7 Best Electronic Drum Sets Under $1000

Last Updated on July 29, 2021 by Danny

If you’re serious about drumming, you should consider investing in an electronic drum set. These drum kits provide a reliable, flexible, and realistic way to sharpen your skills at a fraction of the price (and a fraction of the noise). The electronic drum set market is highly competitive, so you have no shortage of top-of-the-line options to choose from. We are here to sift through each option so you can find one of the best electronic drum sets under $1000.

Roland TD-17KL
Roland TD-17KL
  • 50 premium quality drumkits
  • 310 drum/percussion sounds
  • Built-in coaching functions to track technique
  • Expandable by adding an extra crash cymbal or snare
  • Output/Phones jack
Yamaha DTX522K
Yamaha DTX522K
  • FREE iOS Apps for customization, importing songs or training
  • 691 Drum and percussion sounds
  • 50 preset drum kits from various genres
  • 360-degrees cymbal choke function
Alesis Surge Mesh
Alesis Surge Mesh
  • 385 drum and cymbal sounds
  • 60 built-in play-along tracks
  • Connectivity to devices via USB and MIDI
  • Mesh drum heads for quiet & natural response
  • Advanced sequencer and recorder

Roland, Alesis, and Yamaha are the marquee names. Each brand has a distinct set of specialties, features, sounds, and benefits.

Best Electronic Drum Sets Under $1000

1. Alesis Command Mesh Kit

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Alesis has made a name for itself, particularly within the last decade, for high-quality entry and mid-range priced electronic drum sets. Case in point: The Alesis Command comes with a little bit of everything to ensure mesh drummers have what they need to hone their craft.

The Alesis Command Mesh Kit starts with a chrome structure. On top of the metal, you will find all-mesh pads, including Alesis’ premium offering, the Strike. The electronic drum set includes a standard five-piece ensemble along with cymbals, tom pads, a snare, and bass drum.

There is a rotary control in the center that lets you control the more than 600 drum and percussive sounds. The feature also enables you to edit sounds and adjust parameters. For instance, you can change the effect on a pad’s volume, pitch, reverb, decay, and more.

Overall, the Alesis Command Mesh Drum Kit is one of the slicker (and modern) looking electronic drums. The drum set offers a realistic environment with superior responsiveness from the pads and bass drum. There are also USB and MIDI inputs and outputs for recording.

  • Easy to assemble
  • 600+ drum and percussion sounds
  • Chrome build for durability
  • Minor hardware issues

2. Alesis Surge Mesh Kit

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Alesis, along with Yamaha and Roland, is one of the powerhouse names in electronic drum kits. The company has been around since 1984, with its products intended for studio and live performances. When it comes to the Alesis Surge, the company does an excellent job of putting an affordable price tag on professional capabilities.

For starters, the Alesis Surge Mesh Kit gives power to the player. You can explore 40 kits, 60 play-along tracks, and 385 drum and percussion sounds. Each of these notes comes with premium responsiveness thanks to mesh surfaces that emulate the real thing.

Alesis also has built-in lessons, so that you can develop your skills in a fun and engaging manner. The songs are available with the Melodics app (and the promo code) that comes with the purchase. These bonus lessons cover a range of genres and skill levels, so there is no chance of getting bored.

The largest-selling point for the Alesis Surge drum set is the price point. While the electronic set does not have the sturdiest frame among comparable models, there are no other e-kits with these features at this price. The combination of convenience and affordability makes this drum set an ideal option for beginning drummers.

  • Highly affordable
  • 386 sounds and 40 kits
  • USB and MIDI connectivity
  • Less sturdy than comparable models

3. Donner DED-200

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Professionally designed for beginners: That’s the modus operandi for the Donner DED-200. The drum set is an excellent gateway into drumming with all-mesh drumheads for a real feel and a substantial selection of sounds. There are also 30 demo songs that you can practice along, without making any noise.

The Donner DED-200 uses acoustic drum samples to replicate a realistic soundscape. That applies to the tom-tom, snare, kick drum, hi-hat, crash, and ride. The company also shortened the shock response to avoid sound delay after a strike.

Additionally, the Donner DED-200 drum set comes with 30 demo songs. They cover popular genres like jazz, rock, punk, and blues. The demo songs give people something to work with, whether they are practicing or ready to play on the big stage.

  • Affordable
  • All-mesh drumheads
  • 30 demo songs
  • Electronic heads may overload

4. Roland TD-17KL

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The Roland TD-17KL is priced just barely under the $1000 threshold & is one of the top-rated electronic drum set of 2020. The kit comes with the sounds and features one can expect from Roland’s classic V-Drums thanks to 50 premium quality drumkits. Regardless of your experience level, you can find the nuance and expression necessary to cultivate the perfect tracks.

