51+ Best Unique Gifts Ideas for Drummers

Last Updated on December 28, 2021 by Danny

If you are wondering what to get as a birthday gift for a drummer, we have got the best drummer gift ideas to solve this problem. We can even help you with Christmas presents for your drum crazy nephew. This list has gifts for every budget, from inexpensive novelty items to tremendous gifts for drummers. If you have a drummer in your life whom you want to surprise, this is the right place for you. 

We have further categorized this price so that you can quickly find something that fits your budget. Each item here has been given a lot of thought and will be great for any drummer. They are all quality products that are either interesting, useful, fun or all three. We have understood what drummers need and have devised this list specifically to cater to them. 

Be it Christmas, Valentine’s Day, New Year, Birthday, or an anniversary, these will be excellent gifts for drummers for all occasions. Even if you think you know a drummer who has everything, we are sure you will find something in this list that they don’t have. If you are a drummer yourself, this list will give you some excellent ways of treating yourself. Some browse through and have fun bringing a smile to a drummer with these great gifts for drummers.

Best Gifts For Drummers under $500

These are the gifts that will instantly bring a smile to a drummer and will show them how much they mean to you. Everything below is some of the best gifts for a drummer in your life. These will be great gifts, even for a drummer who has everything. 

GoPro Hero8

While a camera might seem odd in this list, there are plenty of drummers who could use an excellent camera. Youtube is filled with thousands of videos of drum covers, and hundreds more arrive each day. The world is now online, and if you want to promote yourself as a drummer to the world, quality videos are one of the best ways. Social media is merely essential if you want to succeed as a drummer.

If the drummer you know makes drum covers or likes recording themselves, GoPro Hero will be an excellent gift idea for them. The GoPro is compact, extremely portable, and can record amazing videos. Their audio is also no slouch; the inbuilt microphone can deliver usable sound quality.

There are multiple generations and variants of GoPro Hero. We would suggest that you go with the Black versions as it is the only one that supports an external microphone. It also has the best video quality and features. The cheaper ones are not bad per se, and they’ll still make a great option. Do not forget to get a micro SD card as the GoPro needs it to store footage.

Probably the best part of GoPro is that it is not limited to drumming and can be used in zillion ways to record amazing videos of everything from base jumping to cooking.

Drum Hardware Upgrade Pack

While upgrading the drum hardware might not seem to be that critical to a layperson, a drummer will understand how beneficial that is. Professional-grade hardware allows you to extract the utmost of your drums. Not only do these hold the instruments tightly and prevent unnecessary vibrations, but they also allow you to position the drums in more comfortable positions.

Pearl and Gibraltar make some of the best hardware in the market, and you cannot go wrong with them. If your drummer is into rock or metal, you can get them a double bass drum pedal. A complete hardware pack can be a little expensive, but it will be worth the price. Your drummer will no longer have to worry about his drums coming loose after an intense session or about his kit not looking that flashy. This will be a good gift for any drummer.

LED drum lighting System

The only thing grander than an expensive drum kit is an expensive drum kit decked up with lights. The lights even work with non-expensive drum kits. These lights make your drums all the more striking.

These are just lights attached to a small band that fits on the rims of the drum. They are quite subtle when turned off, but they make a pretty cool statement when you turn on the light.

Drumlite offers an excellent LED Drum Lighting System. It plugs directly into a single controller via xlr cables. The controller can then be plugged into a wall outlet. This limits the usage of cables and therefore reduces the mayhem of having a million cables.

Drumlite’s system comes pre-programmed with eight different colors: blue, white, red, orange, yellow, green, purple, and cyan. These lights can also be made to flash, fade-in, fade-out, or even transition between colors. The system can be easily controlled with a wireless remote.

It is effortless to set up, and no tools are required. These lights will only work with clear or white drum heads as the dark drum heads do not allow much light to pass through. Drumlite LED is available in different packages, so make sure to get the details of the various drum sizes of the drummer in your life before you place an order.

