How to Practice Drums Quietly Without Disturbing the Neighbors

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If you’ve ever tried to learn how to play the drums, you’ll know that drumming is a noisy pursuit. And if you live in an apartment or house with other people, it can be difficult to find a spot where you won’t disturb everyone else. But don’t despair! There are many ways to practice your drums without upsetting your neighbors, and we’re going to explore some of them here.

how to practice drums without making noise

1. Practice drums in the Basement

This option works smoothly if you have a basement. Basements are typically big enough for a drum set and quite often have been turned into living areas by people who use them mostly during colder months. If this sounds like where you live, then practice drums in there all you want. Just remember to clean up before doing anything else so you don’t mess up any other things with debris or dust from your drums!

2. If you don’t have a Basement, Practice Drums in your Garage

how to play drums in an apartment

If your garage is separate from the house and has been converted into some home entertainment room, then practicing in there may be an option; your room is the first place you should look for. You don don’t necessarily have to practice drums in your bedroom; even if if you sleep in there too, it’s possible to find enough space to move around and play drums. The best way for this to work is if you can clear out out a section of floor big enough for a drum drum set, but it might be tough because of all the other things on the floor (or under it).

But some things will help make this scenario more possible:

— Get rid of any furniture or pieces of cloth from your room. You’ll need as much space as possible when practicing drums, so these things get in the way. If you’re not going going to get rid of them altogether, put them in a pile so you can put them back later.

— Clean the floor before you start drumming, and get rid of any dust bunnies that may have collected from time to time. If there’s anything on your room an garage floors that might make your practice less enjoyable or noisy, then get rid of it.

— If you’re practicing in your garage, put down carpeting on the floor so that when the sticks hit the ground, they won’t produce as much noise. This is a crude but effective method of reducing noise production when drumming in an outside space like this one.

3. Carpeting the Floor

Put down carpeting in the room where you’ll practice so that when the sticks hit the floor, there’s less sound bouncing up into the air. This will help reduce noise quite noticeably because even though it doesn’t solve all of the echoes and reverb on its own, it helps cut down on some of the worst noises.

Take a look at some of the best drum rugs you can use:

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4. Invest in Drum Practice Pads

Invest in drum pads to practice on so that you don’t need to use actual drums and can play them without making any noise

Use drum pads on your bass and hi-hat pedals. This will reduce noise occurring from those two drums dramatically and make your practicing a quieter process altogether. It’s also very useful for when you need to practice with headphones; if you don’t have this equipment already, we highly recommend looking into getting both of these items (and maybe even a new set of drums) before you try and learn how to play the drums.

Drum pads on your pedal will help quite a bit with noise reduction when practicing drums in a separate room like this. This is a fantastic accessory for anyone who has to do this kind of thing because it will reduce noise levels produced by the bass and hi-hat pedals immensely! These are generally inexpensive and easy to find at music stores – they even come in various sizes depending on how many drums you need to quiet down!

Take a look at some best-seller Practice Pads you can use:

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5.) Using Noise-Reducing Headphones:

Sometimes practicing drums isn’t enough for one reason or another, or maybe your family members are suspicious because you haven’t been outside all day when everyone knows drummers love their fresh air (ha ha). But never fear; there’s hope. If you live in a place where it is impossible to make noise and still practice drums, noise-reducing headphones are perfect for you. These are very much like regular headphones that have built-in sound dampening technology so that it makes much less noise. This works great for playing drums and listening to music at the same time, or just practicing your set with no interruptions of any kind!

This the headphone I used for reducing noise:

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6. Practice With Garage Band:

If you can manage to set up some kind of recording device to record what you’re doing, then this is a great way to practice drums without having to worry about making too much noise. There are many varieties of recording devices that any aspiring drummer can choose from, but be sure that whatever it is you pick will do the job well! And if not, use some of the other suggestions listed here – they all work very well.

7.) A Virtual Drum:

If you’re looking for a more innovative way of drumming without all the vibration and noise associated with this instrument, then Aerodrums Digital Air Virtual Drums may be what you’re looking for. If done right, these can make even practicing on your own seem like a real session because they produce such great sounds! Don’t let the name fool you; there’s nothing low budget about these types of systems because some of them can go for $10,000 or more. But if this sounds like it is right up your alley, then check into these!

If this doesn’t work, then here’s a tip: if you play your drums when someone else in the house is sleeping I’m willing to bet that he/she will be up within minutes! That means it’s time to try something new – like one of the suggestions above. Another idea would be to wait until everyone has gone off somewhere and then plug in your drum set. By doing this, you can perfect your skills without disturbing anybody at all!

At the end of the day, what matters most is keeping yourself happy and healthy by practicing drums. What happens when someone else isn’t happy? They make us unhappy because we care about them, and that’s a problem. Being a drummer is a noble profession, so do your best to be kind and everything else will fall into place!

There are 100’s of drummers who have been using these tips for years to play drums without disturbing anybody in their household or anyone who lives nearby!

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Remember: keep practicing – no matter what!

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