/acoustic drum sets, drum pads, drum machines, or amplifiers, we are here to provide you the best options you can consider to get you started.

Our goal is to keep you motivated in every step of your journey by providing you options that are perfect for your drumming and musical pursuits. Looking for the right instrument can be overwhelming, but we are here to make you enjoy this process as we share our experiences and reviews on these instruments.

For intermediate and seasoned musicians and drummers:

There’s always something new to learn, and we believe that’s what music is all about. The more we dedicate our time to music and drumming, the more we become more creative and realize that there’s more to know and to discover.

We are here not only to help aspiring musicians and drummers to get their first kit, but to keep intermediate and seasoned drummers passionate and driven to achieve their goals. Whether you are planning to replace your whole setup or go for upgrades, we got you covered. We are here to impart our knowledge and keep you updated with the latest products in the market recommended by professionals and seasoned drummers.

About Danny


I’m [Danny Mekonnen]

I’ve started playing the drums since 2010, but I’ve been in love with music for as long as I can remember. Drumming is something that is close to my heart, and throughout the years, I’ve come to realize that I need to share this joy not only to the people I know but to as many people as I can reach.

Now, through this website, we have decided to help passionate people by posting reviews on top-class products from the drumming industry so they can improve as a beginner or learn to play the drums as young as they are. We might be miles and nations apart, but I believe that our common love for music and the drums will bring us close together.

I am excited to hear more from you and help you throughout your drumming and music career!