Drum Microphone Kit

A drum microphone kit for recording can be great for amplifying drum sound during live performances or for studio recordings. Instead of using a single microphone to record the whole drum, a microphone kit uses separate mics for each component and delivers a much better quality of sound. Shure makes an excellent drum microphone kit called the PGADrumKit7 that would be perfect for beginner drummers and intermediate drummers. 

Best Gifts For Drummers under $200

These gifts under $200 include some of the best tools for a drummer. They have been selected after a lot of thought and will surely be handy gifts for drummers.

Drum Throne

Drum thrones are quite critical for both the comfort and health of a drummer. A drummer would spend a lot of time on their drum stool, and having a good cushion is essential for their posterior. While a drum throne isn’t the most flashy or musically important part of a drum set, it requires a lot of consideration.

To be a good drummer, you need great posture and a healthy back and legs. If you do not have these, you will not be able to improve yourself. Drummers need a great throne but usually do not spend a lot of money on it.

An excellent drum throne provides a nicely cushioned seat that allows the drummer to sit comfortably for hours without any issues. A drum throne must also be adjustable so that you can set it correctly to your comfort levels. Even a little discomfort can drastically affect your playing. There are many great drum thrones in the market, but if you want the best. We would recommend the Roc-N-Soc throne. It is prevalent and has excellent features.

Alesis SamplePad 4

This is a fantastic drum pad from Alesis that would be ideal for drummers who love to experiment. It has four dual-trigger drum pads that can play preloaded drum kits or even your own samples. This instrument is excellent by itself, but when you add it to an acoustic drum kit, it immensely increases the drum set range. 

The dual-trigger input allows you to connect two extra pads. You can also quickly load up your samples with just a USB drive. There are also onboard settings that allow you to tune and add reverb effects. There are two separate volume controls, and it even has a headphone output. If you want to splurge a bit more money, you can get the SamplePad Pro, which has eight pads. This will be a great entry point for the drummer in your life to electronic drumming. 

Zildjian 24″ Rolling Cymbal Vault

The Zildjian Rolling Cymbal Vault is the ultimate when it comes to cymbal protection. A set of quality cymbals is quite expensive, so spending a little money to protect them is advisable. While a soft bag is sufficient for the occasionally gigging drummer, a drummer who performs frequently and goes on tours will find a hard cymbal case to be better suited. 

The hard case offers better protection and will ensure that the cymbals do not get damaged during transit. Zildjian’s rolling cymbal vault can hold cymbals up to 24″ big. It also has wheels and a carry handle that makes it much easier to transport. In addition to the sturdy outer case, it has foam cymbal dividers inside to ensure that your cymbals don’t even get the smallest of scratches.

A different instrument

If you hate the sound of a drum set, you can tempt your drummer to take up some other instrument with this gift. Jokes aside, any musician will enjoy the opportunity to try out something new. Rock drummers usually love electric guitars and bass guitars, and getting them those will be a great way to branch out their skills. You could even buy them a keyboard or even a flute! While it might seem odd to give a drummer a guitar, it could inspire them.

Best Gifts For Drummers under $150

In the $150 budget, you can get some of the essentials that many drummers lack. These are cool devices that will significantly improve their drumming experience. We have also listed a few instruments that will diversify their talents. If you are in a hurry, we suggest that you check out the in-ear monitoring earphones Shure SE315.

Tama Rhythm Watch RW200

Every drummer will need a good metronome, and it doesn’t matter if he’s an amateur or a professional. If the person you want to gift doesn’t already own a good metronome, the Tama Rhythm Watch will be a perfect gift for them.

It is one of the most reviewed and 7 most popular metronome for drummers in the market. It even got updated recently. It has a headphone jack, which allows you to hear the metronome over loud drums. It also has programmable memory and multiple knobs and wheels to control it. You can even easily mount it onto your hardware. These make it one of the most useful gifts for drummers. 

Drum Cases

A drum case is a perfect way to store and carry drums. They will protect the shells from being scratched, dented, or chipped. It also prevents exposure to dust and light during storage. This makes these a perfect gift for someone who uses multiple kits as they will need to protect their kit when they aren’t using them.

Just try to get the number and sizes of their drums before you buy the case. We would recommend Gator Standard Soft drum cases as they are known to make quality cases and price them reasonably.

