Top 5 Best Kick Drum Mic Stands in 2021

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So you have decided to mic your bass drum, be it for simple practice work or full-fledged studio recording. Even if you have picked out your microphone, you still need a stand to hold it. A good microphone stand is like any hardware; you won’t notice that it exists until there is a problem. A bad stand will vibrate a lot, and this will lead to issues in your recordings. The whole stand might even collapse and ruin your recording session. Therefore, we have compiled the list of the best kick drum mic stands; these will ensure you never have to think of buying another mic stand again.

5 Best Kick Drum Mic Stands

1. K & M Microphone Stand with 2 piece boom arm – Top Pick

  • It can hold incredibly heavy microphone such as Solomon LoFreq
  • Sturdy kick mic stand with heavy, solid legs.
  • Tighten everything up with an adjustment knob
  • Does not fall over on stage like other stands
  • I wish the arm were shorter and adjustable

The K & M kick drum microphone stand is pretty much an industry standard. It is widely used and well regarded by drummers. It features a very low design that makes it well suited for all bass drums. It can be adjusted between 14″ and 25″, so you can adjust it as per your requirements. The overall construction is very sturdy and will last for many years. It features short legs, which give it immense stability.

While it does fold down to make transportation easy, the legs are a bit bulky, and that can limit your positioning option. It features a two-piece boom arm that gives great reach(about 28″) while remaining compact. Overall this is an excellent extra-low kick drum mic stand that will not disappoint you. While it is more expensive than other options, it is a worthy long-term investment. 

2. On-Stage MS7920B Amp and Bass Drum Short Microphone Stand

  • Has a small base hence easy to place in tight spaces on stage
  • Longer Boom arm with 320 degree adjustment
  • Good for Recording
  • Lighter base hence Mic tends to fall down

The On-stage MS7920B is another excellent compact bass drum microphone stand. Its height can be adjusted between 8″ and 14″ via a die-cast steel clutch. The 16″ long boom can be easily adjusted and has a 320 degree adjusted angle. The aesthetic of this stand succinctly merges with most drum sets. Unlike the tripod design of the K & M, this features a U-shaped base.

While this design isn’t as stable as the tripod, it provides sufficient stability for most use cases. The advantage of a U-shaped design is that it dramatically reduces the stand’s footprint, allowing you to fit in even a very cluttered drum set filled with a multitude of stands.

3. Gator Frameworks Short Weighted Base Microphone Stand

  • Heavy Base to Hold it strong
  • easy to adjust using knob
  • Integrated cable management
  • Comes with three cable management clips
  • This stand does a pretty good job to hold a bulky mic in awkward positions
  • The boom still spins side to side even after tightening it hard enough

This is another short bass drum mic stand with a compact U-shaped base. The Gator Frameworks can be extended to 23″ high using a twist clutch system and features a single section 16″ long boom. The steel construction gives it outstanding durability, while the soft rubber adjustment knob makes adjustment comfortable. The weighted U-shaped base gives you excellent stability and even features a rubber gasket on the bottom to reduce vibrations.

This stand can withstand up to 5 lbs. It also features integrated cable management that gives it a very clean look. There is also a deluxe variant that features a two-section boom that can extend up to 27″. There is even a tripod version for those who prefer that.

4. On-Stage Utility-Boom Combo Microphone Stand

  • Great design, and built well
  • Good for home studio
  • Very stable base
  • Good for short people
  • Boom arm doesn’t hold at a level to get the mic further inside the kick drum

This model MS7311B from On-Stage is a microphone stand with many similarities to the aforementioned On-stage’s MS7920B stand. This one also has a 16″ articulating boom whose angle can be easily adjusted by up to 320 degrees. It has the same height adjustment range of 8″ to 14″. This also features excellent build quality and should last very long if given due care.

The only significant difference is that, unlike the MS7920B, this bass drum mic stand features a tripod design. The legs are very short and near horizontal, giving it immense stability. However, this added stability comes at a cost, and its footprint is much higher than the U-shaped base of the MS7920B.

5. InnoGear Adjustable Desk Microphone Stand

  • Base is heavy at 5.0 lbs
  • Can hold the heavy mic in a fixed position
  • Comes with 2 u-shape cable management clips
  • Most of the components looks cheap
  • Great product, bad production.

The InnoGear kick drum microphone stand is the cheapest option on this list. Even though it is relatively inexpensive, it is packed with many useful features. It has a U-shaped base that is weighted, giving it good stability. The base also has a rubber gasket to absorb unwanted vibrations. Its height can be adjusted by a clutch from 11″ up to 15.8″. It features a telescopic boom arm whose angle and length( can extend up to 18″) can be comfortably adjusted. The boom can make a full circle; that is, it can be adjusted by 360 degrees.

The overall structure is stable enough to handle mics up to 4.4 lbs heavy. The only drawback is that it has plastic tightening knobs that might wear out in the long term.

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These are the five best microphone stands for bass drum in the market. They are stable and give great flexibility when it comes to positioning. Each of them provides excellent value for their cost, and you cannot go wrong with any of them. However, if you want the best of the best and don’t mind spending, the K & M microphone stand is your ideal stand. It is very stable, looks great, can be extended easily, durable, and is very popular among drummers.

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