9 Best Double Bass Pedals of 2021 – Reviews

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The best double bass pedal 2021 (or the double kick pedal) are the ones that meet your needs, fit your budget, enhances your performance, and make playing easier. It should also be durable enough to withstand heavy use. Double bass pedals come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors so it’s important to find one that you like before making a purchase. They enhance the playability of bass drums.

In this article, we will talk about 9 different models of double bass pedals with their features as well as their pros and cons! We have also put together a buying guide with some frequently asked questions about double bass pedals so that you can make an informed decision when making your purchase.

Double bass pedals are a key piece of equipment for any double bass player. They allow the player to more easily control the tuning and volume of their instrument, which is important in many genres of music. ( They also make playing your kick drum way more fun).

Best Double Bass Pedals for the Money

All of the pedals on this list are great, but it is up to you to decide which one is best for you.

1 . DW 9000 Double Pedal Extended Footboard – Best overall

  • Extremely versatile
  • Heavy duty build
  • Floating rotor and frame mounted tension springs
  • Expensive

DW is one of the biggest brands out there and they are known for making products of high quality. Their 9000 series hardware is especially popular among professionals and amateurs for its build, durability, usability, and features. DW has used many patented technologies in this double bass pedal, making it much more advanced than other double bass pedals.

This double-chained model features a floating rotor that allows it to smoothly spin around the driveshaft. You can even swap chain drive out for a nylon strap. It also features tension springs inside the frame, which allows it to align better.

This is also one of the most adjustable double bass pedals in the market. You can change the cams, you have a hex bolt, and you even have a slide bar. Therefore you will be able to set it up just the way you like. There is also a Tri-Pivot Clamp System and the EZ adjust cam, which allows you to quickly switch between accelerator and turbo sprockets.

The DW 9000 double pedal is without question one of the most amazing options out there. It is ruggedly built, has incredible features, and is extremely versatile. It is also the fastest double bass pedal out there thanks to its ultra-smooth mechanism. You cannot go wrong with it.

2. Pearl P3002D Eliminator Demon Drive – Best for the money

  • Smooth NiNja bearings
  • DuoDeck footboard
  • High adjustability
  • Footboard isn’t too long
  • Can creak if you do not have your foot solidly planted

This direct drive pedal from Pearl gives you the best bang for your buck. It is incredibly adjustable and the direct drive mechanism is among the best there is. You can adjust the direct link and beater mechanism and even change the weight! Even the tension length and angle can be fine tuned. This gives you great control over how your pedal feels and responds.

This pedal is quite light even though it features solid steel spines. The mechanism is smooth and silent thanks to its Japanese NiNja bearings (used in satellite telescopes and skateboards). The footboard features a DuoDeck that allows you to easily change the length of it. However, if you like very long footboards this footboard isn’t suitable for it.

Now coming to the all important beaters. They have a shock absorbing control cores and Pearl’s patented ‘Click-Locks’. ‘Click-Locks’ make sure that your tension level does not change unless you want it to.

3. Drum Workshop Inc. DWCP3002 – Best under $500

  • Good adjustability
  • Dual-driven
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Heavy

DW doesn’t just make excellent premium hardware, they make great hardware at all prices. The DWCP3002 is simply the best double bass pedal you can get for under $500. While it doesn’t have all the features of the 9000 series, it still has the exemplary performance of the premium option.

You can greatly adjust the beater angle and pedal distance, giving you greater control over positioning and setup.  The mechanism is very smooth and has virtually no lag. The dual chain turbo drive and spring rocker bearings give it great responsiveness. 

The whole body is built from metal, so this makes it very firm and durable. However, it does make traveling with it quite hard. The beaters are dual-sided, giving you better control. 

Overall, this is great for people who have a great budget but aren’t able to afford the most expensive options. It has a smooth mechanism that feels premium and great adjustability. If you need speed and power, this pedal provides it. You get most of the features of a premium pedal without the price tag.