Shure SE215 Isolating Earphones

Ear protection is very critical for drummers. Being regularly exposed to the loud sound of drums can lead to hearing loss over the long run. Therefore using hearing protection is very important. Drummers will also need earphones if they want to practice while listening to music.

Shure SE215 is perfect for both these purposes as it is a pair of high-end earphones that produces excellent sound and can also act as cut out harmful frequencies from the drum.

These headphones are fabulous as they are meant to be used as in-ear monitors. They will be perfect for someone who uses metronomes or is part of a loud band. These are better than foam earplugs as you will be able to hear audio at the same time. 

What makes the Shure specifically great is that it is very durable. Many drummers prefer it over the more fancy options in the market. It even comes with a replaceable cable, so you don’t have to buy a brand new earphone if the cable breaks. The SE215 is available in multiple colors, and there is even a wireless version. If you want to buy gifts for drummers that will provide hearing protection, this is the best idea. 

However, even if you do not like this pair of earphones, hearing protection would be a great gift. If you want to give them both audio capabilities and protection, in-ear monitoring earphones would be the best option as these ear monitors provide fantastic sound quality along with noise cancellation and mobility.

However, do not buy the cheap earphones that are sold as in-ear monitoring earphones as those are just gimmicks and will not work correctly.

Drum Hardware Bag

Lugging around hardware is pure agony. When the cymbal stand, drum mounts, floor tom legs, bass drum spurs, pedals, and all the other hardware are combined, they end up weighing a lot and taking a lot of space.

If you use a standard bag to transport your hardware, you won’t be able to fit them all in one bag, and you will have to take multiple trips or use multiple bags. You also gravely risk damaging your precious and expensive hardware.

A drum hardware bag is perfectly compartmentalized and can safely and efficiently pack your drums. All gigging drummers need this without fail.

Tune-bot Drum Tuner

Beginner drummers and intermediate drummers usually have a hard time properly tuning drums and typically end up spending a lot of time tuning their drums.

However, if they had the Tune-bot drum tuner, they will be able to tune their drums quickly and will be able to spend more time playing the drums. This device does not only measure the tuning, but it also remembers your ideal tuning setting. You can use these saved settings to get back the perfect sound quickly.

The company also has the tuning settings of some world-class drummers on their website so that you can tune your drums the same way as your drumming star. This is one of the best gifts for drummers who do not have plenty of experience tuning drums. 


The Djembe would be a great addition to any drummer’s arsenal. Originally from Africa, the sound of Djembe is exceptional and has ritualistic significance. They are typically played in drum-circles. Interacting with a group of drummers with drums is the right way to get inspiration and network. This would be an excellent gift option for any drummer. 

Meinl Cajon Box Drum

Cajons are unique little boxes of percussion. You can create amazing grooves and rhythms in these, and they work with a wide variety of music genres. The two core sounds a Cajon can produce are bass sounds and snare sounds, which you can produce by hitting different Cajon parts. These are a familiar presence in street performances.

The drummer in your life would surely appreciate an additional percussion instrument. Take a look at some of the top rated cajon drums.


The Bongos are African hand drums that have been popularised in Cuban culture. This percussion instrument is enjoyable to play and is ideal for music styles like salsa and Afro-Cuban Jazz.

It is especially great for dishing out danceable rhythms. Bongos are one of the most popular hand drums globally and will surely get your drummer very excited.

Best Gifts For Drummers under $80

These are some very best drummer gifts that don’t break the bank. They will be suited for all playstyles and genres, and at under $80, they are incredibly affordable. This list has many things that drummers need but would not have bought.

Zildjian Cymbal Bag

A quality cymbal bag is something that every drummer will appreciate. Usually, people playing drums tend to have plenty of cymbals and will need to store those they aren’t using somewhere. Zildjian’s cymbal bag is perfect for that purpose. Not only is it tough and durable, it even has backpack straps that would allow carrying them to gigs so much more comfortable. Zildjian is the industry leader for cymbals, and their cymbal bag is as good as their cymbal.

