7 Best Electronic Drum Sets for Kids

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Best for 10-15+ Years Old
Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit
Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit
  • Good sound quality and very durable
  • Super easy to use for kids
  • Great to learn drums without spending a lot
  • 4 Year afffordable warranty purchase via Amazon
Best for 5-10 Years Old
RockJam 8-Piece Electric Drum Set
RockJam 8-Piece Electric Drum Set
  • Works with headphones to keep the noise down
  • Come with a seat
  • Decenty Sound Quality
  • 1 Year limited Warranty
Best for 1-5 Years Old
Pyle Portable Digital Drum Kit
Pyle Portable Digital Drum Kit
  • Great kit to start drumming at age below 5 years
  • Portable to take it anywhere as it runs on batteries
  • Only 1 year warranty

An Electronic Drum set is the best way for your children to learn to play drums without disturbing your neighbors. There are lots of kits available for kids from the age of 1 year to 15 years old. Either you want a percussion pad or an electronic drum set for your kid, we have listed some of the best electronic drums for kids to start drumming at such a young age.

The Best Electronic Drum Sets for Kids

1. Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit

Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit

Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit is considered the best electronic drum set for kids by the parents who bought it for their little one. This kit is an excellent choice for young drummers to learn the fundamentals of drumming and develop the right techniques at a young age. For an affordable price, you’ll get a complete electronic kit that is configured just like a traditional one. You can adjust the rack and the pads so your child would feel comfortable behind the kit. It has three mounted rack pads, one snare pad, three cymbals, and a kick pad with a complete set of pedals.

Unlike most electronic drum sets for kids, it does not use rubber trigger pads. It uses mesh trigger pads, the standard for high-quality electronic kits. Furthermore, the kit’s rich sound module contains 60 play-along tracks, 380+ sounds, and it fully supports USB and MIDI connections so your child can learn to play his/her favorite songs in no time.

All in all, if you want a low cost but top quality electronic kit for your children the Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit is a premium option.

  • Spacious and comfortable pads
  • Rich sound module
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to Setup
  • Not for kids above 10-12 years of age

2. RockJam Mesh (DDMESH1000)

RockJam (DDMESH1000)

The RockJam Mesh Electronic drum kit is an affordable option with extensive features and competitive materials. It is easy to configure and set up. The sound module contains useful functions that your child can use to practice and improve. It has an impressive set of velocity-sensitive mesh heads, which you can adjust and configure further to make your kid comfortable in playing.

The cymbal pads are also adjustable, which allows flexibility of the kit, so your child can reach and hit the cymbals on time. It allows connection with USB devices, headphones, and MIDI controllers so your child can play along with his/her favorite songs and even record his/her attempt. With its 30 drum sounds, multiple song demos, and tempo functions, your child can express his/her creativity and unlock his/her drumming potential at an early age.

  • Cool features and extensive sound module
  • The kit looks durable
  • It occupies a large space

3. Pyle Pro Electronic Tabletop Drum Set

Pyle Portable Drums

In case you don’t have the space for a full-size kit, or you are looking for a tabletop drum set that would allow your child to play anywhere and anytime, the Pyle Pro Electronic drum set is a great option. It might not have a separate sound module, but it has a full LED control display to aid pad configuration.

The drum pads are touch-sensitive, which contributes to the dynamics and playability of this kit. It also features a metronome system, 25 drum-presets, 215 Percussion sounds, and 128 GM Voices, which are all available for your kid’s use.

It is a great-sounding kit that your child can use to practice. However, this kit might not be ideal if your kid plans to use it for performance, or recording as there might be some compatibility and drum trigger issues, especially on the kick pad.

