How Many Calories Does Drumming Burn?

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Drumming is a fun and energetic activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Drummers use their hands, feet, legs, or all to create different beats on the drums. It’s also a form of exercise! Drummers have long debated this question. How many calories does drumming burn?

calories burned during drumming

This is a question that has been asked by many people, but the answer is not always clear. Drumming can be highly strenuous and vary from person to person. In this article, we will look at how many calories you burn when drumming for one hour straight, as well as some other important information about drumming and exercise.

Drumming can burn up to 200-600 calories per hour. This number is dependent on the intensity of drumming and how good a drummer you are. For example, if you have never played drums before, then this number will be significantly lower than someone who has been playing for many years.

To estimate your caloric expenditure while drumming, find out what percent of your heart rate capacity you are at during that time. As an average person with no physical fitness training or experience in drumming, around 55% is the max amount of endurance they would get from playing drums without any breaks or rest periods.

As per BBC News, a drummer burns more calories with 1 hour of drumming than running, aerobics, or weight lifting. There is one more study by Harvard and Oxford, which says drumming will also lower your blood pressure and improve cognitive brain development.

How to Calculate the Calories Burned During Drumming?

There are various ways to measure calories burned during drumming.

One way is by using a heart rate monitor which measures the number of beats per minute and multiplying that with the user’s weight in pounds, then dividing by 200.

Another method is to estimate the total kilocalories used for each hour played based on duration and intensity. A jogger would use about 100 kilocalories an hour while someone running vigorously could use around 800-1000 kilocalories an hour or more depending on factors such as their age, size, and fitness level.

Drummers can burn up to 900 kilocalories/hour at high intensity, 500 KCL/hr at light to moderate intensity but only 50 kcals when they’re not playing!

What Muscles Does Drumming Use to Burn Calories?

Drumming requires using arm muscles, fingers, and hands to hold the drum sticks. Drumming also forces you to use your legs if you’re sitting down or standing up while playing the drums on a kit.


Drummers will often twist their torso in order to get different sounds out of each individual drum they’re hitting with their stick. This would require some more abdominal muscle work as well as strengthening for core strength when twisting the spine around from side to side.

So overall, it could be assumed that there is considerable calorie expenditure during an hour-long session of drumming: by holding arms extended; moving wrists back and forth at rhythmic intervals; through leg movements such as “bouncing” one’s feet off the floor (which can be done on a stool) and the twisting of one’s torso.

Is Drumming a Good Exercise to Burn Calories?

Drumming is a fun exercise for anyone interested in fitness. It’s easy to get started, inexpensive and has low risk of injury with proper instruction. Drumming can be used as an aerobic exercise or even cross-training for different activities like running, spinning, weightlifting or basketball. There are some factors that can affect how many calories you burn from drumming such as your age and your size but it doesn’t take much time to see results!

The average adult person burns around 150 to 600 calories per hour of drumming. This number may be higher or lower depending on the intensity, age, body type, and weight of each individual. Drumming is a great way for children to get fit without putting strain on their bodies that could lead them into other sports like football which can be more dangerous than they would ever know!

Exercise balls are also an inexpensive option so kids can just bounce away during playtime instead of sitting in front of screens all day long!

Drummers should start with warm ups before playing drums because it will help prevent injury as well as improve technique among many other benefits. There are plenty of exercises you can do while still seated at your set or even standing up. Drummers can do a traditional bicep curl, triceps extension or any number of exercises that they might see in a regular workout routine.

Top Factors That Affect Calorie-burning Potential During a Drumming Session

A drummer’s age is important when it comes to how many calories they burn in a given time frame. The younger you are, the more energy your body has and can therefore use for other activities.

According to research from Stanford University School of Medicine, children ages four through thirteen who play an hourlong game every day burned 293 additional calories than kids their same size with no physical activity at all!

Adults have less potential to do so because they’ve already reached peak levels of fitness (though adults still benefit from playing). Your weight also plays into how much you’ll burn: people who weigh more naturally need to exert themselves more to lose the same amount of weight as someone who’s more slender.

If you’re still interested in knowing how many calories a drummer burns during one session, here are some other factors that influence it:

The type of drumming you’ll be doing (solo vs. group) will affect this number drastically! Group playing usually requires less physical movement and thus results in fewer calories burned because players only need to focus on their parts rather than splitting time between drums or cymbals themselves.

Another factor is your ability level: if you can play relatively quickly with little effort for an extended period, then obviously there should be significant caloric expenditure but if you have trouble keeping up even basic beats without much sweat being produced, then it’s not going to be as much.

People of different heights will have differing calorie-burning rates because their arms are going through longer or shorter arcs with each stroke, so that factor can’t be ignored either!

A drummer who is under five feet tall may find themselves being exhausted after only one song while someone over six feet might still feel fine without breaking a sweat. Be sure to account for all these variables when you’re wondering how many calories your drumming session really burns!

Drummers burn about 600 calories per hour of drumming depending on the type and intensity level they play at. Other factors like height and ability level must also be taken into consideration before making any assumptions since those things affect caloric expenditure levels too.

How Many Calories Does Air Drumming Burn?

Air drumming is a new trend that people are increasingly interested in. The idea of air drums started as an April Fool’s joke, but it has turned into one of the most popular trends on social media and music streaming platforms.

There have been many studies done about how much calories this activity burns per minute, with varying results depending on what kind of person you are (a beginner or advanced), where you do your air drums (indoor or outdoor) and how long you last at them before getting bored/tired which can vary from 20 minutes to two hours.

The average burn rate for someone who does not play any other instruments normally is about 200-400 calories per hour, however, if they did tap out a rhythm to keep time, that rate may increase.

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