9 Most Expensive Drum Sets on the Market Today

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Drums have always been more expensive than most other instruments due to their larger size and higher material requirement. This list focuses on the most expensive drum sets available in the world.

While technically the most expensive drum set ever sold was Ringo Starr’s Ludwig drum set, for a whopping $2,100,000 in the auction. We will only be focusing on drums that are still in production, and you can buy them without visiting an auction house. 

These drums we have mentioned below are not only the most expensive drum set brands but they have impeccable tones, are visually stunning, and made from the highest quality of materials. What makes these drums so much more expensive than the usual cheap drums? You must understand that these are for professionals and collectors who want the best quality and perfect sound your standard drum kits can’t deliver.

Some of best selling drum sets before you learn about most expensive ones:

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9 Most Expensive Drum Sets of all time

1. DW Timeless Timber Romanian River Oak 6-Piece Shell Pack

Timeless Timber (Romanian River Oak) DW Drums

DW Timeless is a drum kit that will surely be a part of drum history and make a worthy heirloom for your children if you can acquire it. The shells are made from oak, dredged from the Olt River in Romania, which eventually feeds into the Black Sea. Not only is the scene iconic, but so is the age of the oak; the logs used to build the shell of these drums are 1500 years old. The log is very dense and extremely resonant as it is water salvaged lumber. The 11-ply shells made from these logs sound warm, dark, and probably one of the richest sounds you might have ever heard.

Each of these is the best professional drum set that is handcrafted and has custom plated antique bronze hardware, Lux Leather bass hoops, and a natural satin lacquer finish, making the design of the DW Timeless Timber Romanian River Oak nothing short of elegant. And with less than a hundred of these to be ever made, it is exclusive. Any professional who gets this will be able to appreciate its beautiful sound and design. It is one of the most unique drum kits in the world.

2. Sonor JF-SSE-11-NEWPORT Beech Matte Walnut Veneer 4-Piece Shell Pack

Sonor Newport Beech Drum Kit
Image- Chicago Music Exchange

Sonor JF-SSE-11-NEWPORT is a limited edition drum set handcrafted in Germany. With production limited to just 50 of these drum sets, this is quite an exclusive instrument. It has cross-laminated 9-ply beech shells. The non-glossy matte finish is also quite iconic.

This drum uses an array of different techniques to produce spectacular sound. The cross lamination ensures that the shells are stiff, have remarkable resonance, and an impeccable tone. It uses Optimal Shell Measurement to deliver better tone, longer sustain, and controlled decay. It uses a mounting system known as Total Acoustic Resonance to provide you vibration free mounting, therefore delivering better tone and an unlimited tuning range. 

3. The Roland TD-30KV V-Pro Series

TD-30KV | V-Drums - Roland

Roland is one of the biggest electronic drum brands globally, and their TD-30KV model is the most expensive electronic drum set. It features the best of everything that Roland has to offer, from fantastic sound quality, outstanding reliability, versatility, and playability. It has been used by prominent drummers like Michael Schack and Thomas Lang, who have praised it immensely.

The TD-30 drum module runs on RolanRoland’srNATURAL sound engine and has 100 different kits and over 1300 sounds packed into it. Each of these sound samples is of high quality, and the inbuilt editing and effects features of the TD-30 allow you to alter it immensely.

While electronic drums do not look as flashy or iconic as acoustic ones, the TD-30KV can still look visually pleasing. A stylish kick pad that looks and feels premium and MDS-25 chrome-finished drum rack deliver a great look and incredible stability. There is even a transparent cabling system that complements the overall design aesthetics. You can also change the V-Pads and V-Kick’s shell color with the exchangeable black-chrome color shell wrap.

While the TD-30KV V-Pro is no longer RolanRoland’sship drum set, it can still deliver the features and quality that professionals desire. The in-depth editing features, natural pad response, sound quality, and years of proven reliability have made it perfect for anyone looking to buy an expensive electronic drum kit that has been tried and tested.

4. Premier Series Elite H289962QAPF 6-Piece

Premier Series Elite H289962QAPF 6-Piece Drum Set,Apple Sparkle Fade

Premier Series Elite is a gorgeous drum set that forms part of Premier’s flagship lineup. This series is marketed as the culmination of modern technology, historical fabrication, and the highest quality materials. Drummers such as Jay Sharrock and Chris “Woody” Wood use this flagship drumline.

These shells are known as Gen-X due to their unique construction. Seven ply shells are on the outside with 2-ply birch and 5-ply maple on the inner section; this allows them to deliver the best parts of both the timbre. This kit features a flush-fit ISO mounting system to improve overall tone and sustain. The diamond chrome lugs also have Nyloc lug inserts to prevent detuning. The Remo drumheads further complement the sonic features of this kit.