  • Good sounds and extensive functions
  • Numerous presets and percussion voices
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Drum trigger issues, especially with the kick pad

4. Roland TD-1DMK V-Drums

Roland TD-1DMK V-Drums

The TD-1DMK is an entry-level kit from Roland’s famous V-Drums series. It has gained a reputation, especially for beginners, students, and even returning drummers. For parents, this is an excellent choice to unlock your child’s drumming potential. It contains ten excellent training functions together with an onboard metronome to hone your child’s timing and sense of rhythm. As a young drummer, the more he/she is exposed to these training features, the more he/she would be able to play more difficult drum pieces in no time.

With 15 different presets, your kid can choose from a wide variety of drum kits and learn how to play the drums for different genres and styles. Take note, however, that the kit only includes three cymbal pads, four drum pads, a kick pad, the sound module, and the rack. It does not include a kick drum pedal, so you have to buy one that your child can use.

In terms of sound quality, this kit is top-notch. Roland has always been a pioneer for creating electronic drums with good sound quality. The mesh heads offer a realistic response that would surely give your child a great playing experience.

  • Built in self training software
  • Childrens can record it to computer
  • Adjustable height for Cymbal and snare pad
  • Good for quite practice
  • Does not contain a kick pad pedal

5. Carlsbro CSD130

Carlsbro CSD130

If you are looking for a drum kit with excellent compatibility and interface for your kids, the Carlsbro CSD130 is undoubtedly a competitive product. With its intuitive USB interface and MIDI In/Out connection, your child can reach a different level on drumming. He/she can play along with his/her favorite songs and even record tracks/loops/beats with the MIDI function, so your child can share it with his/her friends.

With this kit, you’ll live in harmony with your neighbors since your child can always practice in silence by connecting a headphone output to its commander/drum module. Your child will not outgrow this kit anytime soon as it contains 250 different percussion sounds and 20 preset drum kits that he/she can choose from. Like most full-size kits, it contains three cymbal pads, four drum pads, and a kick pad.

All in all, this is a good starter kit for your young child. However, as he/she develops her musicianship, the sound might not feel natural for him/her as opposed to other products with a richer sound module.

  • Good USB interface and MIDI connection
  • Wide percussion sounds and drum presets
  • Great starter kit for youngsters
  • Some customers say that the kit sounds artificial

6. Alesis CompactKit 4

Alesis Compact Kit 4

The Alesis CompactKit 4 is a tabletop electronic drum set that features velocity-sensitive drum pads that sound realistic. It only contains four pads, which allows your child to be more creative by making the most out of the drum sounds. This electronic kit is a good kit for a starting drummer to learn, and there are dozens of features that your child can use to improve and enjoy.

Your child can learn to play along different tracks and songs with its coach mode feature that shows notes on the LCD screen to accompany and guide your child’s playing. It is light, and you can use it anywhere either by plugging it into the wall or by using 6 C batteries. It also has other features like the demo mode and game mode, which will engage your young student to have an enjoyable learning experience.

  • Expert drumming instructions
  • Kids can play anywhere by using the power adapter or by attaching batteries
  • Headphone out allows silent drumming practice
  • Some customers experienced issues with the on/off

7. PAXCESS Roll Up Drum Set

PAXCESS Electronic Drum

The Paxcess electronic drum kit simple design but what makes it special from other e-drums. It is the only kit in the market today that you can roll it up and fit in your child’s bag. Available in three different colors; white, orange, and blue. Unlike other compact electronic drums, this kit is not bulky, you can roll the pads, and after a few configurations, your child can play it right away. You can configure the seven pads and even connect it to your computer so your child can play, record, or produce music with ease.

It also contains two pedals, which functions like a real drum. You just have to press the “SPECIAL” button to use this feature. With its design and headphone output, your child can practice in your apartment quietly while you are reading a book in the same room. This kit is a perfect gift for your kid or any starting drummer you know, as it contains a built-in metronome. It features a rechargeable battery, so your child can play without having to stay in one place to plug it.

