The 8 Best Snare Drum Stands of 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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The snare drum is typically the most played drum in a drum set. If you want to get the best out of your snare drum, you will need a good snare stand. We have looked at 100’s of top-rated snare stands in the market right now but as per our research and customer’s feedback, Pearl S1030 is the best snare stand. Please go through them to find the best one for you. If you are unsure what to pick, we have also included a buyer’s guide at the end to help you out.

8 Best Snare Stands – Reviews

1. Drum Workshop CP5300 5000 Snare Stand – Best Overall

The DW CP5300 5000 series snare stand will seem like a standard stand at first glance. It doesn’t have any glaring finish or some clever gimmick that will attract your eye. However, not all that shines are gold, and even though this stand might not be shiny, it is excellent. It has an integrated tube joint memory lock that helps you keep the stand precisely the way you like it. It has a fine-tooth tilter that allows you to adjust the angle of the snare minutely. No matter how long you practice, the snare will not move from its set position.

Even though it is the most lightweight snare stand on this list but its tripod base gives you fantastic stability so that you can rest assured of a wobble-free playing experience. The build quality is also supreme; this stand can take aggressive drumming for years together. The only problem with this thing is that it has many parts, and setting up the stand can take some effort.

  • Heavy duty with loads of adjustments options
  • Sturdy and well built
  • Easy to adjust to physical posture, playing style
  • Setup could have been a little simpler

2. Yamaha SS-740A Snare Stand – Runner-up

Yamaha is a well-known brand in the musical industry, and they have delivered a pretty good snare stand with the SS-740A. It comes with an infinite tilter adjustment that gives you an incredible range of positions. The height adjustment is also quite broad, and you can use it while both sitting and standing. You can also use it for practice pad but not more than 14″ in diameter.

The stand is quite durable even though it is only single-braced. However, being single-braced has its advantages. It makes this stand relatively light and will be ideal for drummers who go on tours. The basket is adjustable, and you can fit snares up to 14 inch big. Yamaha provides a five-year limited warranty to this product. If any issues creep up during the usage, you can get it repaired at no cost.

  • Allows the snare to turn 360 degrees clockwise or anit-clockwise
  • You can mount a tom with no issues
  • Perfect height for 6 foot tall people while seated
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Slightly overpriced
  • Isn’t stable with snares bigger than 14″

3. Pearl S1030 Snare Drum Stand – Best for the Money

The S1030 from Pearl is a slightly unconventional looking stand that delivers in places that matter. If you want a snare stand with supreme adjustability, the S1030 is quite hard to beat. It features gyro lock multiple axis tilt, which gives drummers incredible flexibility for adjusting their snare position. The height is also highly adjustable, and it can accommodate snare drums ranging from 10 inches to 16 inches.

It features Pearl’s patented Air suspension rubber tips that can allow your snare to vibrate naturally. The stand is also tour-grade hardware, so you can trust it to withstand some physical abuse. The die-casted insulated pipe joints not only give the stand its unconventional look but also make it durable. The only thing missing from this fantastic stand is a memory lock, but you will be able to buy it and add it to the stand. Overall, this stand delivers an incredible slew of features at a great price point. You also get a lifetime warranty so that you can play worry-free.

  • Gyro lock tilt
  • Exact height adjustment
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Stays in position once set up
  • Extends up to 16+ inches
  • No memory locks

4. Gretsch Drums GRG5SS Snare Drum Stand – Best in Budget

The GRG5SS is an incredible snare stand from Gretsch that thrashes its competition. This line of snare stands dates back to 1912 and has remained popular till now. The double-braced tripod setup gives you fantastic stability as well as incredible durability. The metal is quite thick, and it’ll be a very long time before you end up cracking this one. 

It has a ball tilter that lets you comfortably fine-tune the angle. It also has a large basket adjustment knob, so you will be able to accommodate most snares in it. It comes with Gretsch style T-rod wing screws and wing nuts that hold your drum securely in place. The quality of this stand is simply impeccable. While it might not be as good as some of the premia stands, you simply cannot find a better stand at its price.

  • Highly adjustable with perfect lowest setting
  • Extremely reasonable pricing
  • Tension adjustment is made of plastic composite material

5. Pearl S930 – Concert and Marching Snare Drum Stand

Pearl is a company that needs no introduction in the drumming community. They have delivered incredible products that are very popular. Its S930 Snare drum stand comes with a uni-lock tilter to help position your snare properly; while it isn’t as good as the gyro lock multi-axis tilt, the uni-lock does get the job done. It’s tilting action is very smooth and fearless. It comes with Air suspension rubber tips that allow your drum to resonate freely and doesn’t choke it like other mechanisms to hold the snare. You don’t lose your drum’s resonance in any way.

The tripod’s widespread angle and the fact that it is double-based helps it remain remarkably stable. The tripod design significantly reduces wobbling and provides a comfortable drumming experience. It has rubber feet, which give an excellent grip. You will be able to tilt the snare to extreme angles without worrying about it tipping. The stand is relatively light, and the setup is quick, so it will be perfect for gigging. You can fit the drums between 10 inch and 14 inch on this stand.