4. Mapex Armory Series P800TW – Best under $300

  • Great grip
  • Fair amount of adjustability
  • Cheap
  • Good responsiveness
  • Assembly is a bit time consuming

The Mapex Armory P800TW is a dual chain drive double bass pedal that has an excellent grip. The solid steel base combined with the retractable floor spikes and extended footboard makes sure that it does not budge an inch. 

The pedal is fluidic and silent due to its ball-bearings and spring mechanism. While the adjustability isn’t as great as more premium models, it is still good. You can change the beater’s height and weight along with the footboard starting position. The only issue with this is that setting it up can be a bit of a hassle. 

5. DW 2000 Series Double Bass Pedal

  • Velcro and retractable spikes make it stable
  • Good mechanism for its tier
  • No lag
  • Not good enough for advanced players

This is DW’s truly budget option. It has good quality and craftsmanship. The adjustability is good but not as extensive as in the more premium options. 

It has DW’s patented single post casting design which makes it much easier to move between your pedal and hi-hat. It uses a chain drive set along with a great spring rocker bearing and linkage bar. While this mechanism isn’t as sophisticated and smooth as the more expensive models, it is great for its price.

It has a steel baseplate with Velcro and retractable spikes that ensures it doesn’t slip, no matter the type of surface it’s placed on.  You also get dual adjustable toe clamps. It has flyweight beaters but the weight is not adjustable. The quality and features you get with the DW 2000 are simply a bargain at its cost.

6. PDP By DW 400 – Best under $100

  • Great bang for buck
  • Good quality
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Extremely cheap
  • Lacks premium features

For a drummer on a budget, this is the best double bass drum pedal. It lacks extensive adjustability and doesn’t have a bucket load of features, but its low price makes up for all that. The build quality is good and it is quite durable.

You will not get premium features, incredible stability, or butter like mechanism with this pedal. However, you should not be expecting that at this price point. This is the ideal option for a beginner or amateur who just wants to experiment with a double bass pedal.

However, even though it is very cheap it has a lot going for it. For starters, the lag is much lower than its similarly priced competitors. You also get spring tension adjustment and dual-side beaters. 

7. Mapex P500TW Single Chain Independent Universal 500 – Best Under $200

  • Great value for money
  • Well built
  • Easy to set up
  • Great for beginners
  • Little slow, not suited for fast genres
  • Tends to slide around a bit

The P500TW from Mapex is a single chain drive double bass drum pedal that comes with adjustable spurs and reversible beaters. 

The body is made fully of metal, making it both extremely sturdy and extremely durable. It also comes with a considerable amount of adjustability, making it suitable for gigs. The single chain drive mechanism gives it a smooth action but the responsiveness is not too great. This can make this pedal a little too slow for faster drumming. 

It is one of the easiest double bass pedals to setups, making it extremely beginner friendly. While the adjustable spurs are a great feature, it does tend to move around while playing. 

If you are a beginner with a limited budget who wants good build quality and features, this would be perfect. 

8. Pearl Demonator (P932) – Best in Budget for Beginners

  • Lightweight
  • Great built quality
  • Affordable pricing
  • The hoop clamp is not very reliable and can come loose

The Pearl Demonator P932 is one of the best selling and most awarded pedals out there. The DemonDrive pedal is well praised by the drumming community for its superb quality. It is especially great for heel-toe drummers due to its longboard design. It also has control core beaters, which are known to be great.

The pedal has a lot of adjustability options and it is very easy to adjust it to. Everything from the position to the tension can be effortlessly adjusted. Like other Pearl pedals, this one also features the ‘Click-Locks’ which ensure that the pedal doesn’t ever come loose unintentionally. It also features a removable eliminator cam that enables you to switch between heavy and light responsiveness.

All this together makes this the best double pedal for beginners. 