This model has an illustrious Apple Sparkle Fade that merely is mesmerizing. The shiny sparkle combined with beautiful diamond lugs and the premier logo on the bass drum makes sure that this kit’s look is as memorable as its sound. 

5. The Tama Star Walnut 5-Piece Shell Pack

STAR Walnut Drum Kits | STAR | DRUM KITS

The Star is the Flagship drum series of TAMA. This specific drum set is made from walnut, known for its warm and controlled sustain. The walnut shell’s already exquisite look has a Japanese Sen wood veneer, further improved with a Satin Charcoal finish. The craftsmanship is not limited to the shells. With zinc die-cast hoops, SRMS mounts, floating floor tom legs, and bass drum spurs, the Tama Star Walnut looks, feels, and sounds fantastic.

The walnut shells have their signature fantastic low end sound and have a clear and crisp tone. These shells are combined with Remo Ambassador heads for the tom and snare, which deliver great tone and resonance while maintaining a classic flair. The bass drum comes with a Powerstroke head for a contoured sound and features the TAMA logo in all its glory.

The fantastic sound and striking design have made it a pretty popular choice among prominent drummers. Eddy Thrower and Robert Searight II are known to use this drum set extensively.

6. The DW Collector’s Satin Specialty 5-Piece Shell Pack

DW Collector's Series Pure Maple Exotic 22" 5 Piece Shell Kit

The ColleCollector’ses is DW’s DW’sship line and features exclusive drums that are custom made in the US. This kit features North American maple shells that pack a low-end punch, incredible attack, and warmth.

The toms feature Vertical Low Tibre, a particular way of arranging the shells’ grain patterns to lower tension and better resonance. This feature is further complemented by the X shell construction, which gives toms that have a low pitch and a mighty tone. These shells are the lowest grain orientation you can get from DW. The drum kit has the DW’s DW’snted Suspension Tom Mount system that allows the toms to vibrate separately, therefore improving resonance without compromising stability.

The Satin Speciality looks extravagant and is available in various finishes, including tobacco burst and Natural to Ox Blood Red Fade. Overall, these drums have the visual flair and sonic perfection that professionals require, and therefore it is no surprise the DW ColleCollector’ses has a slew of different artists backing it. The list includes but is not limited to Ginger Baker, Sean Kinney, Stephen Morris, and Philip Selway.

7. The Premier Series Elite Maple Concert Master Ace 24

Premier Series Elite Maple Concert Master Ace

Elite Maple Concert Master Ace 24 is also part of Premier’s flagship line up. This specific kit features internally lacquered North American maple shells that can deliver the articulation and projection that professional drummers require. It features a flush ISO mounting system that improves sustain, tonality, and separation of notes. The toms also have low or file die cast hoops that further improve the tone and give the kit a richer look. The diamond chrome lugs also help further enhance this look. As far as finish is considered, multiple options range from beautiful wood grain lacquer to shiny sparkles.

8. Mapex Velvetone 5Pc

Mapex BPNV628XCUB 5-Piece Black Panther Velvetone Drum Set

The Mapex Velvetone is part of the Black Panther series of Mapex, a trendy snare drum brand that has recently gotten entire kits. The Velvetone features hybrid shells made from maple and walnut, and the shells are slightly thicker than your typical drum. 

The composition and thickness allow these drums to deliver incredible projection, and they feel compelling. The tone is also no slouch; with Remo Suede Ambassador heads, these have perfect tone and incredible warmth.

The shells are also extraordinary. The maple forms the shell’s exterior, and it has a Butter Burst Gloss Lacquer finish that looks amazing and complements the snare drum’s finish. This finish displays the maple’s mesmerizing swirling grain patterns, which have been beautiful in the dark to natural to dark pattern. This stylish design gives the drum a feel of luxury and extravagance.

9. Ludwig Legacy Classic Liverpool 4

LUDWIG Legacy Classic Black Oyster - Shellset

Ludwig’s drum set is filled with a rich history as countless drummers have used it throughout the years. This drum is an American classic, and Ludwig has recaptured its essence with this. Featuring the “Oyst” r Black” pea” l finish of the original drum kit, curved spurs, and classic lugs, this design is a memoir of its history. Famous drummers like Daniel Wagner and Bryan Hitt uses these drums.

The Legacy Classic Liverpool 4 drum shells are made from handpicked North American hardwoods, featuring a maple core and maple’s inner and outer plies. These have been cross-laminated to deliver a clear sound that can pack a punch. The already attractive maple exterior is further improved upon by lacquer finishes, which also help improve durability. These shells are handcrafted in LudwiLudwig’sh Carolina manufacturing facility, helping further celebrate this American classic’s return.

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