Pearl Roadshow Review – A Fantastic first kit that grows with you

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We are going to share every bigger or tiny information about this kit in this detailed Pearl Roadshow Review.

The Roadshow is one of Pearl’s entry level kits. It’s a 5 piece drum set whose package includes everything that you will need to start playing right away. The thing that many drummers wonder about this kit is whether this low-cost kit will be suitable to start drumming. 

By properly tuning the Roadshow, you can make it sound as good as you need it to be. Now you might start wondering whether a beginner will be able to properly tune it and whether it’s even worth tuning. This brings about the biggest question, is this kit suitable for you?

In our roundup of the best cheap drum sets available in the market today, the Pearl Roadshow has ranked at the top among 8 other drum sets.

Pearl Roadshow Review

Pearl RS525SCC706 Roadshow 5-Piece Drum Set, Charcoal Metallic

The Pearl Roadshow 5-piece drum kit comes with 9-ply poplar shells. The poplar shells are quite robust and should last you a long time. While the sound isn’t as good as say a more expensive maple set, a beginner will hardly be able to tell the difference.

This makes it a great option for beginners and with a little tuning, it’ll sound better. The playability of this drum is also very high because of the tonal range of the shells and the multiple configurations available.

While the hardware and cymbals are not that great, no beginner kit offers good hardware and cymbals. The great part about the kit is that it also contains drum stool, pedal, drumsticks and even a stick bag.

So you will be able to jump into the kit and start playing without having to spend extra money nor time. The sound quality, features, and playability combined make the Pearl roadshow a great value for your money.

  • The drums are tunable and can be made to sound as good as a studio kit with proper tuning
  • It features Pearl’s 500-series hardware that is good enough for beginners.
  • The Roadshow can be upgraded quite easily. With proper upgrades, it will sound quite incredible
  • The poplar shell pack included is probably one of the best in a beginner kit
  • It can be made to be suitable for any skill level or music genre with a few upgrades and little care.
  • If you already have quality hardware, cymbals, or a drum pedal, the gear that’s included with the Roadshow would be nothing more than money wasted. You would be better off buying shell packs and saving money.
  • The kit tends to produce slight overtones. However, proper tuning can alleviate it.
  • The cymbals are simply not good enough for an advanced drummer. While it’ll be good enough for a beginner, you will want to upgrade them once you have a little experience.
  • The bass drum pedal isn’t that good

What’s in the box?

The Pearl Roadshow will arrive in an assortment of boxes and bags. Here is the exact list of components you’ll receive with the kit.

  • A 20”*16” bass drum
  • A 14”x5.5” snare drum
  • 14”x14” floor tom
  • A 10”x7” tom and a 12”x8” tom
  • A drum throne
  • A pair of drumsticks
  • A stick bag
  • 14” hybrid hi-hat
  • A 16” crash/ride
  • A Bass drum pedal
  • A Pearl 500 snare drum stand 
  • A Pearl 500 hi-hat stand
  • A set of Pearl 500 cymbal stands

Features and Performance

Pearl RS584CC706 Roadshow 4-Piece Drum Set

The Pearl Roadshow comes with 9-ply poplar shells that have been wrapped, this provides decent sound while giving it better visual appeal and durability. The best part about this kit is its shells and its snare drum. Their sounds synergize very well and thereby sound good.

You also get 500-series hardware which is pretty good for a beginner kit. You also get cymbals, while these don’t sound, no cymbals that come along with drum kits ever do.

On the performance front, the Pearl roadshow offers quality sound and durability that makes it ideal for practicing for a long duration. While the tonal range and visual appeal make it a viable candidate for small venue performances, the stock kit mostly won’t be enough.

However, with a few upgrades, the kit should be suitable for your first few onstage performances.

Drum Hardware

Roadshow 5-Piece Drum Set, Bronze Metallic

The Roadshow comes with Pearl’s 500 series hardware. You get a snare stand, a hi-hat stand, and a pair of cymbal stands. These will comfortably house the snare drum and cymbals without any hassle. 

If you are a beginner or a casual drummer, this hardware is good enough for you. But, if you are an experienced drummer, you might want to upgrade to something that’s more stable and could take a thrashing better. This will allow you to play fast notes for long periods of time without worrying about damage. The drum throne included is quite comfortable and a nice inclusion in the package.

Snare & Bass Drum

If you give the drums the care, tuning, and dampening they need, they will sound amazing for a long time.