Drum Rug

Drums are simply a nightmare to play on wooden or tiled floors as they will keep sliding and slipping away. If you play even a slightly intense rhythm, the drums will keep moving around, and it’ll be agonizing to deal with them. Playing drums on a wooden floor can also end up damaging your expensive floor.

A non-slip drum rug from Zildjian is a fantastic gift for a drummer plagued with these issues. It ensures that all the drums remain stable and do not move around while also protecting your floor from damage. There are now many portable and cheap drum rugs that quickly roll up and can be carried to gigs. If your drummer needs a mat to perform or practice, this will be an ideal gift for them.


A moving kick drum is quite a big problem, especially if it moves in the middle of a performance. The KickBlock is a small and solid brick that prevents the bass drum from moving. It attaches to the carpeted floor or drum mat with heavy-duty Velcro and ensures that the kick drum stays put.

The thing that makes the KickBlock better than, say, a brick you picked up from your shed is that it is well made, looks nice, and mainly will not end up leaving scratches and damaging your drum or its hoops. It is also relatively light, making it very easy to carry around. It works for all types of drums, including electronic ones.


Drumheads are one of the best gifts a drummer can receive. It doesn’t matter if you give them some of the best drum heads or one which they love; they will enjoy it no matter what. There is a vast range of different drum heads available, and each one is suited for a different playing scenario. There are plenty of drumhead packs available; just make sure that you get the correct drum sizes before placing an order. If you want just to get a single drum head, or if you aren’t sure of the drum sizes and number, you should get a snare drum head. This is because a snare drum head is usually standardized at around 14″ and is the most used drum in a kit.

If you are not sure of which type of drumhead to buy, we have a few recommendations. For quieter styles of music like acoustic rock and jazz, you could get the Remo Diplomat. For rock, funk, or dance, you can get either the Remo Ambassador or Evans G1. Evans Heavyweight or Aquarian Triple Threat is appropriate for intense genres like metal and punk.

Drum Kit Dust Cover

There isn’t much we can explain here; the drum kit dust cover protects drum kits from being covered in dust. It can be used to protect the kit’s sparkle in the time between the soundcheck and actual performance during a live show. They can also be used to cover the drums at home or during rehearsals.

Drum covers are specifically designed for drums and have weighted corners to ensure that the cover doesn’t move around. This is one of the best gifts for drummers who have multiple drums that need to be covered.

Electronic Drum set T-Shirt

This is probably one of the most fun items on this list. This is a T-shirt that can be played by tapping on the drums. It makes a sound each time you tap it. It even makes different sounds depending on which drum you hit. It’s a great icebreaker and will intrigue everyone. It is ideal for all ages.

However, you might want to ensure that you get the right size. The only negative thing about this gift is that you need to remove all the electronics before each wash.

Drumming Wine Bottle Holder

While this might look a tad bit creepy, it would be great for any drummer who likes to drink wine. Many craft shops sell these things and look intriguing, at the very least. Wine Bodies makes a custom wine bottle holder that looks unique and is very stylish. The whole thing is hand made from high-quality materials that give it a classy vibe.

These have also been steadily going down in price, so you can get one without spending too much money. However, it is a quirky gift so think twice before you buy it. This is one of the most novel gifts for drummers, so you can be sure that they will remember it.

Practice Pads

Frequent practice is a must for musicians and especially critical for drummers. It is essential to build and hone the muscle memory needed to play those intense and fast-paced rhythms. However, drumming is loud, and it is impossible to practice and remain quiet at the same time. Practice pads are the perfect solution for such a problem. Not only do they allow you to practice silently, but you can also use a practice pad to practice while traveling and even to warm up. 

Evans Real-Feel practice pads are one of the best in the market. They are extremely quiet and have a realistic bounce. With a wooden body, neoprene pad, and gum-rubber bottom, these are well made. They come in 6″ and 12″ sizes, with the 6″ practice pad perfect for travel.

If the person you want to gift to already owns a practice pad, you can give them a practice pad stand to help them to practice better. All this makes one of the best gifts for drummers to show that you care about them. You could even give your neighbor a practice pad as a subtle way of telling them that their drumming has become obnoxiously noisy.

