Roland TD-1KV Review

Last Updated on July 30, 2021 by Danny

Roland’s V-Drums are a popular option for an electronic drum set. There’s a good reason for that. They are dedicated to providing constant improvement in the electric kit world and are always pushing technological boundaries. The Roland TD 1KV is a result of this. It’s a space-saving kit that keeps up with you as your playing evolves. 

Roland TD-1KV Review – Who is this drum kit for?

TD-1KV Review

The Roland TD 1KV is for any drummer that is limited for space. It is a compact electric kit, which makes it ideal for anyone living in a small apartment building or a similar small area. The approx. size of this drum set is 39 inches wide and 25 inches deep. It is also good for children who are learning to play, due to how easy it is to maneuver the hardware to fit all sizes of players. 

Finally, it is a good option for a drummer who is just getting into electric drum kits. It provides everything you need from a standard electric kit while remaining affordable. So you won’t have to break the bank to test out electric drumming.  

  • Small and easy to fit into tight spaces
  • 15 high-quality preset kit sounds
  • Hardware is durable
  • Built-in metronome and recording playback option
  • USB output to record into a computer
  • The bass drum pedal doesn’t have a beater or pad, which is unconventional for standard drum kit playing
  • The hihat doesn’t have a stand
  • You can’t adjust music volume separately to the drum volume when playing to music

What’s in the box?

  • A sturdy drum rack that holds the kit together. The drum pads and drum module all connect to the drum rack. 
  • A mesh-head snare pad. The mesh head provides an authentic feel to the snare drum. 
  • A beater-less kick and hihat pedal. 
  • 3 standard tom pads and 3 cymbal pads. 
  • Drum Module 


Sound quality and range 

Roland V drums are known for having a high-quality sound that comes very close to sounding like authentic acoustic drum kits. Its sound module provides 15 preset kits that allow you to play through a wide range of musical styles. There are also kits that provide sounds that are unique to electric kits, meaning you will be able to play with modern styles of music such as House and Drum & Bass. 


The Roland TD 1KV module comes with a record and playback feature. This feature allows you to record yourself playing on the kit and then it will play your recording to listen to. This is hugely beneficial when practicing as it will give you the perspective of your playing. You will hear if what you played sounds good or if it still needs some work. 

The module has a USB port that allows you to connect a computer to it. You can record your playing into a computer using a DAW(Digital Audio Workstation). You’d be able to directly record the sounds from the kit itself, but you’d also be able to record MIDI input and use sounds from the DAW. This makes the kit an ideal option for music production. 

Snare and Tom Pads 

The kit comes with a PDX-8 mesh-head pad for the snare drum. The mesh drum head provides a realistic feel and has independent triggering. You will get a different sound when you hit the rim of the pad. 

Unfortunately, the toms don’t have mesh heads. The toms are standard rubber pads. 

Cymbals and Hihat 

The cymbal pads include the advanced expressiveness found in all TD-series V-Drum modules, including bow and edge sounds and support for cymbal chokes. Meaning you will get two different sounds from the cymbals, depending on where you hit them. And you can choke them to cut the sound off. 

The hi-hat pad can be adjusted for tension. Allowing for the hi-hat to be tight or loose, depending on your preference. You are also able to play hi-hat splashes, a feature not common in entry-level electric kits. 

Kick Drum and Pedal 

The kick pedal is easily positionable, allowing for players of all sizes to be comfortable. 

The TD1KV doesn’t have a kick drum pad, meaning the pedal doesn’t have a beater. This is a potential inconvenience for more experienced drummers, as it is not what they are used to. The kit does allow you to connect a kick drum pad though. So with a bit of extra investment, that issue can be solved. 

The beater-less kick pedal is perfectly usable though and once you get used to it, is not much of a hassle. 

Setup and Assembly 

The kit will come with an instruction manual on how to set it up. Once you learn how it is really easy to do! The drum rack connects together to accommodate all the drum and crash cymbal pads, while the TD 1KV module locks in tight at the top of the main metal bar. You will then have cords that plug from the module into each drum pad and pedal. And you’re all set up! 

The kit doesn’t have built-in speakers, so you will have to plug in headphones or an external amp to hear the electronic drums. 

Alternatives to Roland TD1KV

Roland TD-1K: The TD-1K is the mostly the same kit with the same features, it just doesn’t have a mesh head pad for the snare, making the kit a cheaper option. More about this kit here.

Yamaha DTX450K: The DTX450K doesn’t have any mesh heads and only 10 preset sounds as opposed to the TD 1KV’s 15. However, it has a kick drum pad which is an improvement compared to the TD 1KV’s beater-less kick pedal. Check its reviews here

My Final Opinion 

Read the customer reviews of Roland TD-1KV to know why this is an affordable entry-level kit that provides all the basics needs that you want from an electric kit. The pedals take some time to get used to. But overall, it is the perfect kit for a beginner or for someone looking to buy an affordable electric drum kit.