  • Excellent design
  • Convenient and portable
  • Good built-in functions for learning
  • Not suitable for someone looking for a full-size/tabletop kit

Buying Advice for Kids Electronic Drum Sets

Buying the right kit for your child poses different challenges, especially if you are not familiar with electronic drum kits. Don’t worry! We will guide you through the process and enumerate some of the things that you must know and consider so you would get the most out of your budget.

What does a kid’s electronic kit consist of, and why?

electronic drum set for kids

As a parent, you might have been wondering what to look for before buying an electronic drum kit. In this section, we will tackle some of the most important components that you have to look for before purchasing an electronic drum kit for your kid.

Trigger pads

First off, an electronic drum kit cannot function as a drum set without the trigger pads. The trigger pads are what your child hits to generate a drum sound. For full-size electronic kits, these trigger pads are mostly circular, while in compact electronic drums, some products have rectangular trigger pads. You should also take note of the material used for the pads. Mesh trigger pads offer a greater response, dynamics, and sensitivity as opposed to their rubber counterparts. However, electronic drums with mesh pads are generally more expensive than kits featuring rubber trigger pads.

Sound module

The sound module is an integral part of an electronic kit as it acts as the brain of the whole kit. Functions such as configuring the pads, playing sequences, using training functions, recording, and adjusting the volume or sensitivity are all adjusted in the sound module. For full-size kits, the sound module is usually placed on the left side of the rack. Keep in mind that for compact drum kits, you will not see the sound module as a separate component because it is inside the electronic drum kit.


Finally, most electronic drum kits come with a pair of drumsticks, especially those bundled as a starter kit. However, if you want to buy a separate pair of sticks that your child can use, we recommend nylon-tipped drumsticks that are more delicate and compatible with electronic drums.

Look for training programs with a metronome

Learning the drums is more than just hitting the toms and cymbals as fast as you can. One of the most crucial roles of a drummer is to keep the band on time. One of the most effective ways to train your child’s tempo is by using a metronome. Most electronic drum kits have a metronome, but some provide more advanced features by providing built-in soundtracks that your kid can play along with. If you are serious about developing your child’s drumming, we recommend electronic drum kits with built-in training programs and a metronome.


Before buying a set for your kid, we strongly recommend that you take your time to consider and to compare the sound and hardware quality of the electronic drum kits you are considering purchasing.


First, let’s start with the hardware. As mentioned earlier, electronic drums can either have mesh or rubber trigger pads. Mesh trigger pads are known to be more durable, but rubber pads are known to be more affordable.

For full-size kits, you must also take note of the material type of the rack. The rack is where you attach and assemble the pads. Some drum racks are made of Aluminum, while some, of steel. 

Aluminum racks tend to be lighter, which makes the kit easier to move. On the other hand, steel is more durable, but heavier. Steel racks are also prone to rust, but fortunately, most drum manufacturers use chrome plating to avoid corrosion. If you want a more durable drum rack that would last your kid for years, we recommend chrome racks. On the other hand, if you think your child would want to move the kit from time to time, maybe electronic drum kits with an Aluminum rack is a better option.


The sound module is responsible for the sound configuration and sound quality of the kit. These sounds are sampled from real acoustic kits and depending on the engineering of the electronic drumkit, these sounds would trigger smoothly at your child’s stroke.

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With different electronic drum kits available in the market today, it is difficult to choose the right kit for your child.

Most electronic drum kits are good for children, but some kits stand out in terms of sound quality, durability, sound module features, and trigger pads quality.

All in all, to get the best out of your budget, you must balance between these characteristics and consider your child’s preference, personality, and goals as well.

If you think that your child has the potential and the determination to pursue drumming, We RECOMMEND that you go for HIGH-QUALITY electronic drum kit like Alesis Nitro Mesh that grows with your child.

Buying a good electronic drumkit for your kid might be a big investment at first, but it would benefit and serve your child well. If you made it until this point, we hope that you take the factors we’ve mentioned into consideration and take the time to check the products we have recommended.

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