The 8 Best Drum Mic Kits for Live Sound and Recording – 4 to 8 Piece

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No matter how good you sound on your drum set, your drum videos and songs are only gonna as good as your microphones! So it is essential that you get good, if not the best, microphones for recording drums!

Many drum mics are bundled out there, so it is pretty hard to find the best one for you. To help you out, we have completed the list of the best drum mic kits you can get. 

This list has almost everything, from small four-piece kits ideal for stages to expansive seven-piece 7-piece kits perfect for studio work. You are bound to find the best one for you here. We will even help you decide how many mics you need!

Best 7-Piece Drum Mic Kits

Shure PGA DRUM KIT 7 – Best Drum Mic for Recording Drums

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Shure is renowned as one of the best microphone manufacturers out there. So, it is no wonder that their PGA DRUM KIT 7 is one of the best drum mic kit you can get!

It comes with a PGA52 kick drum mic, three PGA56 mics for your toms, a PGA57 mic for your snare, and a pair of PGA81 mics for your hi-hats cymbals and any overhead sounds. This comprehensive set of microphones makes it an ideal kit for any five-piece drum set.

So how is the recording?

The microphones have a clear sound and a flat response. It can clearly capture everything from the booming bass kit to the shrill sounds of the cymbals. It can record all the sounds of your acoustic drum kit without any distortion.

Does this kit only have mics?

No, you get a range of various accessories with this kit! This kit has it, all from all the required mounts and stands to all the cables you need. It even comes packed in a zippered foam-lined carrying case that makes sure you can quickly and safely carry your microphones around.

What makes this drum kit great is the fantastic build quality of all the microphones and accessories. They perform great and will last a very long time. The kit is also affordably priced for its quality. The quality combined with its affordability makes the Shure PGA DRUM KIT 7 an excellent value for money. It is simply the complete drum recording package.

  • Seven quality cardioid microphones
  • Mounts, cables, and case included
  • Amazing built quality
  • It can be overkill for beginners

CAD Audio Stage7 – Best Budget Drum Mic

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CAD Audio is well known for its good-quality yet affordable mics.

This drum microphone kit from them is one of the cheapest seven-piece microphone sets you can find.

So, what microphones do you get with this kit?

You get a KM212 microphone, a large diaphragm mic that is great for capturing low-frequency instruments like your kick drums. The transient response is good, and it has a wide frequency range. It delivers a clear and articulate bass drum sound.

You get three TM211s, which are dynamic mics that are great for use with your toms.

You get an SN10 dynamic microphone that works excellent with snares. It has a supercardioid pattern and a wide response, so all the nuances of your snare playing will be perfectly captured. You can even use this microphone with toms and bongos.

Finally, you get a pair of CM217s which are mini pencil condenser mics that are ideal for hi-hats and overheads. These microphones can compensate for the close miking proximity effect by using an external octave roll-off. This pair of microphones require phantom power.

What is the close miking proximity effect, you ask?

A close-miking proximity effect is when the microphone has increased bass response due to being placed too close to the sound source. 

You also get drum mic clips for mourning and a vinyl carrying case with a shoulder strap as accessories.

The only issue with this drum is that the recording quality isn’t exceptional. The drum mic is not always able to fully capture the thump of bass drums. You might also need to apply a significant amount of EQ to sound good.

What is great about this kit?

Well, the microphones are incredibly durable and rugged; they can take a beating. Their recordings are clear and accurate. The included mounts are highly adjustable, giving you more options in positioning. 

While it isn’t the best drum mic kit out there, it is just great for the price. However, the kit has been discontinued, so you might have difficulty getting your hands on it.

  • Cheap
  • Best budget drum mics
  • Rugged
  • Included drum mount clips and carrying case
  • Sound good for the cost
  • Excellent bang for your buck
  • Discontinued
  • It needs a lot of EQ
  • The bass mic cannot pick up minimal lows

Pyle-Pro PDKM7 7 Microphone Kit With Mounting – Best for Beginners

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The Pyle-Pro PDKM7 is another budget mic kit that is pretty good.

Like the earlier seven-piece kits, you get five dynamic microphones for your toms, bass drum, and snare, along with two overhead mics of your cymbals and overheads.

So how are all the mics?

A single large dynamic microphone is optimized for low frequencies and works best with the kick drum. The pickup and frequency response of the kick drum mic is pretty good for low notes.

There are four smaller drum microphones that you can use for your toms and snare drums. The mics can adequately capture mid and high frequencies and provide a clear output. However, the lack of a dedicated microphone for the snare is kind of an issue. 