9. Tama Speed Cobra HP310LW Double Pedal – Best for Electronic Drums

  • Sturdy baseplate and longboard footboard
  • Budget option
  • Smooth mechanism
  • Spring holder is not great
  • Driveshaft linkage bar is poor

The Tama Speed Cobra HP310LW is another great budget option. It is based on Tama’s flagship models and gives a nearly similar performance at a much lower cost. 

The machined components are smooth and sturdy, acting as a testament to this pedal’s great build quality. It is extremely responsive, making it ideal for fast drumming. It is extremely stable due to its heavy baseplate and long footboard. The double chain drive mechanism ensures that playing your bass is as smooth as possible.

This is the best double bass pedal for electronic drums as it is extremely responsive, lightweight, and has great adjustability. You will surely enjoy the Speed Cobra. 

Things to look for before Buying a Double Bass Pedal

If you’re a drummer looking to buy your first double bass pedal, there are a few things you should know before making that purchase.

What Is Your Budget for the Double Bass Pedal?

The best double bass pedal for the money is going to cost you anything between about $200 and $750, depending on how many features it has. While there are many that will go over your budget of under $500, these pedals can only be used by professional drummers. So if you want to use one for a live performance on stage, then it’s best not to get too cheap as without those features you won’t make any decent sound quality out of them at all.

Also Consider Brands When Making a Purchase

Some brands offer a variety of double bass pedals, while others specialize in just one type. It’s important to read the fine print when it comes to what you’re buying because some brands will only work well with certain types of bows or strings, so make sure the pedal is compatible before purchasing.

There are an array of expensive and inexpensive options available at many different price points. Generally speaking, higher quality products come with a heftier sticker price tag. However, if cost is your primary concern then don’t be afraid to buy a used double bass pedal as prices can fluctuate significantly depending on the individual seller and their desire for profit margin versus selling time frame; not everyone needs that new smell!

If money isn’t an issue then consider brands like Pearl, which typically offers quality bass pedals for a relatively affordable price.

Know about the Different Types of Double Bass Pedals:

Chain Drive Pedal:

Chain drive pedals are the most popular double bass pedal configuration. The pedals are typically operated by a single foot lever that moves two gears, which rotate in opposite directions and make contact with one of ten pins on top of each other. This type can be more expensive than direct drive because it requires an additional part to connect the leather strap to the gearbox (the “chain”). It also has slightly less tension but weighs about three pounds more than direct drive pedals.

Maintaining this kind of pedal isn’t difficult if you keep up with bearings and lubrication on time – grease should be applied every year or so for best results when using these kinds, as well as checking wheel alignment regularly for best performance.

Chain-drive pedals are also more durable because they don’t require as much maintenance, and it is easier to keep the tension of a chain drive pedal than that of direct-drive pedals without an adjustment screw.”

“A common question people ask in regards to double bass pedals is whether or not they should get one with a “toe rest”. A toe rest does provide comfort for those who play frequently and have their foot in the same position all day – but if you’re just starting out then it’s unnecessary. It’s better for your feet when using these kinds of pedals to be able to move periodically so that there isn’t too much strain put on any particular part of the foot or leg.”

Direct Drive Pedal:

The Direct Drive Double Pedal is most common only because it requires fewer parts to manufacture. For this reason, cheaper and more affordable pedals are often direct drive models. It is also easier for beginners to learn how to use a pedal that has a shorter set-up time than a chain-drive model’s longer setup time. The downside of the Direct Drive Double Pedal is that they can’t be as responsive or sensitive due to their design being heavier and bulkier with less torque power at the footboard area on the body of the instrument which creates an inconsistency in feel when playing between different notes.

Do You Want a Single Chain or Double Chain Pedal?

Single chain pedals are lighter and more compact, but double chains offer a smoother pedal action.

For beginners or drummers with limited space, the single chain might be best because they require less room for one’s foot to press down while also staying in place without moving around as much during playing.