Zildjian Cymbal Clock

This is a beautiful wall mounted clock that is made from actual Zildjian cymbals. It is battery power and would be a great piece to place in a music room or bedroom. It is one of the most excellent and unique gifts for drummers that doesn’t cost too much. Surely the drummer in your life would like to wake up and look at a cymbal that tells him the time. 


The Snareweight is used to reduce the snare’s ringing and make it produce a warmer and fatter sound. It is mounted to the top of the drum and is relatively easy to attach and remove. Another significant part about the Snareweight is that it is incredibly functional and also aesthetically pleasing.

There are multiple variants of Snareweight. The Snareweight M80 is made from leather and has multiple settings that allow it to produce a range of sounds, reducing the ringing a little to completely cutting even the overtones. #5 is another variant that is a solid piece of metal that sits on top of the snare drum.

It produces a more dramatic change in the sound. Both the Snareweight are excellent choices, but we suggest that you go with the Snareweight M80 as it is more versatile.

Drum mute pack

Drums are thunderous. If you are drumming in an apartment, you can surely expect dozens of complaints from your neighbors. Even if you have an independent house, your family might still complain about the ruckus you produce each time you play. While the most elegant solution would be to soundproof your room, that process tends to be quite expensive. A drum mute is a cheaper alternative that allows you to quickly quite an acoustic (regular) drum kit. Evans has a great drum mute pack; they even have separate mutes for cymbals. These mutes will also be helpful for the ears of the drummer in your life during practice.

Korg nanoPad2 Slim

The Korg nanoPad2 is a perfect gift for anyone who wants to produce music with their computer. The nanoPad2 is essentially a MIDI controller that works with nearly all music production software. It runs on all computer OS; this concludes Windows, Mac, and even Linux.

Nearly all digital audio workstation software works with it, including GarageBand, Logic, Studio One, and Reaper. The pads are also velocity-sensitive so that the user can tap in beats instantaneously.

Drummer’s Gloves

Drummer gloves are an excellent gift for drummers who end up with many blisters from the drumsticks. The gloves also provide some extra grip, which would be helpful during those long practice sessions.

However, drummer gloves are quite polarising; some drummers swear by them while others simply hate their very sight. So just confirm whether the drummer in your life enjoys using them before you buy them. 

Bass Drum pillow

The bass drum is one of the most critical pieces of a drum kit. Many drummers stuff pillows or towels into it to tame the bass drum sound a bit and give it a more controlled oomph. In addition to improving the sound, the pillow is also a great place to keep a microphone to record the bass drum.

While DIY pillows and towels are not bad per se, you can get them a bass drum pillow specifically designed for this purpose. Kickpro is a perfect weighted pillow that was custom designed to muffle bass drums. While it is small in size, it performs better than even the most gigantic bedroom pillows. It also snuggly fits through the hole in the bass drum’s front and doesn’t move around. This makes it one of the best gifts for drummers as they will be able to play comfortably.

Rockstix Light Up Drumsticks

It doesn’t matter if you are eight or eighty years old; seeing a pair of light-up drumsticks is bound to get any drummer excited. Let me state this first; these drumsticks are not suitable for actually drumming. They weigh too much, they are too long, and their tone is way off. However, all these shortcomings disappear when they light up.

These drumsticks are incredibly fun to use. You can play them in the dark and get thrilled each time you strike a drum. They can change between 13 different colors and are motion activated. They are also quite durable as they are made of extra-rigid polycarbonate plastic.

This would be a great gift for any drummer, especially someone who performs in low light settings. It will enhance their whole performance. You will surely enjoy watching the drummer in your life swinging two mini lightsabers in the night. 

Drum gifts under $20

If you have a limited budget but still want to give a drummer a meaningful gift, this is the right place. While these cost almost nothing, they are all fantastic gift ideas that a drummer will be able to use happily. You can even combine a couple of these and have a great drum gift bag. Not only does this have novelty items, but it has actual useful stuff like the Big Fat Snare Drum and the drumstick bag.