The snare drum is particularly excellent and sounds snappy and crisp. While the 9-ply poplar shells are quite basic they can be made to sound great for any genre. The snare drum provides a dynamic range and sounds consistent, however, the drum needs proper maintenance or it’ll be plagued with overtone.

The pearl roadshow bass drum pedal is standard and does not include a bottom plate. While this does limit you from playing the bass drum very hard, it makes the bass drum suitable for more genres.


The cymbals included with Pearl roadshow are simply not that good. They aren’t very responsive and don’t really sound that great. Any advanced drummer will get frustrated with them. However, they are viable to be used by a beginner.

A beginner wouldn’t know the nuances and techniques yet and won’t complain about it too much. However, once you make progress in your drumming journey you want better-sounding cymbals. If you do decide to upgrade the Roadshow, the cymbals are the first thing that you must change.

How does it Sound?

Without proper tuning, the 9-ply poplar shell sounds inconsistent and might produce overtones, this is because poplar is quite light. But, once you properly tune it, the Roadshow can deliver an even tone and will sound bright and solid.

Tuning isn’t too hard and you will be able to improve your kit’s sound substantially without any monetary investment. Poplar shells also provide you with a much broader tonal range than other wood choices. This means the roadshow can be used for nearly all genres of music.

Who is this kit best for?

The Pearl Roadshow would be a perfect starting point for any beginner. It isn’t priced very high and comes with all the parts you need to start playing, so you don’t have to spend extra on buying those. 

The kit sounds good overall and the hardware should be comfortable and last very long in the hands of a beginner. The different configurations available ensures that you’ll be able to find a Roadshow that’s suitable for your genre. 

However, if you are an advanced drummer, this probably won’t be suitable for you as it lacks that nuanced sound and quality you might expect in a stage-grade drum set.

How do you set up a Pearl Roadshow drum kit?

Many people might be intimidated by the disassembled state in which the Roadshow arrives. The bags and boxes filled without numerous parts might make you wonder if you’ll ever be able to assemble it without acquiring professional help. 

The good news for you is that there are plenty of videos on YouTube or on Pearl’s website that walk you through the assembly process step by step. If you carefully follow these steps, you’ll be able to get a fully assembled kit without a recurring headache.

Different Versions of the Pearl Roadshow?

The Pearl Roach show is available in four different configurations available and we’ll discuss each one of them a little bit( New Fusion, Jazz, Fusion, and Rock)

What’s the difference between pearl rs525scc706 fusion and new fusion

The New Fusion Kit (RS525SC/C) configuration provides you with loud sounds suitable for rock and roll with its 16”x16” floor tom and 22”x16” bass drum. However, it also features a 10”x8” tom that will allow you to play the subtle tones required for modern pop.

The Pearl Roadshow Fusion Kit (RS505C/C) comes with a smaller 20”x16” bass drum. The toms are also reduced in size at 10”x7” and 12”x8” big. This will allow you to play softer rock and roll sounds that’s need for alternative rock.

Other two version

This Pearl Roadshow 4 piece jazz drum kit features the smallest snare, tom, and bass drums, so as to provide the crisp and high sounds required for jazz. As with all jazz drum sets, RS584C/C does not feature a second tom.

The “Rock (RS525WFC/C)” is the biggest and loudest configuration. You get two giant floor toms that are 14”x14” and 16”x16” big. This allows you to play the loud and heavy tones you need for hard rock or mental performance.

Pearl Roadshow vs Export

As stated before, while the Pearl Roadshow is a great option for any beginner, it lacks the sophistication that an advanced drummer will require.

The Pearl Export provides the nuance and sophistication that the Roadshow lacks. This makes it a great option for advanced drummers. It features mahogany shells that provide a dense and organic tone that’s memorable to play on and listen to. 

The toms also feature suspended opti locks, this allows their movements to be a bit more organic when they are played. It also features upgraded hardware that’s suitable for the demands of an advanced drummer. 

If you have some extra cash lying around, the Export will be a viable investment that will last you for a long time in your drumming journey.

This isn’t to say that the Pearl Roadshow is not good. The Roadshow is probably one of the best options for anyone who’s a beginner and wants a quality option at a budget.


To conclude in a single line, the Pearl roadshow is an incredible option for beginners who want a good kit without having to spend a whole lot of money.

While the hardware and cymbals aren’t great, they will be ok for beginners and should get you through the first few months of learning without an issue.

But, you will definitely need to upgrade in the future to more stable hardware and better sounding cymbals.


The best part of the Pearl Roadshow is its shells. Once you properly tune these poplar shells, they sound crisp and have a proper tone. This makes it an affordable and quality option for any beginner.

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