Double chains may be required if you’re looking to incorporate other drums into your set up such as hi-hats or cymbals since they allow both feet of the drummer to play at once.

Whether to Look for an Extended Footboard (Longboard) Double Bass Pedal or a Standard Footboard?

Extended footboards provide a greater contact area with the ground and are less likely to get clogged with debris. Some people like these pedals because they can stand or kneel on them while playing, which is useful for musicians who spend long periods of time performing standing up. Standard footboard models are easier to transport around though (e.g., from venue A to venue B) since you just have one pedal vs having two separate ones that need transportation separately.

Look at the footboard to see if it is made from metal or plastic – metal offers a better grip

The best double bass pedals in terms of durability and grip are metal. Plastic is less expensive but it often does not offer the same level of comfort as a pedal with a footboard made from metal. It may also feel sticky on your feet or slip more easily during use, which can be frustrating for beginner players. If you’re still deciding between two models that seem equally attractive to you based on other features – such as price or weight – consider this one factor before making up your mind so that you don’t regret it later when the new pedal starts wearing out quickly.

Know About the Type of Beater Used in the Double Bass Pedal?

There are two types of beater used in the double bass pedal. One is a felt and rubber combination that provides flexibility while still giving you great attack, providing an easy-to-use surface for new players. The other type has a plastic head with metal rods on each side of it that makes contact when it hits the drumhead; this produces more rebound as well as better volume than its felt counterpart does because there’s less absorption between surfaces.

The best kind of beaters will depend largely on what sound or quality you’re looking for, but both work well under different circumstances and they can provide hours of enjoyable playtime if you purchase one!

For Speed Metal Player

If you’re a speed metal player, you’ll want to make sure your double bass pedal comes with stock steel, aluminum, hard plastic, or wood beaters. Steel beaters are the most common, but aluminum and wood serve as alternatives.

Aluminum is a great choice if you’re worried about rusting or your instrument getting damaged by moisture; they also work really well on hardwood floors, unlike steel. Wood beaters are best for soft surfaces such as carpeted floors since it can cause noise pollution with some types of instruments (i.e., drums) in close proximity to the pedals.

For Traditional Forms of Rock, Blues, and Country

Felt beaters are a great choice for players who want that classic sound without the added weight of rubber. They have an excellent feel on your hands and offer a good rebound (they bounce back up after you strike them). If you’re playing more traditional forms of rock, blues, or country music, felt is definitely the way to go. You’ll also get a nice natural wood tone with these pedals when they’re used in this type of setting: just make sure you don’t use too much pressure if you do!

It’s easy to adjust the tension with this style pedal because there is no locking mechanism like there sometimes can be with other types of double bass drum pedals. The only negative about felt beaters is their lack of durability, and if you’re a heavy hitter you might want to consider another type of pedal.

The best double bass pedals for all types of styles are the ones that fit your personal preference best. Take some time experimenting with different models before making any decisions: it’ll be worth the effort in the end!

For Jazz, Ragtime, and Orchestral Styles:

If you are in jazz music, beaters made from lambswool and synthetic wool are going to be your best options.

Lambswool is a natural material that provides the best sound quality and tone.

Synthetic wool beaters are often preferred because they provide excellent protection from dampness, which can damage your instrument’s tuning pins if it sits for too long in wet conditions.

Do You Need a Double Bass Pedal or Just One That Will Work With a Single Bass?

You will need a double bass pedal if you want to play with both feet.

There are many types of pedals, and they can be used in various ways, like for instance: as expression pedals; or by using the heel on one foot while striking the strings with your toes.

The best option is going to depend on what type of music you’re playing and where it’s located (for example, whether it’s from a sitting position).

Decide Whether or Not You Want an Adjustable Height (Some Double Bass Pedals Are Taller Than Others)

The height of the pedal affects how high up you need to reach, and if your arms are long enough.