Drum Books

Drumming Books are a treasure trove of knowledge, and any drummer would greatly benefit from them. Not only can these help learning drummers improve, but it will also inspire experienced drummers. “How to read drum music” and “Stick control” would be a great set of gifts for drummers with not a lot of experience. The latter is exceptionally well known and revered among drum enthusiasts for its great notes on coordination, timing, and control. If you want to buy a book for someone more experienced, “1001 drum grooves” and “Master Studies” by Joe Morello are both excellent choices. There is a perfect book for all skill levels. If you are not sure about giving them actual books, you could always buy them e-books or get them an online course from a reputed company. 

Stick Bag

A drummer tends to have multiple types of drumsticks and will need a place to store them properly. There is a wide variety of different drumstick bags ranging in quality, design, durability, and price. You should check out reviews online before you purchase anything. We would recommend Meinl Designer Bag as it is cheap, practical, durable, and looks great. Even if the person you want to gift already owns a drumstick bag, you can still get them a new one as they don’t last very long. The drummer in your life will surely appreciate this. There are also drumstick holders that firmly clip onto the instrument.

Drumstick cooking spoons

If your drummer is also an avid cook, this will be a great gift for them. Drumstick spoons usually come in pairs and are made from real wood. They are reusable and can be washed multiple times. The company Fred makes an excellent pair of drumstick cooking spoons that have been well-reviewed and are cheap.

One of the spoons even has a slot in the shape of a music note to help drain water. That makes these spoons inexpensive yet great options for drummers.

Big Fat Snare Drum

The Big Fat Snare Drum is one of the latest crazes to hit the drumming community in the past few years. It is a thin plastic disk that can be placed on your snare drum. Its design lowers the fundamental pitch of your snare and makes it sound big and fat. The Big Fat Snare Drum is an excellent option for drummers as it allows them to get the sound of two snare drums with just one. The Big Fat Snare Drum is available in multiple sizes and a few design variants, including a tambourine version. You will also be able to find versions with different levels of muffling. The big f

Zildjian Novelty Mousepad

If you know someone who spends most of the day stuck behind either a computer or drums, this Zildjian novelty mouse pad will be a fantastic gift for them.

It is fundamentally a mousepad and works as you would expect. It is high quality, durable, and has had great reviews. It is also relatively inexpensive. This specific model is a replica of Zildjian’s 8″ A-series splash cymbal, something that is instantaneously recognizable for most drummers. The actual mouse pad is 10″ big so that it will be comfortable for most users. Any drummer would love to get reminded of what they love while they use the computer.

Drumstick Pencils and Pens

These would be great for a drummer who attends school or for someone who just likes drawing or writing. These are relatively cheap and look great. These drumstick pencils and pens are a great conversation. They are quite self-explanatory and will indeed be enjoyed by whomever you gift them to.

Personalized Drummer phone cases

The total number of phones in the world will have outnumbered people in a few years. It is highly likely that the person you want to gift has a phone and will probably want to keep it safe. So what’s better than getting them a protective phone case that has a drum theme to it. The Internet and Amazon are filled with thousands of different custom drum phone cases. They can be made from plastic, silicon and can even have a brushed aluminum lining. A few companies even allow you to personalize phone cases with custom laser engravings. These, along with personalized drumming shirts, are the cheapest way to get personalized gifts for drummers.

Novelty Drum Socks

That is one of the cutest items on the list. Having an image of drums on your socks would make the process of wearing socks all the more exciting. Socksmith makes an excellent pair of drum socks that are adorable to look at and comfortable to wear.

They are made of a blend of nylon, cotton, and spandex and fit men’s sizes from 6.5-13. These socks come in a couple of colors and are relatively cheap. The socks also make an excellent Christmas gift as they can be used as stockings in the future. Surely every drummer would love to see a cute pair of socks that have an image of something they love a lot. With socks, you can also gift them a pair of shoes. For that, you should check out our list of top rated shoes for drumming.

Novelty Drum T-shirts

You can never go wrong with a novelty T-shirt as a gift. There are thousands of different drum designs available, and they come in a variety of different colors and sizes. Every drummer is unique, and you can get them something that shows their uniqueness. While you could buy the million cheap T-shirts available, we highly recommend that you spend a little money and get premium quality shirts. Not only do these fit better, but their printing methods are also of higher quality. Therefore the T-shirt will look better, and the beautiful design will last longer. You do not want the drums to disappear after a couple of washes.

