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9 Best Drum Sets for Kids, Juniors from 2 to 10 years old


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An electronic drum kit is a great way to introduce kids to a musical instrument. There is a wide range of options that accommodate everyone from true beginners to the advanced. Today, the best electronic drum sets for kids have an unprecedented array of features and customizability.

Learning the drums comes with instant gratification. Kids can quickly deduce their sound options and pick up a drumbeat. However, when it comes to acoustic drums, the sound can be overbearing for parents and neighbors alike.

An electronic drum set for kids circumvents the sound problem. The kit is a series of rubber trigger pads, which correspond to the snare drum, cymbals, tom-toms, and other features. After mounting the rack and connecting the module, a young drummer can hear the corresponding sound through headphones or a separate amplifier.

Many electronic drum sets have additional options, such as training programs, built-in tracks, and metronomes. Others are highly compact for parents worried about drums taking up too much space. When it comes to finding entry-level electronic drum sets for your kids, here are the ones worth your consideration.

Best Drum Sets for Kids, Juniors

1. Yamaha Electronic Drum Set DTX402K

Yamaha DTX402K

The best overall electronic drum set for kids

The Yamaha DTX402X is ideal for first-time players. The kit has 415 sounds and ten drum kits. Players can get a feel for the drums while personalizing the sturdy rack to their desired specifications.

The DTX402X module includes 287 expressive drum and percussion sounds and 128 keyboard sounds, in addition to nine reverb types. The wide range of effects lets kids put the ultimate touch on the expression and nuance of their drumming. There are also interactive onboard training functions that give kids a chance to test and improve their abilities.

Meanwhile, the DTX402 comes with a free touch app that lets players easily engage with the compact electronic drum set. The app enables editing as well as sharing music. You can even listen to music on it while recording a high-quality drum track.

  • More than 400 drum and percussion sounds
    Highly customizable
    Free DTX402 Touch app
  • Limited tom-tom drum positions

2. Pyle Pro Electronic Drum Kit

Pyle Pro

A comprehensive runner-up for best electronic drum set

The Pyle Pro Drum Kit is pound-for-pound one of the best electronic drum kits for kids. The set only features seven drum pads, but still provides a high degree of playability. That includes more than 300 cymbal and drum sounds, along with 55 preset and ten custom preloaded drum kits.

The complete arrangement gives kids access to everything from hi-hats to snares to tom-toms. They can explore drumming at their own pace or through one of the 120 built-in songs. The Pyle Pro Electronic Drum Kit also has a metronome to keep your children on the beat.

Pyle does an admirable job when it comes to recording, too. You can connect the kit via USB to your computer and your favorite drum software. Meanwhile, the e-drums run on batteries or an AC power adaptor. Thus, players can do wireless drumming at a moment’s notice.

  • Comes with 300 sounds
    Sturdy rack
    Wireless drumming capabilities
  • Only seven drum panels

3. Roland Entry Level Electronic V Drum TD-1K

Roland V Drum TD-1K

A slick electronic drum kit that is best for beginners.

Roland is one of the most well-established names in the e-drum industry. The company has been around since the early 1990s and offers a dynamic range of kits. That includes options up to $7,500, or kits in a more affordable range, such as the Roland V Drum TD-1K.

This top-of-the-line set has more than 200 sounds with an intuitive drumming interface. You can easily switch and personalize the drums and cymbal to your desired sound preference. Each panel strike comes with a highly expressive and clear sound quality for nuanced play.

The advanced sound engineering is due to the flagship TD-30. Additionally, it offers a built-in USB-MIDI interface for quick and straightforward communication between the drums and recording software. New users can also take advantage of a bevy of training functions that encourage drummers to hone their skills.

  • Easy connectivity with recording software
    Realistic feel to the acoustic version
    Roland’s strong reputation
  • Older kids may outgrow it

4. Alesis DM Lite Kit

Alesis DM Lite Kit

One of the best in budget value for beginning drummers

If you are looking for the essentials in an electronic drum set for kids, the Alesis DM Lite Kit has you covered. The complete five-piece set with three symbols provides a stylish and engaging way for kids to learn drumming. Each component is customizable with a performance-ready appearance.

In addition to 200 plus sounds, the set has several onboard coaching functions that offer challenges and training for beginners. The exercises utilize the ten built-in kits with enough variety to cover popular genres. The Alesis DM Lite Kit also has a USB connection for use with other virtual instruments or audio recording software.