The overhead microphones are articulate and have a flat response, so they can capture your overheads adequately. They are especially significant in capturing the high pitches of your cymbals! You could even use them as room mics if needed.

You also get drum mounts and a lightweight carry case. You even get two windscreens! There are no XLR cables, but honestly, you should not be expecting that at this price point. Another issue is that the fasteners are made from cheap plastic and these plastic rim mounts tend to break quite easily.

To conclude, this is one of the best starter kits for people with a minimal budget. The seven microphones ensure you get separate channels for each of your drums. The quality of recordings is excellent when you take the price into account. While you have to make a few compromises, it is hard to find a better deal at this price point.

Just do not buy this thinking that the quality of the recording is gonna blow your mind because it will not! However, this kit will also not blow your bank account.

  • Cheap
  • You get windscreens, mounts, and a carry case
  • Seven-microphones
  • Excellent starter kit for studio work
  • Cheap plastic fasteners
  • No dedicated snare drum

Best 5-Piece Drum Mic Kits


[amazon box=”B00TTQLASW”  button_text=”Check the Price” price=”none”]

This is the smaller sibling of the PGA DRUM KIT 7. This 5-piece drum mic kit is pretty much a clone of the 7-piece drum mic kit, except that it lacks the pair of PGA81 used to capture overhead and brass instruments(cymbal) sounds.

You get the PGA52 for your kick drum, three PGA56 mics for your toms, and the PGA57 for your snare drum. All of these are carotid pickup pattern drum mics; their sound recording and frequency response are excellent and authentic. Some users have felt that the sound is a bit too flat, but with a bit of EQ that can be quickly sorted.

You also get mounts, XLR cables, and a case with this kit. This makes it great for beginners as you won’t have to shop for those separately. Our only gripe is that the case doesn’t have slots to store the cables.

Like the seven-piece kit, it has fantastic build quality and exceptional quality. The snare drum microphone is especially commendable as it can correctly record both soft strokes and loud pummeling.

This kit is about $200 cheaper than the seven-piece kit, making it much more affordable. Most beginners will not be able to use the overhead mics of the seven-piece kit anyway, so this is a better choice for them. This is without question one of the best drum mic kits for the money.

  • Mount, cables, and case included
  • Mics deliver a clear and articulate recording
  • Great build quality
  • Exceptional snare drum mic
  • Affordable
  • No space to store XLR cables
  • Little EQ might be required

Audix DP5A – Best Mic for Snare Drum and Tom

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The Audix DP5A is not a drum kit for people on a budget; it’s a drum kit for people who want the best sound possible and do not mind spending money for it. This kit is EXPENSIVE; it costs more than the seven-piece drum mic kits on this list!

So, what does spending so much money get you?

For starters, you get a DEDICATED MICROPHONE FOR YOUR FLOOR TOM! The sound dynamics of your floor tom are different from your rack toms, so it makes sense to have a separate microphone for it. The floor tom mics can record much lower frequencies than the rack tom microphones, allowing it to better catch the oomph of floor toms! These are simply the best tom mics you can get for your floor tom.

You also get a premium dynamic cardioid microphone for your snare that is simply out of the world. It is simply among the best snare mics. Everyone who has used it, including us, has had nothing but praises for it.

The kick drum mic is capable of recording frequencies as low as 30Hz, so you can make sure your recording packs all your playing power.

Do you get any accessories?

While not as extensive as Shure, you do get some accessories. You get four D-Vice gooseneck clips for mounting your microphones. You also get an aluminum case that showcases the premiumness of your kit.

If you want to record all the minute nuances of your acoustic drum set perfectly, this would be the perfect option for you. While expensive, it delivers like no other set of drum mics in this kit.

  • Dedicated microphone for floor tom
  • Excellent dynamic range, making it suitable for a range of genres
  • Amazing sound
  • Very little EQ needed if any
  • Expensive

Best 4-Piece Drum Mic Kits  

Shure PGASTUDIOKIT4 – Best Mic for Kick Drum

[amazon box=”B00TTQLA5U”  button_text=”Check the Price” price=”none”]

This is the “smaller” smaller sibling in the Shure lineup (sorry, I couldn’t resist)! However, the composition of this kit slightly differs from the other two options.

The PGASTUDIOKIT4 contains a PGA52 drum microphone for your kick drum, a PGA57 mic for your snare, and a pair of PGA181s that capture all your overhead sounds. There are no dedicated tom mics.

The sound is quite WARM AND NATURALl. The snare mic can greatly capture the sounds of genres such as INDIE AND JAZZ. The kick drum mic is commendable and can capture the natural sounds of the kick. The overhead mics function as they should and can succinctly capture your cymbal play and overhead sounds.

