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Well, it’s May 11.  Debo Band has got 2 members on the ground already.  PJ left on May 1 and has been working as a sound guy on a film a friend of his *just happened* to be shooting in Ethiopia this month.  Yup, it was a weird coincidence.  

Here’s a quote from PJ via facebook: I am really starting connect with the folks of this remote village just outside Awassa, Ethiopia. They have found a special place in my heart and i think that we have found a place in theirs as well. The film is going well. it feels so good to be a part of something so beautiful and these folks have opened their doors and are letting us into their lives. i am learning so much. will write more later. love you all

Our bass player Arik left on May 6, and last we heard, had touched down safely in Addis Ababa.  One piece of good news was that the person running the check in counter at Ethiopian Airlines was a fan of the Sousaphone, and so did not charge Arik extra money to get it on the plane!  That was a relief.  Let’s hope things go that smoothly with the rest of our instruments.  Arik’s plan was to drop the sousaphone in Addis and then get back on a plane for Ghana.  When we bought our planc tickets, we all got a free round trip from Addis to anywhere else in Africa.  Most of us are going to Tanzania after the festival, but Arik is going to Ghana to visit an organization he knows through Bikes Not Bombs.  

We’ve started this little blog thing in the hope that we can keep in touch with folks this way.  This is Stacey writing – we’re not all that experienced with this blogging thing, so I hope it goes OK.  You can subscribe to our blog through whatever means you usually do that  - I dunno, like I said we’re not much help with that sort of thing.  

Anyway, wish us luck, and stay in touch!

5 comments on “testing testing mic check check

  1. Yah! Good luck!

  2. talljon on said:

    Hooray! No taxes on instruments, fans all the way!!

  3. Onge on said:

    GOOD LUCK Y’ALL! Can’t wait to read more of your adventures, I’m glad to hear of the good start, and no charge on the sousaphone- that’s a good sign! xoxoxo

  4. God Speed Debo Band!

  5. Diane Goodwin on said:

    Hi Stacey and all of the Debo Band crew!
    Love what your doing and am so proud and excited for the wonderful experience and the hearts you all are touching. I have cried reading your blogs–they are tears of love, joy, and peace for all!
    Love & Light Di (PJ’s mom)

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