For instance, the “acoustic” kit provides a warm and wooden timbre while the “studio” option is ideal for recording. Other options include the air-tight “compact” for intimate settings as well as the ever-intense “metal” mode. The Roland TD-17KL includes layering abilities, too, so that drummers can put a personal touch on each component.

One of the aspects that sets the Roland TD-17KL apart from less sophisticated models is the lifelike pads. The live-size models provide a realistic experience similar to that of its acoustic counterpart. The sizing allows experienced drummers to have their technique and precision shine through with each note.

The Roland TD-17KL also comes with a bevy of features that accommodate any drummer. That includes, but is not limited to, MIDI over USB, audio over USB, two dual-trigger inputs, and adjustable reverb and compression. The cymbals even have weight-optimization, so that they sway just like the real thing.

  • Sophisticated design
  • 50 premium quality drumkits and 310 drum/percussion sounds
  • A comprehensive range of features
  • Some instances of missing parts during shipment

5. Yamaha DTX522K

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Yamaha is a household name in the musical world, and its electronic drum sets are no exception. The Yamaha DTX522K is one of the company’s most popular options. The wide range of high-quality features and sounds rank it among the best 1000-dollar electronic drum sets.

The DTX502 drum trigger module is the brain behind the beauty. This functional component provides 691 sound effects, including a 32-note polyphonic tone generator. You can monitor and synchronize these sounds with the small monitor and buttons.

When you are drumming, you will notice the realistic cymbal sounds. The DTX502 has professional-grade cymbals pads that provide different timbres, whether you hit it on the cup, bow, or edge. In addition to a realistic swinging motion, you can put the cymbal on mute before hitting it.

Best of all, the drum set is easy to set-up, even if you are not technically inclined. The customizable drum set comes with detailed instructions that will help you navigate the process in minutes. Plus, the features are highly durable, so once the kit is set, you will be good to go for the long run.

  • 691 sound effects
  • Easy to set-up
  • Dynamic expression of sound
  • The app only works with Apple
  • Kick pedal not included

6. Roland V Entry TD-1DMK

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The Roland V TD-1DMK represents a breakthrough for fans of mesh electronic drum sets. Roland has exclusively used the material for mid and high-level kits. Now, they offer this material in a set at an affordable price. The mesh heads provide a realistic drumming experience along with an arsenal of features and effects.

For starters, the TD-1DMK has 256 polyphonic notes and 15 preset drum kits. Each kit provides an authentic and expressive tone, so drummers can feel like they’re playing the real thing. The true-to-life sound quality is one of the best features of this electronic drum set.

Each electronic drum kit comes with a kick, snare, hi-hat, hit-hat control pedals, tom-toms, crash, and ride. There are several built-in features, too, like a metronome to keep drummers on the beat. Some accessories, like the kick pedal and drum monitors, are sold separately.

Roland markets the TD-1DMK to amateurs and professionals. This electronic drum set is ideally suited for individuals who want to sharpen their skills in their free time. There are even ten onboard coaching functions that let you track your progress as you improve.

  • Excellent sound quality
  • High-quality mesh heads for realistic playability
  • Easy to use for drummers of all levels
  • Somewhat limited drum module

7. Yamaha DTX532K

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The Yamaha DTX532K packs a comprehensive assortment of features into one electronic drum kit without sacrificing quality. Meanwhile, drummers can take advantage of dynamic sound expressions for everything from the hi-hats to the cymbals and snares. Add in the reputation of Yamaha and the DTX532K is a competitor for the best electronic drum set under 1000.

The drum module includes 691 high-quality sounds for drums and percussions. For example, there are the triple-zone cymbal pads, which produce different timbres based on the hit location. As a bonus, the cymbals have a realistic sway and low acoustic noise.

Each drum pad comes with Yamaha’s TCS (texture cellular silicone), which the company created for DTX pads. These have higher sensitivity than traditional options while producing less noise. You will find the strikes have a realistic feel, which enables advanced users to show off their technique.

The drum set is outstanding for students and intermediate players. Yamaha does an excellent job of squeezing in a boatload of features at a reasonable price. Now you can take your drumming to the next level without disturbing your housemates or neighbors!

  • 691 drum and percussion sounds
  • A comprehensive assortment of features
  • Viable set for drummers of all levels
  • Toms are not dual-zone


While a $1000 electronic drum set may look pricey, but you should consider it as an investment. These kits offer drummers long-lasting opportunities to learn proper techniques, explore new genres, and develop new skills. Whether you want the DTX502’s versatility or the affordability of the Donner DED-200, there is no going wrong with any option on this list.