  • Realistic feel to an acoustic version
    Alesis’ strong reputation
  • A limited number of sounds

5. PAXCESS Electronic Drum Set


An outstanding entry-level option that is among the best for the money

The PAXCESS RP-ED02-BG is a best-seller for a multitude of reasons. That includes its high portability, high-quality dual speakers, and audio recording connectivity. The kit also comes with a headphone jack, so kids can jam out like a rock star without making a sound. 

Each PAXCESS Electronic Drum Set has one snare, three tom-toms, a crash, a ride, a hi-hat, and two foot pedals. There are also a couple of different demo songs and rhythms that you can cycle. If you are looking for entry-level electronic drum sets for a first timer, this budget-friendly option should be on your shortlist. 

  • Highly portable
    Built-in dual speakers
    Comes with a standard MIDI-jack
  • Limited sound options

6. Yamaha DD-75 Portable Digital Drums

Yamaha DD75 Portable

Start becoming a drumming legend with a drum kit that is among the best under $500

The Yamaha DD-75 Portable Digital Drum distills all the necessary components of drumming into one compact frame. The DD-75 has eight touch-sensitive pads along with two pedals and an auxiliary port. Kids can also find 570 drum voices and 75 preset kits for one of the best sound libraries amongst e-drum sets.

While the e-drum set has a more significant learning curve than other models, the payoff is worth it. In addition to the range of sounds, it has connectivity with computers, mixers, instruments, and MP3 players. The DD-75 also connects with other MIDI-devices, such as sequencers and external tone modules.

  • Compact frame
    570 drum voices
    Precision volume control
  • Higher learning curve than other kits

7. Alesis Compact Kit 7

Alesis Compact Kit 7

A portable electronic drum kit with great style and presentation

An Alesis drum kit is always a top pick of electronic drum sets for kids, and the Alesis Compact Kit 7 is no exception. The kit offers seven velocity-sensitive pads and a wide range of percussion voices for an affordable price. There are also 100 jam tracks covering popular genres, styles, and lengths along with a metronome and recording capabilities.

The Alesis Compact Kit 7 is highly portable. Thanks to six C class batteries, kids can take their drumming wherever they want. While the kit does not have as many pads as its counterparts, it makes up for it with its pound per pound value.

  • Alesis’ strong reputation
    45 preset drum kits and 265 percussion voices
  • Controls are unwieldy

8. Ansee Electronic Drum Set for Kids

Ansee Drum Set for Kids

A compact and portable professional drum kit at a fraction of the traditional price.

Like the PAXCESS Electronic Drum Set, the Ansee Kids Drum Set gives kids the essentials they need to become a drummer. The kit comes with one crash, one ride, one snare, three tom-toms, and two pedals. There are also several demo songs that drummers can jam out to through headphones or external amplifiers.

The Ansee Electronic Drum Set for Kids benefits from high portability and affordability. There is also a standard recording function that allows young drummers to play MIDI software and some entertaining drum games. The drum set includes MP3 input support and mobile connectivity, too.  

  • Affordable on any budget
    Easy to learn
    Highly portable
  • Limited range of sounds and controls

9. Early Learning Center Drum and Beats Drum Kit

Early Learning Center Drum

A welcomed introduction to drumming for toddlers and young children

The Early Learning Center Junior Drum Set is for kids ages four to six. The kit comes with four drum pads, a bass drum, and flashing lights. There are also five featured rhythms and the option to connect the drums to an MP3 or smartphone.

This kit is ideal for first-time players. It allows budding musicians to stimulate the senses and develop hand-eye coordination while learning the ropes of drumming. The Early Learning Center Drum and Beats Drum Kit also comes with a stool and playback feature.

  • Easy to assemble
    Affordable on any budget
  • Limited range of sounds and controls
    Not as quiet as other models

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How much does a kid’s drum set cost?

The price of a kid’s drum set will vary based on the features and the brand. Rudimentary drum sets cost around $50, while more sophisticated sets are closer to $500. As a rule of thumb, most of the options on this list are around $200.

What age is a junior drum set for?

There is no age that is too early for starting a kid on an e-drum set. Most options are ideally suited for children ages 3 to 10. This range may depend on their skill as well as their height.


The best electronic drum kits for kids are those that cater to their needs and interests. For instance, the DTX402X comes with more than 400 sounds while the PAXCESS model excels at portability. A kid’s skills, interests, and age will dictate everything from the recording capabilities to the size. This list offers a guide for parents to navigate these factors and find the best drum set for their child.  

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