Behringer XD80USB Review

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The Behringer XD80USB is an electronic drum set that is quite compact and performs pretty well. It is affordably priced and is very simple to use, making it a nice entry-level drum set for novices. We are gonna talk about each component in detail to help beginners understand its advantages and drawbacks fully.

Behringer XD80USB Review At a Glance

Behringer XD80USB drum kit review

The XD80USB from Behringer is an eight-piece electronic drum kit that is among the more affordable electronic drums. While you do not get plenty of extras with it, this drum comes with a solid drum module that has great functionality. The sound module comes with an inbuilt metronome and can store up to 15 different drum kits at the same time. You also get dual-zone drum pads which will allow you to play in a more nuanced way. The drum can easily be hooked up to your computer and you can record and edit all your pieces. While the quality is nowhere near the best in the market, you get a pretty good deal for your money. Overall, this electronic drum kit would be an excellent option for beginners. 

  • The sound quality is supreme, and transfers amazingly onto recording
  • Option to record audio from the kit itself or through MIDI
  • Has a decent bass drum pedal
  • You can choke the cymbals
  • Easy to use, and is pretty straightforward to setup
  • Not made for advanced drummers
  • Sticks come with kit are cheap

What’s in the box?

The Behringer XD80USB actually comes with most of the things you need for drumming. The only things you will have to purchase additionally are a drum throne and a good headphone. You might also want to purchase a pack of good quality drumsticks as the ones included with the kit ain’t that good. Unlike most beginner electronic drum sets, you actually get a decent bass drum pedal with this drum set. Here is an exact list of the things you will find in the box.

  • HDS240USB sound module
  • Four 3 x 8 dual zone drum pads
  • Three 3 x 12 dual zone cymbals
  • One kick drum pad
  • One hi-hat pedal 
  • One kick drum pedal
  • One pair of drumsticks 
  • Rack clamps
  • Cymbal mounts
  • Rubber feet for the rack

Features and their performances

Drum Pads

This electronic drum kit comes with dual-zone rubber drum pads. The drum pads have a natural rubber surface which is better than the conventional rubber heads, this however is still not as good as a mesh-head. They have aluminium frames that provide better stability. The kick drum pad comes with an actual pedal and beater, so it has a better feel. The sounds are pretty good but the drums could really use an updated library.

Comes with Dual zone Cymbals 

Dual-zone cymbals provide you with improved playability compared to single-zone ones. The only issue is that these cymbals are not as good as the ones you find in high-end kits, so the outer-zone is not very responsive during high-speed drumming. The cymbals are also chokable, but it requires some nuance and a little luck to choke these cymbals consistently. The sound module also has a slot for an extra cymbal.


The included hardware is decent in its sturdiness. While giggers might not be comfortable with the level of sturdiness, it will be perfect for anyone who wants to practice in their room. You will be able to use the included carpet spikes to stabilize the drums in a carpeted room. The drum kit tends to wiggle around while getting bumped too. So while 

Integrated metronome

Integrated metronome

One of the more noticeable features of the HDS240USB sound module is the integrated metronome. A metronome is used to lay down a tempo. It is a great asset for any drummer, as it will allow you to drastically improve your rhythm and timing sense. Having an integrated metronome will be especially beneficial for beginners, as you probably won’t have a metronome lying around when you have just taken up drumming. Check out some of the best metronome for drummers.

Available kits and sounds

The XD80USB comes with 15 drum sets and about 175 sound samples. As a beginner, you will be able to experiment with these different kits and drum sounds and find the style of music you enjoy playing. In addition to the 10 default drum kits, you will be able to create up to five custom sets using the different sound samples. The kits you get as default are acoustic, standard, rock, power, jungle, jazz, brush, electronic, 808, and house. The only drawback is that the sound library has sounds that are pretty old. You can overcome this issue by playing your own drum sounds using MIDI output.

Connecting the it to your computer 

Connecting XD80USB it to your computer

THE XD80 drum kit can be readily connected to your computer using its USB port. You will be able to record all your songs and practice sessions in a jiffy. You do not need exclusive or expensive software, simple music editing software like garage band will be able to satisfy most of your needs. You could also use any DAW of your choice to edit your music. The sound module is also capable of MIDI output, so you will be able to use your custom sounds in addition to the built-in library.

A Portable kit to fit in a suitcase

The overall drum is quite small, so you will find breaking it down and storing it in small places to be easy. Most of the parts can comfortably fit together in a large suitcase. This makes it ideal if you are just beginning to gig and need to carry your e-drums around to multiple venues. You will need to pack the long rack poles separately as they are too long to fit in a typical suitcase.

Is it Easy to Set Up?

The XD80 can be set up to suit your stature and playing style as you are able to adjust the location and height of the components. The accompanying instructions however are not very clear, so we would recommend watching a few YouTube videos to understand the setup process. A drawback with the kit is that you might find a few cables to be too short. This severely limits how far away you can keep the drums or cymbals from the sound module. 

Behringer XD80USB vs Alesis Nitro

If you feel like you need something better than the Behringer XD80USB, the Alesis Nitro might be perfect for you. Not only is the Alesis Nitro is a little cheaper electronic drum set, but you also get mesh-pads with it. The mesh-pads are a big upgrade in terms of playability and quietness compared to conventional pads.

While the sound module of the Nitro isn’t much different from the Behringer, you get drum pads that are more durable and responsive to the Nitro. The Nitro also wins when it comes to the inbuilt sound library as it has 40 different drum sets and 385 sound samples.

You could also look at the XD80USB’s predecessor, the XD8USB. It’s cheaper but has a smaller sound library and single-zone toms. You also get slots for an extra cymbal and toms with the XD80. Even if you are really tight on cash, it is better to wait sometime and spend a little more money on getting the XD80USB than the XD8USB. 

My Final Opinion

The Behringer XD80USB will be perfect for anyone who wants to begin their drumming journey without investing a whole lot of money in it. You can also check the customer reviews here.  This set has all the features that are needed to keep a beginner interested. However, this e-drum is simply not suitable for any advanced drummer. It lacks the sound quality and durability that an advanced drummer needs. Nonetheless, this kit provides everything a beginner will need at an affordable price point.

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