Mapex Armory Review

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The Mapex Armory is probably one of the best shell packs among intermediate level drum sets. It has birch/maple/birch shells that are able to deliver a gorgeous tone which is further augmented by the amazing finishes it is available in. If you like to play rock, metal, or Pop this kit has all.

Mapex Armory Review

mapex armory reviews

The Mapex Armory shell pack is able to deliver professional features at more affordable pricing. It is the medium-priced option among Mapex’s lineup. The Armory is able to deliver an incredible tone thanks to its hybrid hand-selected wood shells and the Soniclear edges. The multiple finishes it is available in are all beautiful and will look amazing on stage. Along with hybrid shells you also get a Tomahawk steel snare. The snare has an incredible tone and is very sensitive. The Armory is also available in a variety of 5-piece and 6-piece configurations, ensuring that you will find one that’s suited for your music style.

When it comes to comparing Armory vs Saturn, there is a big difference in price. One one side Armory cost around $900, Saturn costs $2100. Why because the Saturn line is made for pro-level drummers while Armory is more of an intermediate kit. Both have the same bearing edges, lugs, floor tom legs, and mounting system but the only difference is the solid and strong Maple and Walnut Hybrid Shells used in Saturn. But both kits sound great there is no doubt in that.


  • Beautiful finishes
  • Tuning is quite easy
  • Maple/birch hybrid shells sound amazing
  • Great value for money


  • Stock Remo drums are not great 
  • The wooden bass drum hoops can cause issue at times

Alternatives to Mapex Armory

What’s in the box?

The Mapex Armory drum set is just a shell pack. You will have to purchase hardware and cymbals in addition to the shell pack. 

  • Two rack toms( 10×8 and 12×9)
  • One snare drum( 14×5.5)
  • One bass drum( 12×18 or 20×16)
  • One or two floor toms(size and number depends on variant)
  • Floor tom legs
  • Soniclear tom arms

Features and Performance

The main feature of the Armory is its hybrid maple and birch shells. It also has a Tomahawk steel snare. These shells are able to deliver professional-quality sounds. The SONIClear edges provide the drums with a better tone and easier tunability. The shells’ sound combined with the tunability makes the Armory series suitable for a variety of genres. To top all these features, you get amazing finishes.

How does maple/birch shells sound?

The Armory series consists of birch/maple/birch hybrid shells with a thickness of 7.2 mm that are able to deliver professional sounds. The shells are 6-ply and have a maple core while being sourced by a birch outer. They sound very warm and have a very clean sound. The bass drums and tom with 6 ply shells will have a brighter, louder, great sound attack while giving you a low-end finish in
the decayed sound.

The maple generates the warmth and the amazing projection while the birch provides a clean and focused sound. The drums are quite expressive and you feel like each drum has its own unique character.

While the standard Remo heads you get with the kit are not amazing, with proper tuning you can get them to sound good.

However, if you want to unlock the full potential of these amazing shells, you should upgrade the heads. The tone of the shells is great and the amazing build quality ensures that it will remain great for a long time.

Toms and dominating bass tone

The maple/birch wood shells give the Armory’s warmth and clean attack. The rooms are able to deliver amazing resonance at each volume level. They also have a very clean tone which is free from overtune, this primes it to be used in a mixture of genres.

The bass drum is actually a formidable component of the kit. It packs a powerful punch that sounds quite meaty. The great thing about it is that the heads are pre-muffled, so your bass drum will not become obnoxiously boomy.

Who is this kit best for?

This kit is best suited for semi-professional giggers. The variations available allow you to purchase a kit that is best suited for your genre. The birch/maple shells provide an excellent tone that will carry you solidly in your concerts. The finishes are also quite excellent, boosting the visual appeal of your drums.

And the best part is that these drums are not exuberantly expensive, they remain quite affordable. While it is aimed towards semi-professional drummers, it doesn’t mean a beginner wouldn’t benefit from practicing on a drum that looks and sounds as good as the Armory does.

Different Versions of the Mapex Armory

The Armory Series has four different shell packs you can choose from including five- and six-piece kits. All the variants feature a 10×8 tom, a 12×9 tom, and a 14×5.5 snare.

  • 5-Piece Rock shell pack: The Rock shell pack comes with a 22×18 bass drum and a 16×16 floor tom to deliver the powerful booms you need for the rock and metal genre.
  • 5-Piece Fusion shell pack: This features a smaller 20×16 bass drum and a smaller 14×14 floor tom. The smaller size allows it to reach higher frequencies needed for fusion and jazz genres.
  • 6-Piece Studioease shell pack: This kit is identical to the 5-piece Rock shell pack except that you get an additional 14×14 floor tom. This combination of drums allows you to play all modern genres comfortably.
  • 6-Piece Studioease Fast shell pack: This shell pack features a 22×18 bass drum, a 14×12 floor tom, and a 16×14 floor tom. The smaller floor toms let you play faster genres such as jazz.


The Mapex Armory offers incredible value for your money. Even though it isn’t too expensive, the Armory is a drum set that is stage and studio worthy. It’s birch/maple shells and steel snare allow it to produce professional sounds while the finishes allow you to look professional on stage. The only thing that can be improved upon is its stock heads. Other than that, the Mapex Armory is quite flawless and you can have an amazing time gigging with it.

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