As for accessories, you get some clips, few XLR cables, and a carry case.

To sum it up, the PGASTUDIOKIT4 is a great four-piece drum mic kit that is ideal for not-so-modern playing styles like light rock, jazz, and indie. It can record sound naturally and doesn’t cause any unwanted distortion. However, it is priced similar to the five-piece kit from Shure, so you have a choice to make.

  • Affordable
  • Great for jazz and indie
  • Case, clips, and cables are included
  • Pair of overhead microphones
  • Some people found the sound to be dull
  • No dedicated tom microphone

Shure DMK57-52 – Best Drum Mic for Live Sound

[amazon box=”B0002E51C6″  button_text=”Check the Price” price=”none”]

Wow! How many more Shure kits are we gonna list?!

Sorry, but they make great microphones, so we just had to mention them! The good news for you anti-Shure people is that this is the last Shure kit on this list.

The DMK57-52 is a fantastic mic kit that consists of many of Shure’s most popular microphones.

What are the various drum microphones we get with this?!

This four-piece kit consists of three Shure SM57 mics and a Shure Beta 52A mic. The SM57 is among the most reputed microphones in the industry and is able to work incredibly with toms and snares. It is good enough to use with anything, even bass amps! The sound is just clean and accurate with these mics for toms; you do not need a lot of EQ! They are simply among the best live drum mics you can get.

The Beta 52A has an excellent low-frequency response, which is fantastic as it is meant to be used as your kick drum mic. This baby can record even the deepest of your punches without any distortion. If you want numbers, it can handle up to 174 dB without any issues! Your kick drum will probably tear long before this mic reaches its limit.

In addition to the microphones, you also get three mounts for the SM57s with this mic package. The mounts are extremely versatile, and you can position them anywhere, from your drum rims to cymbal stands. Don’t worry about not getting a mount for the 52A, as it has a built-in drum mount. You also get a carrying case.

There are many things going for this fantastic four-piece drum mic kit. The mics have outstanding quality, they have a tremendous reputation, and are capable of recording more than just your drums. With four of the best drum mics for live sound, this is easily among the best kits for live sound!

  • Great recording quality
  • It consists of very popular and time tested microphones
  • Versatile
  • Easy to set up
  • Durable
  • Mounts and carry case included
  • Mounts can come loose unless fully tightened

Sabian Sound Kit

[amazon box=”B016E45YBA”  button_text=”Check the Price” price=”none”]

While the Sabian Sound Kit is a four-piece kit, it doesn’t include four microphones. Instead, it consists of three microphones and A COMPACT MIXER.

The mixer is optimized to work with drums and is something that you cannot find in other mic kits.

Coming to microphones, you get an SK1 mic for your kick drum. For everything else, from your snare and toms to your cymbals, you get two SOH2 overhead condenser mics (allowing your sound engineers to play with stereo overheads). All these channels plug into the three-channel drum mixer and work together. The mixer even has a headphone port that lets you listen to your audio. You can even record your songs with the mixer.

This drum mic kit is quite popular. Many users have commended its balanced drum sound and clear recording. While you will need to do EQ, it’s just a little.

With just three mics, it is effortless to set your recording kit up. The mixer is also straightforward to use! The quality of the recording isn’t average; it’s pretty good! All this makes it an excellent choice for home studio recording.

The only issue we have with this kit is that the overhead mics can catch unwanted noise as they are condenser mics.

Overall, this is an easy-to-set-up mic kit that doesn’t cost a lot and has decent recording capability that allows you to begin recording drums without much issues. Its biggest selling point is its mixer, as you simply cannot find it with other drum mic kits. 

  • You get a mixer
  • Easy and quick to set up
  • Great value for money
  • Great recording quality
  • Overhead mics are prone to catching background noise

Things to Consider when Choosing a Drum Mic Kit

How Much Do Drum Mics Cost?

This is too broad a question to give a straight answer to. They can range from as cheap as $20 to many thousand dollars. The price of a drum mic comes down to what quality of recording do you want. A good quality starter drum mic kit with five microphones can set you back anywhere from $300 to $500. 

Get a Drum Microphone Kit Over Buying Individual Ones!

drum mics

Getting a drum mic kit instead of buying individual ones is a brilliant financial decision. 

A drum mic kit will be significantly CHEAPER than buying microphones one by one. You will also be saving yourself time this way.

You will ALSO GET ACCESSORIES like cables and a case with a kit, something you do not get with individual mics!

What is your Use?