Drumming jewelry

We are sorry that we didn’t narrow it further. There are millions of different drum accessories on amazon and in other stores on the internet. Most of them tend to look amazing. However, you will want to read a couple of reviews to ensure that they are quality products. Whether you get them drum-themed earrings or cuff links, any drummer would love something that shows their love for drumming.

Pearl PTT13 Drum Key Multi-Tool

This is the Swiss Army knife of the drumming world. It is a compact tool kit that has every drum tool one could require. It has Allen (hex) keys, different screwdrivers, and even a bottle opener to celebrate after a show. It also packs the holy grail of all drum tools, drum keys. If you do not know, drum keys are handy for setting up a drum kit and tuning it. It would be convenient during shows as things might come loose or even break without any notice. It even comes with a carabiner clip, so you easily hook it onto anything.

Pearl is one of the biggest names in the drumming world. Their PTT13 drum essential tool kit is made of quality alloys and is exceptionally durable. This tool is one of the best possible gifts for drummers, and they will cherish it forever.

Zildjian Drummer Survival Kit

Drummers Survival Kits are a great asset for any drummer, especially those who perform live. The kit is filled with repair tools for nearly every possible drumming disaster. It is equipped with nearly everything from spare snare wire strings, washers, cymbal felts, sleeves to drumhead repair patches.

Many gigging drummers usually play in house kits, and these kits might lack some critical parts like sleeves or felts. Sleeves and felts are essential to prevent damage from metal-to-metal contact between cymbal stands and cymbals. Therefore it is always better to have a few with yourself. Drum heads and snare wire strings could also break in the middle of a show, this would generally end with the show being stopped, but with this repair kit, you could resume in a few minutes. While there are many survival kits, we recommend the Zildjian one. It is high quality and one of the only few kits with a drumhead repair patch.

Zildjian cutting board

This is another great gift for a drummer who loves to cook. This cutting board from Zildjian is just epic. It is a 10″ circular cutting board that has the K Constantinople brand engraved onto it.

Any drummer will be able to recognize it instantly. It even has an outer juice groove to catch spills and comes in eco-friendly packaging. This cutting board will make any drummer feel more at home in the kitchen.

Drum sticks

Drumsticks are the bread and butter of drummers, and they tend to burn through pairs quite frequently. Any drummer would appreciate an upgrade of their existing drumstick. You can choose between a wide range of premium drumsticks, from hallowed ones to even ones made from carbon nanotubes. 

While your gift may not last for years together, they sure will help them drum better. If you are not sure which brand to get, we suggest that you go with Vic Firth. While there are many cheap companies out there that give dozens of drum sticks at dead cheap prices, Vic Firth’s quality is unparalleled. It will last longer than the combined lifetime of all the cheap drumsticks. Even you will be able to notice that Vic Firth products look and feel so much better. 

 Please take some time to find out what size and shape of the drum stick your drummer is comfortable using. If you do not want to give them the standard drumsticks, you can even look into rubber mallets, brushes, or even rods.

Drummers Mug

A drumming themed mug is an excellent option for someone who likes a cup of espresso or tea before hammering the drums. The internet is filled with thousands of innovative designs, making sure that you will find something perfect for your drummer. If you are not satisfied with just getting them a cup, you could even get them a clamp-on drink holder that directly attaches to the cymbal stand. Vater makes one such holder, and it is top-notch.

3D Metal Drumset Model Kit

A drummer’s 3D metal model will be an incredible gift for someone who enjoys building models and solving puzzles. They usually consist of many small parts, and it can be a lot of fun to build the set over a few hours. However, these usually consist of small parts and could be a choking hazard for young children. Also, they require patience and a little skill to put together correctly, so it might not be suitable for someone impatient.

However, once they complete building it, they will have a beautiful model to place on their desk or shelf. Another great thing about this gift is that it’s relatively inexpensive and will easily fit inside a stocking.

