Roland TD-30KV Review

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While the TD 30KV V-Drums V-Pro Series is not Roland’s flagship model, it is the closest you can get to it. It is one of the best drums available from Roland, second only to their TD-50 lineup. The TD 30KV is quite expensive and comes with a lot of fun bells and whistles. To find out, you need to keep reading this Roland TD 30KV review.

While the TD 30KV isn’t commonly available now, you can also check similar options like TD 25KV by Roland themselves. This review will help you understand whether the time and money spent on getting a TD 30KV will be worthwhile for you.

Roland TD 30KV Review at one Glance

Roland TD 30KV

The TD-30KV is a standard five-drum kit that comes along with four cymbal pads. The kit comes with mesh drum heads that deliver outstanding playability and feel. The drum module has all the customization options expected in a professional kit. You can fine-tune each drum kit to your liking. The module also features SuperNatural sound with behavior modeling that delivers a much better feel than other electronic drums. The TD-30KV is packed with flagship features while not priced as high as the flagship. This kit is nowhere near cheap; it still costs a hefty sum to buy. You will also need to get additional hardware to mount all your pads. But, the TD-30KV’s features make the high price of the kit worthwhile.

  • Pads have extra sensors, improving trigger response
  • Realistic playability
  • High-quality drum library
  • Incredible customization options
  • Expensive
  • Does not come with hardware

What’s in the Box?

While the list of contents in the box aren’t that different from a low-cost electronic drum, you will notice the massive difference once you set it up. The hardware is all rugged, sturdy, and looks good. The drum pads feel like real drum shells, and the giant sound module is nothing short of impressive. The craftsmanship of the kit is simply nothing close to what you find in a low-cost kit. Here is the exact list of things you get in the TD 30KV’s box.

  • Five trigger pads
  • Four cymbal pads
  • Mounting gear
  • TD-30 drum module
  • Audio cables

Features and their Performance

Drum Hardware

The TD 30KV’s drum pads feel like acoustic drums. They do not have rubber heads as the rubber heads tend to be noisy and don’t feel great. Instead, the drum heads are made of Roland’s signature mesh. This woven structure can absorb the sound of your striking significantly and provide a quiet experience without any loss of playability. The mesh tends to feel much closer to an acoustic drum than a rubber head.

Another advantage of the mesh drums pads is that the drum heads are softer than those in an acoustic kit. This softness produces a lower rebound, thereby allowing you to practice in a much more relaxed manner.

TD-30 Drum Sound Module with SuperNATURAL sounds

The Roland TD-30 module is one of the most customizable sound modules available in the market. It has options that allow you to alter the shell depth, beater type, sound muffling, and resonance for each drum. You will also be able to play with the overall frequency range of the entire set. The TD-30 sound module’s immense customization options ensure that you will be able to fine-tune your drum kit for each event.

Another fantastic feature of the drum sound module is SuperNATURAL sounds. In contrast, a standard electronic drum plays the same sound sample each time you hit the drum; this kit is very much unlike an acoustic drum whose sound differs slightly each time you strike. Using SuperNATURAL technology and behavior modeling, the TD-30 tries to replicate it. Because of that, the TD 30KV feels much more organic and closer to an acoustic kit.

Backups and Connectivity

The TD-30 drum module has a USB port that allows you to hook up a storage device to back up all your data. You can also use it to import sample and audio tracks. The module supports both MP3 and Wav formats. An additional USB port allows you to connect the module to the desktop and its DAW. It also has MIDI ports by which you can control VST instruments.

Who shouldn’t buy The Roland TD30KV and why?

While the immense customization options that come with TD 30KV are undoubtedly a great feature, it can easily overwhelm a beginner. Most beginners will either leave everything in their default state or get frustrated trying to set them up. Either way, they would just be wasting their money. While a beginner could technically spend hours on YouTube learning how to set the kit up to their liking, they should steer clear of this and buy something they can start playing on right away.

Roland TD-30KV Electronic Drum Kit Final Review

Roland TD 30KV is an example of excellent craftsmanship. The structure is sound, and the quality is flawless. The endless amount of customization provides you with nearly an infinite amount of different settings to try out. The mesh heads, along with SuperNatural sound, gives you fantastic playability that is probably the closest an electronic drum has come to the feel of an acoustic kit. The kit is quite flawless and will be quite a treat for those who can afford it.

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