  • It can be used for snare and toms
  • great looking chrome finish
  • Gyro Lock for infinite adjustment of the basket angle
  • Lifetime warranty
  • All angles of mounting possible
  • Wood hoop rimmed snares don’t fit properly
  • Durability isn’t great

6. Gibraltar 8713UA – Best for Low Height

Gibraltar is only known for incredible hardware, and the 8713UA is an incredible piece of hardware. It is the only flat base stand on this list. This allows it to have extra-low height settings. You can lower it up to 15″; you can make it even lower if you are okay with sawing off a couple of pipes. This small form factor makes it great for small kits.  

It comes with an ultra-adjustment position basket, which gives you pretty good options for positioning. The best part is that it remains incredibly stable even though it has great adjustability. You can also use this to mount toms if you want. Overall, this is an ideal stand for someone who likes their snare at a low height.

  • Impressive build quality and stability
  • Good for Low height deeper snares
  • Can be Adjustusted for every playing style
  • Needs drum key to lock it in place


If you need a black snare stand, the S600EB from MAPEX is among the few options available. The black finish looks excellent and can give your kit a unique look. It will especially look right in place with the V-Drums black aesthetics. The black coating is a little plastic feeling, so it might wear off after intensive use. If you aren’t into the black finish, it does come in chrome finish too. 

It comes with an offset multiple-step tilter that gives you limited adjustability. The ratchet adjust is double braced, so it will last. The basket adjuster is die-cast, which ensures that it will last for many years without any sign of cracking or striping. It requires very minimal assembly and can accommodate most drums. This stand’s overall quality is excellent, and it’s a reliable option for anyone who doesn’t want traditional chrome hardware.

  • Durable
  • Black finish really looks good
  • Definitely worth the price
  • The black finish can wear off over time

8. Donner Snare Drum Stand – Most Affordable

The Donner snare drum stand is an ideal option for someone who wants to get a snare stand but doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on it. While it is a tripod stand, the stability isn’t exceptional, and it can wobble at times. The stand is double braced, so it does have remarkable durability for its price. This stand can accommodate drums between 10″ and 14″. You even get a drumstick holder with this. 

Donner is known for delivering affordable hardware at great deals, and their snare drum stand is no exception. If you are worried about whether you may or may not like this stand, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Cheapest
  • You can folds it to a very compact size
  • Comes with a stick holder
  • A little short
  • Slightly wobbly

What Should I Look For In A Snare Drum Stand?

The snare drum stand is a pretty uncomplicated and straightforward piece of hardware. However, a vast number of options can end up complicating things. To help simplify the process of narrowing down your choices, we have listed some of the essential criteria you should consider while buying a snare drum stand. They are size, sturdiness, adjustability, and cost-efficiency, and we have elaborated on them below.


This is the first thing you should look at even before you start considering the price and features. Most snare stands are adjustable, and you will usually find that a stand can accommodate a range of different sizes. It is usually mentioned in the product details, so make sure you check it before you buy. It is an easy thing to overlook but extremely crucial. If you can, avoid purchasing a snare drum holder whose maximum accepted size is equal to your drum’s size. This is because snare stands tend to be the most unstable when they are holding the largest drum.


Any hardware needs to take a little bashing and remain undamaged at the end of it. A sturdy snare stand will last you many years before you end up cracking or bending it. The sturdiness is vital if you are a touring/gigging drummer as the hardware will take physical abuse during transit. Opening your hardware bag before a significant performance and finding out that your snare stand has a crack in it is nothing short of a nightmare. So please spend a little time reading online reviews of the snare stand you want to buy, as an hour spent researching now can save you from having to buy a new snare stand down the line.


While stability and sturdiness might seem similar, they are two very different things. Sturdiness is a measure of how durable the stand is, whereas stability is a measure of wobbly the stand. A less wobbly stand allows your snare drum to resonate better and lets you play with more confidence. Rock and metal drummers need exceptionally stable stands as they tend to be very rough during playing.


Having your snare drum in a comfortable height and angle is very important. Not only does it allow you to play longer without discomfort, but you will also be playing better. Therefore, you must get an adjustable snare stand that lets you control your snare’s position’s height, and angle. Cheap stands usually have only a limited number of heights and angles in which you can set them. However, more expensive options typically have an extensive range for positioning, allowing you to find the best position for you.


Your budget is usually one of the most important factors for buying a new snare drum stand. While a snare drum stand is much cheaper than your typical shell pack, it is still a significant amount of money as stands can range from as low as $30 to even nearly $200. While the previous factors might make you want to buy the most expensive stand out there, you probably don’t need them. 

Cheaper stands aren’t necessarily bad; they are just less expensive. Spending $150 on a snare stand and using it to only practice in your basement isn’t a smart move. Find out what your specific needs are and buy the best one for that purpose within your budget. If you are going to tour around the country, spending $200 or even $300 on a snare stand is okay. However, if you are just going to local gigs every fortnight, a $50 stand will be good enough. Don’t overspend just for the sake of it.

Final Thoughts

No one is going to compliment you for having an incredible snare drum stand, nor are you going to be thinking about it a whole lot of often. However, the part is extremely crucial as it lets you play the snare drum to the best of your capacity. 

The Donner is an excellent option for anyone looking for a cheap deal, while the DW snare stand and S1030 from Pearl will be perfect for someone who needs a great stand and doesn’t mind spending money on it. Avoid impulse purchases, and make sure you do proper research in buying the one best for you.

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