A low double bass pedal is best for people with shorter torsos who have a lot of upper body strength because it helps them play while sitting down – they can angle their instrument downward so that there’s less distance between their chest and hands when playing.

An adjustable height will be more ideal for those who don’t know which type of height might work best for them or want to try different things out before committing to one.

If the pedals aren’t fitted correctly on either side then this may lead to injuries in your feet, knees, legs, and back from years of playing.”

Check the Pedal’s Weight

The best double bass pedals for beginners are ones that come with a cable, so you can plug them into an amplifier. You should also check the pedal’s weight. Lighter pedals are easier for beginners, but heavier pedals offer more stability. Consider your playing style while choosing a pedal to ensure it suits your needs. For instance, if you plan on using many effects and volume swells, go with one that has a wide range of expression features or one that may have built-in tuners in order to make sure it helps give you the sound that fits what you’re doing musically at any given moment because this will help keep up momentum when performing live shows! If you want something lightweight (such as for gigging) consider looking for more compact pedals that are made for travel.

Make Sure There Is a Solid Base for Your Foot

Look for a double bass pedal that has a sturdy base and rubberized foot for comfort and the pedal isn’t too close to the ground.

It’s important to have enough space between your feet and the ground because that will impact your reach when playing or practicing. If the pedals are too close to the floor then they won’t do much good with protecting your knees or lower back either. This can lead to pain in those areas over time, so make sure you compare how high each one of them goes before picking which pair is right for you.”

The Pedal Can Be Adjusted for Both Right and Left Feet

If you’re left handed, make sure the pedal can be adjusted for both your right and left feet. Pedals are generally designed to accommodate a person who is right handed. If you need to play with your foot on two pedals at once but they don’t have that option, then try using one of these amazing double bass drum pedals instead.

How Double Pedals Comapred to Single Pedals?

Double pedals are usually more expensive than single pedals because they have two sections, which can be adjusted separately if desired. The double pedal is often preferred by jazz and rock drummers as this style of playing require the player to use both feet while simultaneously alternating between them on different drums.

Some advantages of a double bass pedal over a single one includes

  • increased accuracy when performing fast-paced passages;
  • greater stability due to being able to balance weight across both feet; and
  • making it easier for players with disabilities or injuries in one foot (such as those who suffer from arthritis) to play an instrument that is primarily played using just their other leg.

A disadvantage that some people feel about the addition of another section includes expense – double pedals cost more than single pedals.

Read Reviews of Other People

There are many different brands that offer quality double bass pedals at various price points so make sure to do your research beforehand! If you purchase one without reading reviews first, chances are high that you won’t be satisfied because there will likely be features missing from this type of pedal that could have been included but were not. And with the vast selection of pedals out there, it can be hard to know which one is best for you and what features are most important to have on your pedal so here’s a list of the top ten double bass pedals that buyers had good things to say about in their reviews!

Find Out if There’s Any Warranty Offered

This is the first question everyone new to this type of pedal asks. There are no manufacturers that offer warranties on these pedals, so you need to take care when selecting the one that will best suit your needs and be able to handle a variety of different playing styles. Most brands have all-metal construction with rubber feet; some models come in single or double chain designs. It’s important for beginners not to jump into buying their very first pedal without researching because there are plenty out there which can make it difficult if you don’t know what features you’re looking for in a double bass pedal.


The double bass pedal is one of the most enjoyable hardware out there. It saves you space and money as you no longer need to have a second bass drum.

If you want the best double bass pedal there is, you should get the DW 9000. It has the most amazing build quality, has all the features you are ever going to need, and has an amazing mechanism. Sound for sound, nothing is going to beat this.

For people on a limited budget trying to buy their first or second double bass pedal, the PDP By DW 400 and Pearl Demonator are excellent options. They have good build quality, smooth mechanism, and are affordable. 

Hopefully, we have given you a better idea of what the various pedals are in the market and what is best for you. So what are you waiting for? Get your double kick pedals and start pounding!

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