Your use case is the most important deciding factor when it comes to getting a drum mic kit.

Do you want to record and release an album? 

Then you will want a whole range of premium microphones to mic each of your drums.

Do you want to just record drum covers for youtube or social media?

Well, for this, you can get by with just an overhead condenser mic and a couple of microphones for drums. The audio quality of youtube tops at 192 kbps, so you won’t benefit from a higher sound quality. 

What about live settings?

For live performances, you must buy kits with a good amount of noise reduction! This is very important! 

Another thing you want to look at is reduced feedback. Feedback can quickly turn a fun concert for your audience into an annoyance!

Dynamic or Condenser microphones

Dynamic microphones are the most commonly used microphones for drum recording. They can be placed close to drums and are capable of handling the high sound pressure levels due to their large diaphragm. This essentially means that they can record sound without distortion, no matter how loud it gets. This is why these make excellent kick mics and tom mics!

These mics also do not pick up loads of sound spills, allowing you to isolate better and reduce noise. They also have a simple design and a rugged build; this makes sure that they are extremely durable and require little maintenance. 

Condenser microphones are generally used for capturing overhead, cymbal, and hi-hat sounds. Nowadays, there are even purpose-built condenser mics that can be used for miking toms, 

Condenser microphones are much more sensitive and responsive than dynamic mics, giving you a much better sound quality. The sound is more natural and open. However, the issue is that they are terrible at cutting off unwanted noise, making them somewhat unsuitable for live performances. 

You do not really have to decide between dynamic mics and condenser mics. Nowadays, most drum mic kits come with a combination of dynamic mics and condenser mics. Each has its own advantages, and by combining both, you can get the best of both types.


Accessories are one of the nice perks of buying drum microphone kits. They make setting up and carrying around your microphones so much easier. 

You typically get DRUM MOUNTS for all your mics which allow you to firmly clamp your microphones onto the edges or rims of the drums. This makes sure that the microphone is close to your drum and is able to completely capture the sound of your drums. Few kits even come with stands that can be used to mount your tom mics and bass drum mics.

You typically can also get Best XLR CABLES along with kits. These are usually of decent quality, and you won’t suffer any audio quality issues from them.

The other essential accessory you might get is the CARRYING CASE. It allows you to safely store and transport all your microphones and other accessories. They also have slots and places where all your components fit snuggly, which is kind of hard to get with third-party cases.

Studio vs. Live Setting

For studio settings, it is best to close-mic all your components with dynamic mics. It is crucial to mic each component as you will get more control over each of the drums, which is critical for music production. Therefore, a kit with MORE MICROPHONES ARE PREFERED FOR STUDIO work. You should also think whether you are buying these for home studios or professional recording studios, because your purchase decisions will vary greatly based on that.

Dynamic microphones are preferred as they have reduced feedback and can handle high sound pressure levels. You can also use overhead omnidirectional condenser mics to capture your cymbals and overall sound.

For live settings, you should once again use dynamic microphones. In addition to reduced feedback and being able to hand high-pressure levels, they also have good background noise rejection. I am sure you know how noisy gigs can get, so noise reduction is crucial. They are also much more rugged and can function if you even drop or stomp on them. We all know that you can never know what might happen during a gig, so having something that can take a beating is always helpful.

You will want to AVOID OMNI-DIRECTIONAL CONDENSER MICS FOR LIVE SETTINGS as they are prone to background noise. However, if you are short on budget, an omnidirectional condenser mic is a cheap way to record your drums with just a few microphones.

Live and studio recording demand different things from your microphones, so really think about your use case before you purchase anything. Something great for studio recordings might just be mediocre or even bad in a live setting.

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Well, wasn’t this a long article! Hopefully, you found all the info you needed about the best drum mic kits in it! Remember, great drum sounds requires a good if not a great drum mic kit!

Now, to conclude.

Drum mic kits are a great way of recording your drum set. They are cheaper than buying individual mics, and they come with many useful accessories. However, not all mic kits are made equal, so you must find something that suits you best.

If you need the best studio-quality drum mic kit, Shure PGA DRUM KIT 7 would be your ideal choice. It has many microphones and excellent sound quality. It is also not that expensive for a quality kit.

For people on a budget, CAD Audio Stage7 would be great. It is inexpensive, has a lot of good microphones, and is pretty much an excellent bang for the buck.

However, if you want the best possible sound, you should check out the Audix DP5A. It is a no-compromise mic kit that lets each of your drums shine and is literally the beset among all the best drum mic kits! While thse are expensive microphones (Very!), nothing beats it.

Have a blast recording your drums with these best drum mic kits!

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