Price doesn’t matter

These are the gifts for people whom you cherish more than anything and do not mind spending massive amounts of money for them. Each of these gifts is professional-grade products that can be found on the kits of some of the world’s leading drummers. No matter which one you choose, the person who receives them will be astounded and will cherish them for years, if not decades, to come. This will be the perfect way to show the drummer in your life how much they mean to you. 

Cymbal Pack

A set of professional-grade cymbals cost a fortune. However, their sound will be out of this world. Unlike the cheap cymbals, which are cut from sheet metal, premium cymbals are made by metal casting and are handcrafted. Zildjian is the most renowned brand for cymbals, and they have some of the best premium cymbals in the world. Their best packs contain Zildjian K and Zildjian A Custom cymbals. These cymbals have been used by so many professional drummers and are the industry standard. 

If you wonder what specific cymbal to buy, you must think about what kind of music your drummer plays. If they play milder genres, then the Zildjian K cymbal pack will be perfect as it has a darker sound and has a more subtle character. The Zildjian A custom pack, on the other hand, has a brighter sound that can project better, which makes it better for high-volume genres like rock and metal. They even have cymbal packs designed for worship and gospel drumming. Each of these packs also come with a cymbal carry bag. A set of professional cymbals can last for multiple decades with proper care, so these will be an excellent gift for a drummer you care for a lot.

Electronic drum kit

What would be a better gift to a drummer than a brand new drum kit? Even if your drummer already owns an acoustic kit, I’m 100% sure they will be able to find a use for a new electronic kit.

An electronic drum kit has many advantages over an acoustic kit. It is more portable, can play a much wider variety of sounds, and is quiet. This makes them great as a practice kit as you can play without disturbing any neighbors. This drum kit can also be integrated with an acoustic drum kit to create a hybrid kit with unique capabilities.

Roland and Yamaha make some of the best electronic kits in the world. While their flagship models are simply out of this world, their mid-tier models give the best bang for the buck. If you want something a little cheap, you can go for Alesis drum sets. This will be an excellent gift for any drummer who has only owned traditional drums all his life.

Roland SPD-SX Electronic Percussion Pad

Roland is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to electronic drums and percussion pads. The SPD-SX is their most exposing drum pad, and many professional drummers are using it.

It is a handy gadget that will help widen the palate of your drummer. It can be used by itself or paired up with an acoustic drum kit; it has near-endless possibilities. The SPD-DX has nine separate pads, and it comes preloaded with an extensive library of quality drum sounds. If you are not satisfied with the included library, you can quickly load up your sounds via USB. It also comes with a giant list of onboard effects that allow you to tweak your sounds with a simple click of a button. There is even MIDI input/output, a headphone jack, and even a metronome.

You can also easily extend the SPD-SX with additional drum pads, stands, and even a carry case. The SPD-SX will be an excellent gift for Christmas or some special event. It will probably be one of the best, if not the best, a gift they would have received all year.

Premium Snare Drums

The snare drum is the most played in a drum set and is one of the most critical parts. Upgrading the snare drum will immensely improve the sound of your whole drum set. There are plenty of premium snare drums from leading drum manufacturers like Ludwig, Tama, Gretsch, and Pearl. 

If you are unsure what to go with, we suggest going with Ludwig’s Black Beauty. This is one of the best snares from one of the best companies in drumming. Black Beauty is made in America and sounds fantastic. It also has a wide tuning range, making it adaptable to nearly all music genres. The craftsmanship is impeccable, the visuals stunning, and the quality of materials used is the very best.

Black Beauty is available in multiple sizes, so you will have to make a choice. If your drummer plays jazz, hip hop, or other milder genres, the 14″ x5″ version will be perfect for them. ( the first number refers to the diameter and the later the depth of the drum) If they play something more intense like rock, blues, or pop, then the 14″ x6.5″ will be ideal. If you are unsure, it is best to go with the 14×6.5″ snare drum as it is more versatile.

If you have a fat stack of cash and want to bring the biggest smile possible to a drummer, the Ludwig Black Beauty will be the perfect way to do that. It will last for years, and they’ll enjoy it thoroughly. Even if you aren’t sold about the Ludwig Black Beauty, there are plenty of other premium snare drums that will bring a smile just as significant.

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